Anger Of Stick 4 MOD APK 1.1.7 – (Unlimited Money) 2022

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Full Name Anger of Stick 4 MOD APK
Publisher BLUE GNC Inc.
Genre Action
Size 34 MB
Latest Version 1.1.7
Mod Features Everything Unlocked
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Isn’t it amazing that some games are more than just action and fighting, and provide a platform to have more fun with videos and visuals from all over? Anger of Stick 4 MOD APK is a great game that allows a lot of fun activities in one place. Players can replay the video of their game, and see how they fought. Moreover, there are new kinds of characters that you can adapt to!

The action games for android are usually exciting, and this one tops them all because of the strong storyline, and some exciting features that put everything in a better mood, and of course, the fun is also more! Try out this game and you will be raving about it like the million other people who love it.

What’s The Story?

Just like Stickman Warriors MOD APK, the story of this game is simple, yet fun. You will get to fight evil zombies and save the world from their wrath. When you begin to play, you choose a character that will help you with the serious threat from evil zombies ready to harm the planet. The character has numerous strengths and can be an excellent choice in various types of situations. Some of these characters are strong, while some have stamina. You get to choose the one that will be your best bet in a particular kind of fight.

Anger Of Stick 4 MOD

Each round of fight will get you rewards and coins that can be used to upgrade your abilities and find more strength and vision of strategy to win over the enemy. Your aim is to help stickmen defeat the enemies, and the more you indulge in this game, the better your gameplay. You can use helicopters, weapons, robots, and cars to get ahead of the evil enemy. The more you strategize and plan your next move, the more it will make you use menu options that are a big plus in the Anger of Stick 4 hack APK game!

The Amazing Gameplay

The gameplay is simple, and even though the fighting is not as difficult as one would imagine, it does have complicated moves. However, Anger of Stick 4 cheats get you to the destination of victory without having to go through the long route. You can easily fight the zombies by using these cheats same as League Of Stickman 2 MOD APK. This can be done by handling the controls in an easy and manageable way. Whether you use the navigation keys or click the various kinds of hits on the character to make it move, this game is interactive and quick!

Learn to use all the menu options and make the most of your time on the game. Soon you will be spending hours only fighting and revisiting the fights to learn where you could’ve done better. The game also allows players to download characters from the game and they can be used in any round that you like, which means that sky is the limit when you plan to defeat the enemy using a strong hero!

Once you pass the bridge of initial battles, you will be on the verge of destroying the enemy! Each round will get you closer, and the rewards will be bigger.

Features Of Anger Of Stick 4 MOD APK

There are so many exciting features in the game that players will love from the moment they begin their game. Check out all the options and you will also fall in love with the game!

Anger Of Stick 4 APK

1. Unlimited Money

Players get to enjoy unlimited money in the Anger of Stick 4 hacked version. This money can be the gateway to numerous upgrades and customizations. You can enjoy many menu options with this fantastic bonus reward.

2. Excellent Graphics

The graphics of this game are excellent and the sound effects are also good. You will benefit from this feature as the game will become more enjoyable for you if the picture is good!

3. Variety Of Weapons

There are so many weapons in this game that you will enjoy each fighting scene. You can also get the weapons that are locked in other versions. These weapons spice up the game as they are fun to use. Moreover, there can be many outcomes with the same kind of weapons and different evil zombies that you have to beat.

4. Heroes

Like weapons, the heroes in the game are also spectacular and there are so many of them who have special powers such as strength, stamina, will, intelligence, and many more. You can select the one that is most suitable in the special circumstances of each round!

Download MOD APK

How To Download Anger Of Stick 4 MOD APK?

When you are ready to defend the world, follow the steps here for the Anger of Stick 4 download.

  • Click on the Download tab on the page,
  • Let the game install while you make the privacy setting open so that the game can use the sound and character downloads.
  • Once the installation is complete, create a shortcut icon.
  • Enjoy the fight!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Anger of Stick 4 Mod APK a free game?

Yes, you will not have to pay for the download or even any in-game purchases. The download does not ask you to become a member of any club or subscribe to any membership.

Are the fights by hand or do we get any weapons?

The stickman can use a variety of weapons to fight evil zombies. The more you indulge in the game and win, the better your weapon choices.


Anger of Stick 4 Mod APK is an exciting fighting game very similar to League Of Stickman MOD APK that gives you some fascinating features and a whole world of easy gameplay and possibilities! When you are ready to play this game, download it following the easy steps and enjoy a plethora of rewards, upgrades, and adventurous fighting schemes that will be the best way to beat the enemy, and spend your free time!

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