Angry Birds Transformers MOD APK 2.18.0 – (Unlimited Things) 2022

Rivi Entertainment has published and developed the perfect blend of Transformers and Angry Birds, called Angry Birds Transformers MOD APK. The interactive game was made in 2014 as the tenth installment in the Angry Birds game series.

The game is basically an action run and gun video game, covering the genres of action, puzzle, side-scrolling, and shoot-them-up video games. The game is developed for both android and iOS platforms. Enjoy the ultimate combat where the angry birds are now Autobirds! And the pigs are now Deceptihogs! But guess what fans? This battle is not the usual bird vs pigs. Both teams unite to defeat the alien powers.

Full Name Angry Birds Transformation MOD APK
Publisher Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Genre Arcade
Size 68 MB
Latest Version 2.18.0
Mod Features Unlimited Coins & Gems
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Angry Birds Transformers Hack Storyline

The busy everyday life of Piggy Island is changed forever! An Eggspark has crash-landed into their land and successfully mutated the fellas into robotic Transformers. However, the evil Eggspark mutations are not only limited to the birds and piggies. The Eggs have turned into Eggbots, the little pigs have turned into minions, and every non-living object has transformed into an evil high-tech robotic monster!

It is time to team up with the rivals to stop the minions and robotic monsters from destroying their homeland. Chase the Eggbots down and restore peace! The only way to turn things back to normal is to secure the eggs.

Angry Birds Transformers Cheat Gameplay

Run and shoot! The simple side-scrolling gameplay is a continuous menace. Keep running to shoot down transformed pigs and evil objects. Transform into cars, trucks, tanks, planes, jets, submarines, and even flying saucers to keep up with the pace. Throw TNTs and explosives directly at the pigs for a more exciting kill and also collect coins and gems on your way. The action game has many levels and as you succeed you will unlock more and more upgrades.

Angry Birds Transformers MOD

Features Of Angry Birds Transformers MOD APK

1. Easy Control

You can play the whole game with only one finger. Since the game is a side-scrolling one, you do not need to move the characters left or right, he will continuously be on the run. Just aim and shoot down the evil aliens in the transformed mode. Tap on the transformation button to instantly change into trucks, planes, submarines, etc. In addition, be aware of weak stone towers, they might fall on you when you run through them and decrease your blood level.

2. Fun Characters

If you are a fan of the Angry Birds series, then this is the game for you. Meet all your favorite characters in the gameplay and choose to play like one too! Moreover, the amazing cross-over of Angry Birds and Transformers has made the game more popular amongst action-loving fans.

Red, Chuck, and Bomb are dressed as Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee! And the pigs are in the shape of Deception! Can this get any more fun? You can choose to be a piggy or a bird as per your wish. Each character has unique transformations and powers more like Angry Birds Epic MOD APK. Explore them all one by one or choose the other mode to try them all in one game!

3. Diverse Modes

The game has two popular modes to kill any chance of boredom for gamers. Tired of the default mode? Switch to the other! You can try the Endless Run Mode to experience the ultimate survival challenge. The Endless Run Mode has all the Angry Birds characters lined up in the gameplay for the player. Die once and then continue with the second character, die twice, and then start running as the third character. Just keep on running and shoot down monsters!

Angry Birds Transformers APK

4. Dressing Up

The developers have worked hard on the versatility of the game. Along with being an action game, you can also take a break and dress up or customize your characters. Change colors for robots to make them unique. Unlock accessories like hats, armors, and head accessories, and give a swagger look to your character. As a matter of fact, the Angry Birds Transformation Mod apk unlocks many customization features for you.

5. 3D Graphics

Angry Birds are loved by their fans due to their interactive, colorful, and cute illustrations. The vibrant backgrounds, eye-catchy game environment, and 3D graphics engage the gamers. Plus, the cross-over with Transformers in this installment of the Angry Birds series has raised the bar for every upcoming video game in the series. The game is played in landscape view and delivers a cinematic view of the high-graphics gameplay.

6. Unlimited Gems

Angry Birds Transformation Mod apk has amazing Mod features for exciting gameplay. Get free gems throughout the game and unlock all your desires. Gems enable the player to buy accessories and upgrades for the characters. Use the Mod feature to get unlimited gems!

7. Precious Stones

Stones are given as rewards in the action gameplay. You will get different rewards as you progress to higher levels. Lucky for you, the Mod version will grant you generously in the initial levels too. Get many precious stones as rewards and enjoy your freedom in the gameplay! You can also collect precious items from the steel and gold crates, daily rewards, and daily quests.

8. Unlimited Coins And Money

Gold coins are dropped in the rapid shooting and running game when you shoot down monster objects or minions. However, in all the hustle it’s always difficult to manage aims, shoots, transformations, and collection of coins at the same time! But no fear friends, the hack version has got you covered. Just enable the unlimited coins to hack and celebrate your richness from level 1.


Just like Angry Birds Go MOD APK, Angry Birds Transformation Mod apk is an amazing hack version to unlock levels, characters, and free hacks. Celebrate your freedom in the exciting gameplay and eliminate boredom from your mobile.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the last level of Angry Birds Transformers?

The highest, or the last level in the game is level 15.

What is Plasma used for in the game?

Plasma is collected as a reward or a precious item in the game. It is used to repair the broken gate of the island.

Is the Mod version free?

Yes, the Mod version is 100% free to download from our site.

Is this game safe for my device?

Our Mod version is safe for all android devices. You can install them without any fear of bugs, viruses, or tech issues.

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