AFK Arena MOD APK 1.102.01 – (Unlimited Resources & High Damage) 2023

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Full Name AFK Arena MOD APK
Publisher Lilith Games
Genre Role-Playing
Size 100 MB
Latest Version 1.102.01
Mod Features Unlimited Diamonds, Resources
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Multiple games attract you for some time, but quite a few are attractive from the start to the end, and AFK Arena MOD APK is one of these. This is a strategy-based action game, which provides you with long-time entertainment. This is the most played single-player game in the gaming world. I hope you have a fantastic experience with this game. This is the hacked version of the actual game AFK Arena. These modified versions are for the ease of the players and are not harmful to your devices.

Gaming creates a passion for your boring life. When you start playing the game, you will notice that this game is full of adventures and multiple missions. If you want unlimited diamonds and other treasures, do your best to make a solid strategy.


This type of strategy-based game will broaden your thinking capacity so that you can make the right decision at the right time much like Idle Heroes MOD APK. In this game, you have to create an army of superheroes that have multiple superpowers. The army of superheroes fights for you in the game and defeats the opponent to remain in the game.

Obviously, after winning the game, you’ll be awarded different and unique rewards. These rewards, later on, help you to remain undefeated in the game. This game permits you to make game-purchase. You can purchase new powers for your superheroes, which makes them dominant and assertive.

This game will give you a very fantastic feel while playing because of its extraordinary story. Every game has some specialty, due to which it rules at the heart of the player. The unending adventure and fun are always waiting for you when you play AFK Arena.



It is an advanced game with adorable gameplay. In this game, you have to participate in battles to defeat your enemy. You can do this in the form of superheroes. When you play this game, you will admit that the storyline of this game is very adorable. Each character is full of incredible powers, and the producer of this game presents an engaging storyline.


Every game is highlighted as a favorite or a boring one due to its features. If you are still making up your mind about this game then these features are definitely going to help you decide soon! Check them out:

1. Unlimited Everything

The mod version allows players to enjoy unlimited heroes, fight moves, invading armies, colors, themes, menu options, and everything that you can think of! Moreover, the customization options are also endless.

2. Money Is Not A Problem

AFK Arena is an innovative strategy game and if you get a lot of money to make some changes, upgrade the characters, increase the power and stamina of your heroes and do so many fun things, the game will become your favorite pastime.

3. Free Game

AFK Arena is a free game now! No more payments and in-game purchases to get lives or enjoy bundles of rewards. Now you can use all of that for free in the game! The rewards are more, the money is more and there are so many things to do with all of this! A true fun game is what we all need and these features make AFK Arena an absolute pleasure to play.

4. Unlimited Diamond

Diamonds are the most precious reward in this game. You should collect as many diamonds as you can. Because of these diamonds, you can unlock many powers, and purchase Chest rewards, Mythic gears, Summon heroes, and many other precious things. In the AFK Arena, it’s hard to get diamonds in AFK Arena, but in MOD APK, you can smoothly get the Unlimited Diamond to purchase anything you need.

5. Unlock the Hero Card

In this game, you’ll interact with the different heroes same as Frostborn MOD APK. Every hero has a specific quality and majestic power. In the game, there are cards shown to you; these are heroic cards. You must collect every card to unlock the heroes. In AFK Arena hacked APK, you will quickly get the unlock Heroic card.

6. Free App-In Purchase

AFK Arena MOD APK lets you purchase anything in the game for free. This is related to everything that your hero needs to get stronger. With this feature, you can get every premium thing quickly with one click.


AFK Arena MOD APK is a unique game; that’s why it has special features. As we know, this is the modified version of the original game, so you get many things in it. Some important are mentioned below:

1. Effortlessly Level Up

With the MOD games, the players get easiness in everything while playing the game. In this game, you can quickly go to the next level. If you are going anywhere during the game playing and come back after a while, you’ll see that your previous story completes on its own, and you move to the next level effortlessly.


2. Hidden Treasures

In the game, when you unveiled the hidden heart of the Esperia, you will find many treasures there. You just have to play the game through your selected heroes and win the battle to achieve and unlock the hidden treasures, which helps you proceed further in the game.

3. AFK Arena’s Legends Championship

This game will give you a chance to participate in the Legends Championship. You will compete on behalf of your heroic army with strong competitors from all over the world. If your heroes win the battle for you, you will become a legend.

4. Effective Graphics

When you play the game, you will fully admire the 3D graphics. Due to the compelling graphics, there is outstanding visualization. You can enjoy the clear and colorful view of the game. It is not wrong to say that the graphics are so beauteous that they are enough to bind the player with the game.

5. Regular Update

You will never bore by playing this game regularly because of new and exciting stories, tales, and adventures. Updating the content regularly will create a strong bond between the game and the player. Furthermore, have a look at the updated version of the League Of Stickman MOD APK.


Is AFK Arena MOD APK is the paid game?

No, this is not a paid game. Even in the game, there are no hidden charges for you.

Can Arena MOD APK be downloaded on any Android?

No, you can’t play it on any device. You just need at least 2 GB RAM and an Android version of 4.4 or above to download and install the game.

What’s the rating of the AFK Arena Download apk on the internet?

With more than 2 Million views, it has a 4.6 rating out of 5, which is good.

Why is the Moded or Hacked Version of AFK Arena not available on the google play store?

Google set some rules and regulations. These modified versions are not fulfilling these rules so they are not available on Google Playstore.


This is an adventurous type of fairy-tale-based action game. You have to select your heroes of 7 functions between 100 heroes to make your world secure in the game. The theme of this game is to save the world from the hidden evil powers by defeating them in the war. You must enjoy the theme, graphics, sound, storyline, and everything in the game. Go and download. Also, download Evertale MOD APK.

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