Angry Birds Star Wars 2 MOD APK 1.9.25 – (Unlimited Money) 2023

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Full Name Angry Birds Star Wars 2 MOD APK
Publisher Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Genre Casual
Size 63 MB
Latest Version 1.9.25
Mod Features Unlimited Money & All Unlocked
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Angry Birds Star Wars 2 MOD APK offers a glance back to the bird’s world with more advanced features than the earlier versions. You’ll be mesmerized by the immense detailing and other innovations brought to the game introducing their latest rivals. You have to rescue bird eggs and give them back before the opponents eat them. In this newest version, the batch is fierce and strong with many fighting sequences as well.

The game set in the galaxy far far away fulfills the spirit of the famous Star War series. You have to utilize the Force effectively for your own good and against the pig federation willing to destroy bird land. Also, play 2048 Cube Winner MOD APK.


The story of Angry Birds Star Wars 2 revolves around the adventure of a bird that takes place in the Star Wars environment. Some bird’s eggs have gone missing from the island reaching the galactic universe. You’ll find different characters from bird island and pig island as well that you might have seen in the games and movies. You’ll be allowed to use the Force to battle for your ultimate goal.

The game allows some new fellows from Star Wars series to join you against the utter enemies of the birds i.e annoying pigs on the journey to stop egg stealing. You’ll find some of the classic characters including Yoda, Emperor Palpatine, Mace Windu, Darth Maul, and many more. Side by side, you can also switch sides and play as one of the pigs to enjoy their side of the adventure.

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 APK


The game is all about the engaging storyline, interactive gameplay, sticking music, and smooth controls much like Candy Crush MOD APK. The best thing about it is the crossover details of both Angry Birds universe and Star Wars bringing energy to the game. Throughout the game, you can choose from 30 famous characters to fight.

Once the game starts, you’ll have to pick a side to prepare for the battle. You can choose the good side where Darth Maul will lead the army or the bad side where Emperor Palpatine will be leading your way. All thanks to the modded version, you’ll avail of angry birds star wars 2 unlimited coins experiencing all the features to the most.


There are many advantages and features of the latest Angry Birds Star Wars ranging from the graphical aspect to gameplay. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Star Wars Characters With Exclusive Controls

This crossover has attracted many Star War fans as they’ve found the mechanics and control much more engaging than the prequels. You can easily go through the entire character profile having all the villains and the heroes from the galaxy far far away. This character lineup will be holding Yoda, Mace, Anakin, Darth, Palpatine, etc., and many other exciting characters. Moreover, the characters have special skills and characteristics that you’ll need during the battle with your rivals. You can also use different explosions and powers to lead the battle.

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 MOD

2. Transitioning From Good To Evil

As there are all types of characters involved in the characters list. You have to make sure that the battle remains exciting by choosing a side between good and evil. You can easily switch through the sides which will give you the freedom to only choose the evil or good side of the characters. This way you can either destroy the catapult used to throw birds at pig island or use explosives to destroy pigs to defeat your opponents. Whichever side you pick or whatever journey you pursue, all it matters is the right character to choose for battle.

3. Joining Pig Army

For the first time in all the Angry Birds gaming history, this is the only game where you can join the pig army as well. This is the most prominent aspect that makes it stand out from all the other games. You can either play as Darth Vader grievous or Darth Maul the pig but your goal should only be to defend the bird’s eggs, without letting anyone steal them.

4. Substories & Interactive Scenarios

There are many interesting and innovative animations made for bringing more engagement to the game. With this feature, every character has a story to tell when you interact with them. You’ll get different chances to listen to all the special events they’ve been through for improving all your adventures within the game.

5. Auto-Saving Your Progress

One of the most useful features of this game is the automatic saving process that powers up online. This way all your progress will be saved and you won’t lose any spots. Not only that but you also can link the game with your social accounts for keeping everyone aware of your progress. You can play with your online friends and can make sure that all your lives are sustained until you decide to terminate. Also, download Snake Rivals MOD APK.


Can you play Angry Birds Star Wars 2 mod for free?

Yes, if you’re installing the game from our website, you won’t need to pay even a single buck either to update or to avail yourself of the unlock features.

Why can’t we find the modded version of Angry Birds Star War 2 on Google Play?

You can’t find the modded version on Google Play as it is specifically curated with all the features unlocked and unlimited coins so that you can enjoy every aspect of the game.

Is angry Bird’s mod safe to play?

Yes, this game has been tested through various antivirus applications and is guaranteed to not affect the security of your device.


Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Mod Apk is one of the most addictive and engaging games such as Board Kings MOD APK¬†as the developers have created a crossover with its storyline. You can choose from a wide variety of promising characters on the journey to rescue the eggs from your opponents. There are even some special modes to give a boost to your exciting journey. Join the army or lead the way to be an ultimate champion and collect the hats. You’ll enjoy all the elements of the challenges and quests arranged from time to time keeping it fun for all.

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