Angry Birds Epic MOD APK 3.0.27463.4821 – (Infinite Money & All Items Unlocked) 2023

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Full Name Angry Birds Epic MOD APK
Publisher Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Genre Role-Playing
Size 40 MB
Latest Version 3.0.27463.4821
Mod Features Unlimited Money
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From all other games of angry birds, Angry Birds Epic MOD APK has a new style released by Rovio Entertainment Ltd that has captured the attention of players. This game is different from the rest of the games as it is an RPG game with a turned-based strategy. The game is based on all pigs living on a remote tropical island.

Additionally, the game has used many locations starting from mountains filled with snow to the azure beaches which makes the player a feel of variation in the game. You have to fight with the rival pigs and in the end with their king. For that, you have to select the appropriate team and apply smart techniques to defeat your rivals. Also, you have to face many hurdles coming in your journey when you go to the up levels but you do not have to give up as only you are the only bird who has to defeat the pigs.


Angry Birds Epic Hacked APK is based on the standard of RPGs full of fascination and entertainment more like Cookie Run Kingdom MOD APK. The war between you as an angry bird and the nasty pigs take place in many locations like Wild Beaches, Great Mountains, Dark Caves, etc. The angry birds are having both strengths and weaknesses that must be calculated very reasonably after every increase in the level.

Angry Birds

Furthermore, in this game, there are different levels that you have to complete to reach the king of the pigs and then, there is a fight between you and the king. The game is different from the spin-off game in the way that you face adventures and exhilarating battles against enemies by forming your army of angry birds as a knight. In this game, you can play with different characters having different abilities that can be used to win.


After getting defeated by the angry birds many times before, the nasty pigs have not given up on stealing all the eggs from the angry birds. Leonard, the king of Piggy Island, has organized his pig army to make a strategy to execute stealing the eggs one more time.

The story of the game begins with the situation of Chuck and Red preventing their precious eggs. Suddenly, there was an attack by bad green pigs and they took away all of the eggs along with Chuck. Now, your expedition starts with discovering the place where the pigs live and fighting them by reaching the next level.

In this game, you have to rescue your friend while choosing different classes of your character. Also, you can have advanced characters as well by unlocking them. They will have more advanced skills and characteristics that will help you to defeat those pigs quite easily. So stop Leonard from making another pathetic plan.

Angry Birds Epic


Just like Blockman Go MOD APK, the game is having simple controls in a way that the angry birds are going in only one direction and you do not have to worry about which way to go. In this game, the player has a choice to select up to 3 birds but that depends on the level.

To attack your enemy, you have to swipe from the angry bird to your enemy and to defend yourself, the player can use the secondary skills by tapping the bird or transferring it to your other companion by swiping. When you win the battle, the screen appears with the acquired stars which are the indicators of your performance and also the reward for winning.

The game is played in a way you have to fight the facing enemy and reach the next level by defeating them. The characters you choose have the power of living that may get finished by a continuous attack from the pigs. On the other hand, pigs also have living power that can be dead by giving your character an appropriate weapon with which you can defeat it with a single stroke.

Angry Birds Epic MOD


1. Different Classes With Unique Abilities

The players have various characters of their choice like Stella, Chuck, Red, Terence, and many more. The characters have their classes providing various skills. These skills can be used to play as a knight against your enemies by attacking with magical tools and gathering nature forces. The gamers also have an opportunity to upgrade the class of character which also improves their power.

2. Usage Of Skills And Strength

In this game, you have to use the skills and the strength of the chosen character at its level best. You must wisely decide about the strategies and techniques you need to defeat your enemies. The game has given a variety of tools that can be useful if applied wisely.

3. Feature Of Unique Crafting

Players can unlock new powers by choosing among hundreds of arms and crafting strong potions. Also, you can make strong weapons to aid your heroes.

Angry Birds Epic APK

4. Multi-Character Mod

The game is having a feature of multi-character which means you can either choose one or up to three characters at a time. Also, on some levels, you can have an additional one by connecting to your Facebook friend.

5. Unlimited Coins

Angry Birds Epic Mod APK is having an unlimited coins facility that allows you to buy weapons of your choice and level up your characters.

6. Unlock The Equipment

Except for having unlimited weapons, Angry Birds Epic Mod APK is providing you with unlimited equipment like the skills, tactics, and other strategies that can be used to boost the abilities of your character.

7. Online Challenges

By playing online, you can play with your friends to enjoy the battlefield and win different challenges.

8. High-Ended Graphics

The game has beautiful cartoon characters that attract players of all ages. The quality of the graphics makes the player addicted to it.

9. Zero-Ad Feature

The game has a feature of no advertisement which makes it easier to play for gamers.


How to get all your achievements in the game?

You can get all your achievements by signing in to your Google account.

Is the game paid?

The game is free of cost and available for download.

Is angry birds epic cheat safe to be downloaded?

The game is available for download without any risk of viruses.


Angry Birds Epic Mod APK is the most exciting and full of the fun game available for all players who like RPGs. The game is different from the other angry bird series due to its unique style. The mod features of the game make it quite easier for the players that attract them to play. Also, the game allows you to play with your friends to win different challenges. So go and download angry Bird’s epic mod apk now. And you can also play Hustle Castle MOD APK for more fun.

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