APPNANA MOD APK 3.5.13 – (Unlimited Nanas) 2023


Publisher AppNana Rewards
Genre Shopping
Size 8.5 MB
Latest Version
Mod Features Gift Cards & Unlimited Nanas
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Do you want to earn free gifts and rewards without much hassle? APPNANA MOD APK is here to provide you with just that! This app is an Android-based application that was developed by APPNANA Rewards and is a very successful app. With this app, you are provided a platform that gives access to a wide number of rewards and gifts for free. You can also collect gift cards from companies that have big names like iTunes, PayPal, Steam, Amazon, and Google Play.

If you are interested to learn more about this apk version of the app, you have come to the right place. APPNANA hacked download will give you more features, more fun, and more money, so before you log on and make big bucks, get to know all your options to maximize the rewards.


APPNANA Hacked Apk is recently among some of the most popular apps on Google Play Store with about half a million positive reviews. This app allows you access to the Nanas whenever you want and also, it is super easy to earn the Nanas in it, all you have to do is play little games, watch a couple of advertisements or complete some surveys in a day by logging into your account and you will be given a substantial amount of absolutely free Nanas.

In this app, you can go through the catalog to find a big number of rewards and gifts that hold worth up to $10,000. It has everything one would want like prizes, cash, rewards, and gifts and it can all be redeemed with just a single tap.


What is Nana? If you don’t know, here’s a new exciting currency for you! Nanas are virtual currencies that allow you to win gifts, mobile game cards, and a lot more! The app is not just an entertaining one, but gets you richer in terms of more things for your mobile phones!

How many times have you won money, and rewards that you can redeem in real life? Here’s your chance! So download this app today and become a more resourceful gamer with access to the games and tools that require moolah! Any glitch you ask? None! Except that you have to try out new games, and play them to earn money.


An application like APPNANA Android comes out once in a blue moon which is actually really beneficial for all people of all ages. When you sign up on this app, it will give you about 1-2% of cashback on your purchases. In addition to that, there is also a loyalty program introduced in the app for you to take advantage of and get priority customer support, potential discounts, and even priority access to all the special offers available.

Other than that, you can also keep track of what you have earned so far and exactly what amount is present in your account with a detailed description of everything. And as for the earnings, they will come when the tasks are done and points will be given to you that can be redeemed in cash after a certain amount, at any point you would like.

Modded APPNANA APK is an excellent way to earn, and use that money to make your screen time more entertaining. How many times do we download apps that require a subscription fee, or ask for a one-time payment? This free version gives you the freedom to earn and spend and makes your phone an enriched experience. Furthermore, this money can help you buy apps, and tools in games, and here’s a big surprise: You can redeem the nanas and use that money in dollars! Is this a special one or what.

People who want to improve their mobile apps, functions, and even telephone credit can use this app to get more out of the app. Furthermore, it is nice to play new games and win the various levels. Who knows, the next game you play might be so interesting that you want to play it again and again!

Numerous people ask why they get paid for watching or playing. What is in it for the app? This app is not for your benefit only, but it helps developers and creators understand why, and how players or viewers like different games or videos, respectively.


1. Free Gifts

Appnana gives gifts, cards, and many other rewards to cherish its users. These are all free so anybody can get these free gifts. The cards and gifts are added to your account and after some time they can convert into money.

2. Unlimited Points

APPNANA’s unlimited points make this version more appealing to all those who want some money and rewards, and love to receive bonuses. The best way to use these bonus points is through better games to play and watching videos according to your taste! When you have accumulated enough points, you can redeem them n your phone apps, or even in the form of dollars! Nothing can be more fun!

3. Advertisement Free Browsing

This apk version of the app offers you a complete package of everything present in the actual app for free, one of which is a no-ad policy. Ads are mostly the thing that spoils the experience of every good thing.

So, by downloading the mod version, you will get ad-free browsing of the app and avail of all the offers for free. Just like we mentioned earlier, nobody likes paid apps and we have a low tolerance for interruptions and pop-ups as well. When you look for any game, advertisements and pop-ups are the first features that we screen out! APPNANA Mod V4 is not any regular game, it is an app that comes without any ads, and allows you complete game rounds.

4. Safe And No Privacy Concerns

APPNANA Modded Code is a safe and secure app which means there are no privacy concerns regarding this very app. It is safe to install and will have no issue after it is downloaded to your device.

This feature is not as minor as most people may think. Nobody wants to download apps that are not secure or can expose your android phone to viruses. Moreover, since there are no advertisements, you will not have accidental clicks, or new tabs opening up to change the way your phone works! All players and viewers can feel violated if an app does not have security settings or privacy, but APPNANA is not one of them!


APPNANA Mod Apk is actually a cracked, hacked, or modified version of the app which is a lot more favorable than the normal version of the app. This mod version of the app provides you with all the premium, paid, and special quality of the app, and here are a few of them:

1. Different Accomplished Tasks

Earning money is not easy, and you have to work for it, isn’t this what you hear from everyone? APPNANA android hack APK gives you money for completing a task, and while you enjoy playing a game, the rewards keep building. This app gives you all benefits and this feature makes it an attractive deal.

To earn your daily earnings, a variety of tasks will be appointed to you to accomplish after which you will be provided the points. But, with every log-in, the tasks will vary every time. In this way, you will not get too bored of doing the same thing over and over again and would actually enjoy it. The more tasks you accomplish, the better earnings you make. It will increase your net worth with ease and would result in more benefits than ever.

2. Invite Your Friends To The App

APPNANA allows you to share your happiness with your friends. Who wants to be the only rich friend, right? Let’s get all those pals together and share the news with them! They can add to your wealth too as the more people you invite, the higher will be the reward!

Another easy way to gain points in APPNANA Android Hack Apk is to simply invite all your friends to download this app and take advantage of this app. A live gain will be shown in front of you in your net worth and points. Such expensive rewards and gift cards seem so easy to have with this simplified and user-friendly app.

3. Daily Bonus On Log Ins

Sometimes, one does not always feel like doing anything productive. With this app, you can still gain points, credits, and rewards by just logging into your account and simply tapping and scrolling away. If you are not in the mood to play a game today, no worries, just log on to the app and the meter starts rolling! You can enjoy the money coming in, while the app keeps churning out more games for you to try.

With your daily log-in comes daily rewards that will add to your credit wallet for you to use later. And that too by doing nothing on the app.

4. Watch As Many Videos As You Like

Remember the saying, a picture is a thousand words? Well, with this fantastic app, you can watch videos, which are moving pictures technically, and the money you earn is much, much more! So if we say that games are words and videos are a picture, it is definitely worth a thousand more, right?

The most convenient and easy way to earn the Nanas is by watching videos on this app. If you watch a video, you will be able to receive points at the very end of every single video. And, you can start watching these videos directly after you have logged into your account without any trouble.

Making money in this app is entirely up to the users of it because the makers of the application have not put any kind of limitation on its usage in a single day. So you can enjoy making money from your free time by watching videos and adding to the viewership. Moreover, a game is the best way to spend free time, and now you will be earning from it. So shall we call APPNANA your free time app, or your job time app?

5. Downloading Apps

In the appnana there is a list of other apps which you can add easily to your library by downloading. This feature will give you easy access to other apps.


Will this app provide its services for free?

This is a completely free game, especially its modified version. By downloading this game, you can get anything you want from the given catalog and you will not have to pay a single penny.

Does APPNANA pay you real money?

Yes, by completing the given tasks and surveys or by watching videos, you will be given a small amount of money which can be redeemed later.

Will the modified version of the app provide unlimited points?

Yes, you have got it right! APPNANA Unlimited Nanas provide you with an uncountable number of points and Nanas which can be used to buy whatever you want from the rewards and gifts.


Rewards and gifts are some of the things that almost everyone wants and with APPNANA Mod Apk, it is like a dream come true. You can enjoy everything to its end by downloading the app from the link given to you by us on this site. With this article, we hope your concerns are addressed and you are content with the provided information.

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