Airbrush MOD APK 5.2.1 – (Premium Unlocked) 2023

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Full Name AirBrush MOD APK
Genre Photography
Size 131 MB
Latest Version 5.2.1
Mod Features Premium Unlocked
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AirBrush is a photography app that can make a difference in the way you take pictures. These days everyone knows about photo edits and practices to make your pictures, and captured sceneries look more appealing. AirBrush MOD APK is your first-choice tool, and we will tell you all about the fantastic new version we brought for you! Up till now, photo editors were a technical tool installed on computers. Still, for upcoming and hip photographers, there is AirBrush, which makes it easier for you to improve the picture quality.


AirBrush Premium APK is developed and published by Meity China Limited and offers easy photo editing on phones and other android devices same as Toon App MOD APK. When you try the premium unlocked version, the options to redo the photos and touch upon the colors, tones, features, and other scenery spots will be at your fingertips.

Airbrush MOD

The size of this app is a few MB, which will not slow down your phone, and as you begin using it, the app will refine the options according to your needs. With this version of the app, you can access all the user-friendly editing features that you once dreamed of using!


AirBrush is an excellent app for professional and personal photography. All the features make it possible to turn around the pictures you take. Professional photography for commercial advertisements and marketing purposes often requires appealing images.

Other photo-editing apps are so dramatic that you look like someone else by the time you are done retouching the photos! However, AirBrush can make your pictures look like the person you are just like Pixellab MOD APK. If you use the eye-brightening or slimming features, they will not be so drastic that they become the talk of the town for all the wrong reasons! Every retouch is natural, which makes this app an ideal addition to your social media albums!

Airbrush APK


There are numerous things that this photo editor can do for you. The download will take a few minutes, but the endless options for making your photographs seem better and mesmerizing are excellent features in themselves. However, some features deserve to be mentioned here:

1. Human Characteristics Checked

In photos, you may have wondered how some people look flawlessly youthful and unblemished. This feature is the trick! AirBrush can remove all kinds of blemishes like acne scars and make every subject of your photo look absolutely beautiful. The Healing Tool takes care of all skin marks and makes you or your subject look perfect.

Skin whitening and eye restructuring such as brightening, improving the size, and contouring the face are some ways to enhance the facial characteristics of people in your photos. Now, whenever you share a picture after passing it through AirBrush, your friends will be asking you for the secret!

2. Retouching Features

Apart from the face, you can work on improving how the hair or even the body of your subject may appear more attractive. The body lengthening feature can help make your subject look taller or more prominent. There are other features such as body slimming, which add to the options that will make you look like a better version of yourself.

The contrary feature can help you make any thin or meek character look bulgy and attractive. The retouching of the whole body can result in revolutionary changes that can turn around your photos and make you look spectacular.


3. Lighting And Backgrounds

Some photos are too precious as you capture the right moments on the reel, but the background or lighting reduces the glamour factor. AirBrush can help lighten up or subdue the background so that the emotion or momentary charm that you wished to capture can be visible in all its glory. Color filters make it easy to change the photographs’ theme and allow you to see one picture in many different ways! This personal photo app will make you feel like an accomplished photographer. Also, download InShot Pro MOD APK.

4. Common Features

The standard features that are a part of the photo-editing apps, AirBrush easy photo editor APK offer to chop, add effects, stickers, backgrounds, animations, and crop out unwanted parts of the photo!


Can AirBrush Help Crop Out The Background?

It is possible you want to restore a photo by cutting out a part of the background. AirBrush also allows you to blur the background or change colors so that the focus remains on the subject and not the background.

Is There Any Charge For This App?

The AirBrush app is free and does not have any in-app purchases. However, a few of the editing tools and features are locked. Still, the modified version gives you unlocked features, and you can apply the various make-up, touch-up, or even slim down or accentuate the characters in your photos!

Should I Download AirBrush For Professional Use?

Absolutely yes! This app is an excellent addition to your photo-editing skills, and you will notice that the easiest and quickest edits can make your professional portfolios and shoots much more meaningful. Whether you are shooting people or you want to focus on the sunset, this app is an excellent way to adjust lighting and improve picture quality.


AirBrush Mod APK is an excellent app for personal and professional photography. This app works on all phone types and is a Chinese development to make your pictures look better but not changed. The features of this app are unique, and there are so many things that you can do with this editor app to improve your photo quality. From working on human subjects to lightening up natural and landscape photos, this app is an excellent way to turn a dark and poorly lit photograph into a bright and chirpy one.

Download AirBrush today and enjoy all the features to improve the small moments that you saved in your phone gallery but never showed to anyone.

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