Among Us MOD APK 2022.10.25 – (All Features Unlocked) 2023

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Full Name Among Us MOD APK
Publisher Innersloth LLC
Genre Action
Size 168 MB
Latest Version 2022.10.25
Mod Features All Unlocked
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Board action games are always on the top of the list if you like gaming and the best addition to this list is Among Us MOD APK. Innersloth turns the entertainment on by publishing Among Us, the best action game with a spectacular storyline. You can download this game from the given link below easily.


Among Us in actuality is a game having detective and suspicious themes on a spaceship. You have to find the impostor in between you until you win the game. Every second is essential in the game. Among Us, Hack is the game where you learn the importance of teamwork and fulfill your responsibility as a teammate. The players are assigned two roles, either they are crewmates or impostors. If your teamwork is not satisfactory, you will not be able to win the game. So, focus on teamwork. And you have to keep an eye on the activities of your crewmates to find the impostor if you’re not.

Among Us


The playing structure of this game is a little bit hard to understand, but once you practice, you will get used to it. You can play this game with a minimum of four and a maximum of 15 players. These players are online and from your local WiFi; it’s your choice.

1. Control The Character

You can control the character in the game by touch on the screen as you do in Talking Tom Hero Dash MOD APK. When you start the game, there are three options playing locally or online. Or you can also choose Freeplay. First, you have to figure out for whom you want to play. If you go with online friends, click on “Private” and share the code with those you wish to add. And if you want to play with anyone from all over the world, use the option of “Public.”

2. Admin

The best part of this game is, that you can get rid of the players if they use any rude wording or spam anyone with the help of the admin. Admin can ban that person from the specific online room.

Among Us MOD

3. Map

The map is an essential part of the game Among Us MOD free. Every player has a map that describes the situation of the ship. And if you keep strict eyes on the map, you will quickly find the impostor in front of you.

4. Multiple Objectives

There are multiple objectives to win the game if you are a Crew member. The main aim is to find out the impostor. And the other one is to fill the group taskbar. There is a guage, and you have to fill this guage by completing the given task individually. You have to call an urgent meeting if any suspect is found or always check the reports of dead bodies.

5. Impostor

If you are the Impostor, you have only one objective to kill the crew without appearing. Follow these instructions to win.

  • Try to blend with the crew
  • Always try to pretend that you are busy completing the task
  • Use ducts for secret purposes
  • Try to ruin the ship and create confusion among the crew members
  • Kill the crew gradually

The game Among Us for Android is going on until the winners aren’t decided. You have to keep quiet during the game in person to keep the competition fair. If any of the crew members are killed by the Impostor, they have to wait until the end of the game to talk. Among Us can talk openly about the Impostor if we are not playing in in-person mode. The Impostor will always try to save himself and accuse other crew members of proving himself innocent. It’s up to you how you figure it out. You may also like Super Mario Run MOD APK.

Among Us game


Among Us has a load of impostors who are out to kill the players, but in the mod version of the game, there can be so many things that crewmates and impostors can do to get the game on a higher level. Here are the features that will help:

1. Unlocked Maps

The skeld, miraHQ, Polus, and airship maps in the game are unlocked from the first round onwards. You can explore each of them and innovate your gameplay to enjoy it more. The players can select any of the four maps at any time.

2. Unlimited Upgrades

You can upgrade the characters, and gameplay and add more tools and weapons to improve your game. This feature gives players the option of taking on their challenges with a graceful winning streak!

3. Mega Menu

The mega menu is an excellent feature that helps players execute more than they can in other game versions. This mega menu allows many changes, upgrades, customizations, and even adding more power.

4. All Things Unlocked

Among Us MOD APK is all unlocked means you can find hats, pets, and skins unlimited. This will provide you with relaxation while, hold on and continue entertainment with unlimited everything. Go and download the Among US for your Android to be a part of the party.


Among Us MOD menu APK’s gameplay is based on the intellectual power of the players. This game is easy for those whose intelligence power is high. The amazing features are these:

1. Play With Friends

This multiplayer option will give you a chance to play with your friends just like you play in The Catapult 2 MOD APK. It will provide you with an amazing feeling to play at a private table. Nobody can disturb you while playing. The game becomes more entertaining if it has the option of playing with friends. So, the same is the case with Among Us MOD free. Get unlimited enjoyment and fun by playing with family members by downloading the game.

2. Colorful Skins

Color attracts everyone and in the Among Us MOD APK unlocked, there is a chance to get all skins for your characters for free. Get different skins and enjoy the colorful characters floating on your mobile screen. That’s probably the best feature this game has, that you can change the skins of the characters according to your choice.

3. Cast Vote

This game will provide you with the opportunity to cast a vote. In Among Us game, to spell out the impostor from your spaceship, you can cast a vote against the person who is suspected in your opinion. But! Do it carefully, because your vote can spell out the innocent one from the game. If you are not sure about the impostor, you can skip the voting option and go and collect other solid proof to save an innocent one.

Among Us APK

4. Enjoyable Graphics

If it’s about the graphics of the game then Among Us modified apk will provide you with a soft view. With a clear view of different animated characters, you will enjoy the game. The graphics are designed exactly according to the demand of the game. This game will run at 60fps for ultimate optimization. Even with simple views, anyone playing the game can praise the effort and appreciate the creativity. As this is a party game so dark view can completely support the theme of the game. On the whole, Among Us MOD Version comes with enjoyable graphics.


Why is this game so popular nowadays?

Among Us, MOD APK is available for 2 years. But this game got famous in 2020 due to its online streaming by many famous Youtubers and twitch users.

Can we talk through voice communication with crewmates?

You can talk through chat during the game with crewmates. The option of voice communication is not available in this game.

How to win as an impostor in the Among Us?

You have to kill all the crewmates without any suspicion. It will lead you toward victory.

Can we play Among Us for free?

Yes, you can play Among Us MOD APK for free on your Android.

How to do a double kill in Among Us game?

When two crewmates in the game kill two impostors simultaneously, it will be called Double Kill.

Is Everything Unlocked in the Among Us Modified Version?

Yes, you will find everything unlocked in the mod version of the game.


By summing up, that’s not wrong if someone refers to Among Us MOD APK as the best party game that includes action in it. You must amuse yourself after playing this game. The addiction to this game is unaffordable if you are a game lover. Such as Brawlhalla MOD APK, the menu of this game is very easy and user-friendly. Hope so, you will enjoy this board action game. If you are not playing this game, go and download it to start an unlimited period of joy and fun.

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