Armed Heist MOD APK 2.7.4 – (Immortality With No Recoil) 2023

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Full Name Armed Heist MOD APK
Publisher Sozap
Genre Action
Size 680 MB
Latest Version
Mod Features Immortality & Unlimited Money
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Have you ever imagined being a villain? The best fighting games are the ones in which the players are villains, as it increases the drama. If you are looking for such then you should not wait more and download Armed Heist MOD APK to enjoy a long and exciting quest of escape and fight after a fine robbery. Here you will get to know everything which the game constitutes so when you play, you are prepared which leads to winning more rewards. So, let’s get an insight into an exhilarating game by looking at its gameplay, storyline, and main features.


Just like Modern Ops MOD APK, it has one of the most interesting gameplays as it involves a lot of actions that include escaping, hiding, and shooting back at the elite forces of police. As it proceeds, you get to know more about personalizing the weapons and shooting with different strategies. It has more than seventy missions with different deals waiting for the players. It is diverse and dynamic which keeps the players involved for long hours without making them bored of it. The suspense of finding a safe place throughout the gameplay keeps the players entertained and interested.

Armed Heist APK


The game starts when you are done with a robbery, but the elite forces of police are waiting outside the bank besieging it from all sides to arrest you or maybe kill you. You must make a strategy and find a safe place. The story moves as you shoot and kill the police officers. The twist is that they are so many, and it gets hard to make a way to the car waiting for you to help you with a safe rescue out of this chaotic situation. Its God mode gives you an immunity of immortality to the shooting of police and you get over the armed heist hacked. You may also like Frag Pro Shooter MOD APK.


The following are the stimulating features of this version. You might find them convincing to play and enjoy the gameplay.

1. Customize Your Weapons & Characters

The developers and designers of this game have given the opportunity of highly flexible customization to the users. They can not only buy new weapons but customize them according to their choice by adding functionalities of their own choice.

2. Detailed Maps

Robberies are very unlikely to happen without a detailed map so the game promises to provide the players with maps of the whole town. The players get the chance to better decide on which bank they should target by looking at their security system and exits.

Armed Heist MOD

3. Exciting Missions

There is a huge number of missions available which keeps the gameplay entertaining for the players. They are of different scales that allow convenience to different types of users that including weak, normal, and pro players. Also, play Infinity Ops MOD APK which has exciting missions as well.

4. Lots Of Rewards & Bonuses

The game is addictive because it has many rewards to offer the players. The bonus depends upon the scale of your heists, the bigger the heist is the more rewards and bonuses you will get in the end. Moreover, the players can also win the rewards with armed heist cheats.


What makes the armed heist mod apk different from other fighting games?

The main feature that makes it different from other fighting games is that it gives the villain role to the players which adds value to its uniqueness of gameplay and storyline.

Is it easy to win missions in the armed heist mod apk?

Winning the mission in this game depends upon its type and scale. Sometimes, it’s easy to escape and win and sometimes you are surprised with a gun in the hands of a common hostage that makes it hard for you to move forward. So, you should look at the maps with more focus so you can win better and more easily.


Armed Heist mod apk is one of the best fighting games to play with its interesting storyline and exciting gameplay much like Critical Strike MOD APK. It is popular among game lovers around the globe for its thrilling features that include flexible customization, detailed maps, dynamic missions, and huge rewards. We wish you luck with your next gameplay.

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