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Full Name Alight Motion MOD APK
Publisher Alight Creative, Inc.
Genre Video Players & Editors
Size 94 MB
Latest Version
Mod Features Pro Subscription Unlocked
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Alight Motion MOD APK is the new thing for all those who require better video-making tools, without having to learn the operation! Professional work and even video editing for personal use have been evolving with everything else. The reason for this development is the need for more advanced videos, and features that can help to correct, add, and even repeat many clips into a video that will be entertaining, informative, and a pleasure to watch.

Do you work in the field of marketing, or advertisement? Or are you an art student who might need to present ideas or showcase work in videos? If yes, you must have wished for a video editing app that can create captivating videos without many technical tools involved.

Alight Motion is a professional video and Animation editor for smartphones and other smart devices more like After Effects APK. The app is originally available for both iOS and Android devices. It is developed by Alight Creative, Inc. However, it requires Android versions greater than 4.0. The app takes the storage of up to 54.23 MBs. Its efficient use can help users create magnificent motion graphics and video clips only using their smartphones.


There are several video editors available on the Google Play Store, but Alight Motion is a video editing app for professionals. It has many amazing editing tools and features that make it the best motion graphics app for Android. Not only this, it has an interactive interface and easy-to-use features. However, users need to have a paid subscription to use the best features.

Alight Motion MOD

Fortunately, the Alight Motion Mod apk offers complete liberty to its users, you can use all the in-app features in our mod and unlock all the editing options. Best of all, you will not be charged for any of the features. Read the complete article to know about all the features of our mod.

If you are wondering what the mod version means, it is the modified version to offers all the features and tools that the initial version was missing. Moreover, a modified version of the app is the tweaked, or improved app that has all the feedback included. Sometimes an advanced app is created, and when used, there are a few factors that people think could be better.

If you have ever used an app and thought, I wish it had this feature or could allow this thing to happen- the modified version usually has it because it is designed to give you a better experience.

With the Alight Motion modified version, you do not need to worry about added cost or getting services with a takeaway such as an app watermark or charges at the end of the job! It happens with many people that they begin using an app and it does not allow them to export the video unless they pay. Alight is an amazing app and the modified version will never ask for payments.


The app consists of several editing tools for professional video editing. The complete set of tools can be implied in audio, sounds, videos, and pictures. Furthermore, you can create keyframe animations, add visual effects, color tune, remap, add exposure, increase quality, and do much more with a single app. Lastly, you can export your edited motion graphic or video clip and share it with your friends, family, or followers on social media platforms.

Students who select graphic design and media studies for their major would find this app interesting and helpful because it can help you create videos and edit them to relay your idea without any reservations! The app comes with numerous features and countless uses, which are appealing to all users, whether they are looking for recreation, entertainment for others, or professional presentations and video campaigns.

With the advent of the age of social media, we have seen many video-based platforms such as YouTube or TikTok. If you can create a video that can get the attention of all watchers, you will become an influencer or a famous YouTuber overnight! Animations and motion graphics have become a new kind of entertainment and the advancement in this regard makes the videos more engaging and captivating for viewers.

At the back of such video, making is an app that offers you all the tools that are needed to make the app a complete experience for you, and of course, for your viewers, it creates an experience that they will remember, and who knows! Maybe it will become one of those unforgettable videos that people share and retweet a million times. Also, download Funimate Pro APK.

Alight Motion APK


1. Alight Motion APK Download With No Ads

Yes, we knew you would be wondering if there are any advertisements and pop-ups that disrupt your work. Alight Motion Mod APK does not have any advertisements. You will not lose precious minutes in the middle of your work, and nor will you have to wait for the ad to pass until you can proceed with your work.

This feature is more celebrated than all the other awesome mod features that users search for. Our Alight Motion unlocked version includes many features that make it better than the original app. The best one is the no ads feature. Use the editing tool with no distractions and disturbances from various ads. As you use the mod, there will be no pop-ups or long advertisements. Enjoy your editing with peace!

2. Paid Subscription Alight Motion Unlocked

Alight Motion comes with a price, but read the following lines carefully before you react to this! The modified version of Alight Motion is unlocked without any subscription. Which feature do you think is most appealing? While some people will talk about the advertisements or the various tools that you get in the game, for many users, the best all is that the subscription does not need to be paid!

The premium features are all free for our mod users. Use the mod version and directly dive into the unlocked features without spending any real money in the game.

3. No Watermark

Another classic advantageous feature of this app is that the Alight motion Mod APK does not show any watermark. Many video-making apps, in fact, all the apps that I have tried so far show the logo in a corner or have the first clip as the emblem of the app. And then there are video editors that show a slant watermark through all the slides and there is no way to escape that!

Furthermore, the free apps always have something to take from you! They either do not allow any exporting of the video or there are watermarks that keep you from using those videos elsewhere. Such practices are not the Alight style! In the regular version, there is a watermark but the modified version comes into action here!

The Alight motion mod apk no watermark feature is very popular amongst mod users. It erases the app’s watermark from the entire video. Feel free to share and flex your skills without carrying any trace of the app’s name. After reading all these features, we bet you must be wondering how to get alight motion pro for free, this is one of the most common questions and we have shared the link to our site below.

You can download this version and begin using it for your requirements and once you create a masterpiece on this, you will realize that the true convenience of technology came to a peak with this app.


The features of the Alight Motion Mod apk are more than impressive for video creators who love creativity and new creations. The features urge the users to be creative in their editing and create new and interactive content every time. The variety of tools available helps you in the course of smart editing. Below are some features highlighted for you.

1. Keyframe Animation

To begin with, keyframe animation is the most popular feature of this app. Users are wild with creativity while using this feature and also, and the ratings and comments on the original app suggest its use widely. This feature allows you to edit your video frame by frame just like you edit in MX Player Pro MOD APK.

Hence, you can work on every small segment of the video separately. Feel free to add elements and edit the frame with detailing. Change the exposure of each frame and control the animation in every segment. Not only this you can also change the positions of objects in each frame. Use the feature wisely to have a fine animation in the output.

Keyframe animation is the simplest and most uncomplicated form of animation. Every object has to change color, position, and form in animation. Keyframe will allow you to specify how an animated figure will move, glow or become darker in different positions. A keyframe is a frame in which a new symbol instance can appear in a timeline.

For example, if a flower has to move in the wind, it might appear darker, or its petals might look silkier, and this effect is possible with Alight Motion. Simple commands will change the way the animated figure moves. This feature makes Alight Motion Mod APK an app to own and work with if you want to make an impact.

2. Visual Effects

The finishing of any video or motion graphics is achieved after they are professionally fine-tuned. Fine-tuning is an example of visual effects. It cancels out any disruption in colors, increases or decreases brightness, fixes contrast, and makes the frame visually more appealing. Luckily, this smart feature is available in Alight Motion as the color tune.

Moreover, there are many other visual effects options that can be used in appropriate areas to increase the overall quality of the video. For instance, the Hot colors intensify the dull colors and make them more vibrant and attractive. Next, you can add exposure and make the animations sharper. There are also other visual effects including highlights, shadows, clouds, colorizing, color correction, etc.

Visual effects in this app complement the keyframe animation and liven up the animation. This tool is especially useful for those who want to work with entertaining video content and create new characters that might become famous due to the real and sharp frames that this feature will help you create. For any video to become more impactful, the visual effects have to be on point to look real and stimulating. The attention of your audience will remain if the visuals are effective and convincing.

Nobody wants to watch a video that does not have any continuity in each frame and the figures seem to look wildly unreal! Animation is one thing, but if the action is broken or interrupted, the viewer might just turn it off and that is something we don’t want for you! Downloading Alight Motion Premium APK would make it easier for you to create visual effects that mean something!

3. Blending Modes

Users can add many layers to the video which also allows you to customize the size and shape, and also the opacity of the layers. In case you are new to the Blending modes feature, there are several presets available that can help you learn new ways of editing with the blending modes options. Keep on adding layers and create the best look for your edited video clip.

The composite images you create with this feature will appear real and more attractive. As the name implies, this mode allows you to create unique effects when objects overlap. When in motion, the animations will appear to be real and will give an effect that will make the viewer say wow! Overlapping clips are a challenge in animation and Alight Motion will help smoothen the ends to create a continuous and interesting motion.

Alight Motion Pro

4. Vector Graphics

For beginners and new users, it is essential to know what each feature will help you create. You remember the old computer games and animations that were pixel-based. We might have enjoyed them as children but pixels are not the way to go if you want a smooth and real-effect video. Vector graphics allow you to use mathematical values to resize images. This type of graphic is smooth and has a continuous flow. Now the stored pixel values are out the window, as real animation effects require Vector graphics!

Subsequently, you can use the vector graphics from the app itself to add more to your videos and animations. The app has a collection of 2D and 3D visual images or vector graphics that increase the creativity of the clip and also make it more appealing to others. Plus, users can also animate the vector graphics as they wish. Not only this, but users can also use the Vector Graphics feature to create their own custom vector images and use them in their animations.

Need an example? An animated hero passing a field appears larger as it gets closer to the point from where the view is allowed. The size of the hero and the dimensions of the field behind him change in continuity instead of pixelated size change that becomes too obvious for your viewer to concentrate on the action as they keep noticing the changing outlines of the character!

What can be more convenient than that? You can download Alight Motion Pro and experience the smooth, and pixel-free graphics that you may have admired in one of the animated movies of recent times.

5. Font Styles

If you began to wonder if Alight Motion only concentrates on the animation part, here is another feature that will help you understand how useful this app can be for all kinds of video works. In addition to all the advanced features, the app also has a large variety of font styles for users. Especially, the mod users will never be out of options when choosing a font. Write quotes, add descriptions, or adjust any form of writings in your animation and video clips as you please.

As a matter of fact, there are more than 2000 fonts in the app and each one of them can be given a touch of 3D animation. Choose from the various forms of animations and add motion to your writing style. However, users that are still unsatisfied with the built-in font styles, can add their own text font using the custom text option.

This app allows all kinds of modifications and that includes the fonts that you have in mind. For example, the works of professionals may include old English script fonts and classic fonts that are still popular today. Or you can go for a full, cursive font! However, if there is any font that you would like to use, the app allows you to add it to your library within the app!

6. Multi-Layer Support

Are you still looking for more features like adding stickers? We haven’t stopped talking about the features so here goes! Alight Motion Mod APK has excellent features that understand that each user’s demands are different. When you need to add personalized touches like GIFs, or stickers, this app allows it all!

The purpose of the modified version is to provide you with a platform that allows all kinds of additions. If you need something like add-ons, Multi-layer Support is for you!

Fortunately, the incredible editor comes with multi-layer support. Every professional editor craves an editor that is compatible with different media files, and so, fortunately, Alight motion is that editor. Add gifs, stickers, text, images, etc. wherever you wish in the clip, there will be no compatibility issue. The Multi-layer support feature makes it easy to add media files while you explore your editing skills.

Alight Motion

7. Easy To Use

Using Alight Motion does not mean knowing a lot of complicated things! The simple commands that you know from any other video-making app will work in this professional-level app. The user-friendly interface of the app makes it the best option for easy and professional editing. The interface is almost the same as the software running on your laptop. Best of all, you can do everything with just the touch, hold, or swipe of a finger. Simply, drag and drop to add any media file to your timeline.

Furthermore, using any of the features will mean that the commands are simple, and there is no difficulty in applying any of the techniques. A simple drag or a simple click will do the job. If you have to decide on colors, a palette will appear and you can choose the degree of darkness in simple ways.

The simplicity of applications makes Alight Motion an excellent app to improve the quality of your work, and then there is the convenience of undoing something that may have seemed better but does not suit the style of your animation.

8. Export Formats

There are numerous apps that do not allow you to export the video in a format that is compatible with any device. Alight Motion Mod APK gives you the freedom to share videos with other devices in formats that are accepted universally. You don’t have to worry about how you will be sharing the video so keep working on the one that you have planned.

Ultimately, users share their creativity with friends and family, and in extended social circles. However, to gain praise and suggestions from buddies on social media, a convenient export feature is needed. Fortunately, the app allows you to share and export the final edited video to all social media platforms via various video and animation formats for example MP4 (video), GIF, XML, PNG, JPEG, etc.

9. Create GIF And MP4 Videos

Alight Motion is not coming slow to amaze its users by introducing more exciting features. Yes, now you can design GIFs according to your choice through this app. The Alight Motion will support heavy videos too and enables you to create your MP4 videos easily.


How can I download Alight Motion Premium APK?

Alight Motion APK download is easy to download from our site. Simply tap on the link to download the file.

Is the download alight motion premium apk free?

Yes! The Alight Motion Pro is free and is an attraction for all those who require video making app for professional or recreational purposes. If you are a student, we realize that the paid version can be a problem for you while the demands of your work may be similar to the demands of professionals. The free version works best for you!

Is the app only for Android?

Yes, the mod version is only for Android devices. However, the original app can be used on both iOS and Android platforms. If you have an android device, the app will work well on all of them as it does not even take up a lot of space. Alight Motion no watermark is an exclusive offer for all of you, and you can enjoy it for recreation and professional use.

Is the MOD version of the alight motion unlocked safe?

Yes, the mod is completely safe. It does not lag and is free of viruses. Moreover, due to no advertisements and pop-ups, there is no chance of clicking on any advertisement that might come with a virus or any unwanted app installation.


Alight motion Mod APK is a video-making app that has all the features that will upgrade your recreational videos to a professional level. If you have an android phone, you can enjoy the countless features that come in handy for professionals working in ad agencies or in marketing firms where quick, and effective video-making is preferred. You must be wondering how to get Alight Motion Pro for free, but there’s no need to worry as you are on the right page!

You can use our mod to unlock all features of professional editing. Enjoy editing and motion graphics all you want and export them, in the end, to share with friends and followers. The mod’s features are free for all users.

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