Anger Of Stick 5 MOD APK 1.1.74 – (Free Shopping With Unlimited Gems) 2023

Anger of stick 5

Full Name Anger of Stick 5 MOD APK
Publisher COWON PLAY
Genre Action
Size 40 MB
Latest Version 1.1.74
Mod Features All Unlocked
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You can now download Anger of Stick 5 MOD APK without any problem as we offer a more straightforward download and many additional features. This game is for all those who like to engage in unique fights with zombies, special powers, and all the fun things that can transport you away from your daily routines. We offer this game in all its glory so read all about it and begin playing.

The exciting parts of any game are the type of storyline and gameplay. What if we told you that you get so many exciting features along with these essentials? Anger of Stick 5 zombie becomes more thrilling. This action game has become famous for its regular offers, and here are some more for you. Also, check out Anger Of Stick 4 MOD APK.

Anger Of Stick 5 APK


The story begins when a strange kind of group enters the city and gradually makes all the inhabitants their experimental tools by making them behave differently. A lot of these people have turned to zombies already and it is time for you to step up and take charge as their hero. You will have to fight these enemies and ensure that they stay away from the city and its people. You can do this by using different techniques, fighting strategies, and special weapons to defeat them.

When you defeat these enemies or even make a move that has a winning style, you will win rewards. These rewards are the way forward because you can use them to enhance your power. The various kinds of heroes will seek help and you can reach out to three of them at a time to make sure that the enemies lose their ground and the city prevails. Players can enjoy various modes and strong gameplay, which has to be discussed separately. Also, check out League Of Stickman 2 MOD APK.


The game is simple to play and there are no complicated codes to play the Anger of Stick 5 cheat version. Players who are not quick in learning the control commands can get into the game very quickly here. Moreover, you will be able to play with other players. Invite reliable players and make your team stronger. The rewards you win in the game will be your tool to buy new weapons and upgrade the hero’s powers as well as their weapons.

This action sequence is different from other games because it has an engaging story and excellent graphics quality. The city locations and even the characters are quite detailed. If you think weapons are all that is available to players, that is not so. You can use helicopters, and machine guns and create a strategy to be the winner in every battle. All android phones will become a strong gaming console with this game while it occupies limited space and does not hamper the other functions on the phone.


Anger of Stick 5 Hack APK is full of exciting features and here is a glimpse of all of them:

1. Unlimited Money

This Mod feature is going to be a great one because you will be able to do a lot with this game money just like Stickman Dragon Fight MOD APK. When you start the game, it will give you this money stash which is the currency that will get you all the upgrades. Moreover, whenever you seek help, the rewards can be used to move around in helicopters, get more ammunition and enhance the powers of the Angry Stick Man.

2. Unlocked Everything

The various locations of the city and even the characters will be unlocked for all players. This excellent feature will make it easy for you to enjoy the game without waiting for a particular level to unlock any new hero character that you can seek help from.

3. Unlocked Enemies

The enemies of this game are dangerous, but they will keep getting dangerous. However, the best part about this is that the enemies will keep improving as if coaxing you to improve your gameplay.

4. More Powers

The heroes of this game version will have more powers than other version players. You will be able to defeat your enemies and maintain the city’s life by using all these powers properly. These heroes can fight with different weapons, move quickly by using various kinds of transport modes, and even see the city from the top view, which is unique.

5. Ad Free

Anger of Stick 5 Mod version has no advertisements and pop-ups. Whenever you have free time to play, you will be able to enjoy the game purely without any interruptions and boring pop-ups that only waste the time and spoil your mood.

Anger Of Stick 5 MOD


Here are some regular features of the game that have already made it so popular.

1. Excellent Graphics

The graphics of the game are so good that players feel as if they are playing it on a refined gaming console. Your mobile phone screen becomes bright and interesting for players. The sound effects are also amazing.

2. Different Modes

You can make the single mode or zombie mode that have different stories but the gameplay is the same. You can practice in single mode or invite friends and other players to come and help with your mission.

3. Unique Weapons

The weapons include machine guns, handguns, grenades, and all kinds of lethal guns that will make your enemy retreat and you will win. When you gain more rewards you can upgrade these weapons and improve range, and load more ammunition.

4. Heroes And Helpers

This game provides heroes with opportunities to seek help from other heroes to win any battle with multiplied strength and weapons. You can invite up to three people to help you against vicious enemies.

5. Free Download

There is no membership, subscription, or download fee required for this game. All players can install it on their phones easily but there are some issues like advertisements, and locked features.


We loved the game because it has a different story and there are so many exciting turns that keep players engaged. You cannot sit back and keep playing as there can be a new adventure at every corner. Moreover, the graphics are excellent and the characters can improve if you use the unlimited money properly.

The game has a multiplayer feel, and you can seek help from other heroes which also teaches players that there is no need to stress when there can be more minds to help. Another reason to like this game is that it does not have any advertisements so you can play it without interruptions.


You can download the game without any difficulty because we offer a single-click download for all players. Make sure that your phone allows downloads from all sources before you click on download now. When the file is installed, you can also download the APK file for all the exciting features that are exclusive to this game version.

Thousands of people have downloaded this game so far and the convenience of downloading is making more and more players interested. If you create a shortcut for the game and save it on the home screen, it will be a click away again for you to play this zombie battle. Also, download and play Spiral Warrior MOD APK.


Is this game violent and unfit for younger players?

No, this game does not have any graphic scenes and all ages players can indulge in this simple and entertaining gameplay.

Do I have to pay for the download of the APK file?

No, the features are all free and you will not have to pay anything for them. All the purchases in the game are with the rewards and you do not have to spend real money on them.

Is the download going to occupy a lot of space on the phone?

You can download this game without worrying about space because the file will not occupy any more than 50MB, which is reasonable.


Anger of Stick 5 Mod APK is an exciting zombie battle game that will give all players a good feeling about themselves while harnessing their strategy and planning skills. You can use new kinds of weapons, and heroes, and enjoy thrilling battles. Your mission is to remove the zombies from the city and the helpers and weapons will be sufficient in making you win.

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