Avakin Life MOD APK 1.072.00 – (All Skins & Items Unlocked) 2022

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Full Name Avakin Life MOD APK
Publisher Lockwood Publishing Ltd
Genre Role-Playing
Size 106 MB
Latest Version 1.072.00
Mod Features Unlimited Coins & Gem Boost
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Avakin Life MOD APK is an intelligent life simulation game. It is a creation of Lockwood Publishing for both android and iOS platforms. The endless social game is designed for 17+ players and needs to be connected with an email or Facebook account. The game is immensely popular in the 3D virtual world.

Live your dream life in a quality fashion-led virtual world. Meet millions of people online dressed as their own character. Grab the opportunity to create your own characters and live the life you always wanted to have. The simulation and role-playing game allow you to control your avatar and establish a life in the 3D world designed beautifully with glamorous houses, colleges, paradises, malls, cinemas, parks, offices, clubs, etc. Not only this, you can enjoy the premium life with all the unlocked features in our modified version. Design the best apparel, enter as a VIP into clubs, purchase luxurious apartments, and possess paid fashionable assets without spending real money!


Simulation games are an unscripted endless social life, you have your narrative and so, only you decide how to lead. However, the game starts with creating your own avatar. Just start the game and explore the virtual world on your terms. You are one of the Avakins now!

Avakin Life APK


Explore your Avakin Life and choose from the various options available for you at every step. Decide your purpose in life and tread on your path with confidence. Style yourself and your life in a high-fashioned manner and get a job to serve purposes. You can choose to work in any desired place, in any desired position. Collect money and spend smartly on your apartment and lavish lifestyle.

Furthermore, engage with other Avakins to make new friends and increase your fun social circle. You can chat with real people who are logged in from different parts of the world. Also, there are many challenges to engage in, you can earn special rewards for your daily activities and activeness in the game. Socialize, party hard, and enjoy!


1. Unlimited Money

The Avakin life unlimited coins apk feature is a blast for all online players. You can buy as many assets as you desire with the limitless cash you have. Just enable this hack in the mod menu and become the richest Avakin. Buy anything you desire, from clothes to buildings. This is the life you dreamed of!

Furthermore, the game has many in-app purchases to unlock the exciting VIP features and items such as Love Nikki MOD APK. As a matter of fact, the coins have to be purchased with real money in the game. But our mod version allows its players to rest and enjoy without having to spend any real money on the game. The unlimited money hack makes you tension-free and allows you to live a stable lifestyle.

2. Purchase And Unlock Everything

There is no difference between the original Avakin Life video game and our Avakin Life Mod apk except for the unlimited free perks! Enjoy the same quality game but with a better gaming experience. You are free to access any place, wear any VIP item, or buy any premium place with no question. This variant gives you a VIP pass for entering any club or party you wish. The game is 100% unlocked and all premium clothes and places are easily accessible.

3. Anti-Ban

Many times, using a mod version of a game from an unreliable site leads to account banning. The official game detects your suspicious activity and bans your account for many years to come. However, you do not need to fear any carelessness from our site. Our version includes an Anti-ban feature that hides your activity from the inspectors. Your activities will be masked with our Anti-ban script during the entire gameplay.

Therefore, no need to fret about the account ban issue. Ts with the Anti-Ban script which enables you to experience all its exceptional features without fretting about the account ban issue.


1. Create Your Avatar

This feature of the game is the most popular one in the game. The game allows you to create your character, starting from appearances to clothes just like Choices MOD APK. Choose the gender, skin color, eyes, face sculpt, hair texture, body type, height, clothes, accessories, and whatnot. You can design a character just like your real self or give shape to your fantasies or dream body in the game.

The vast range of stylish outfits can bring out the designer in you. The game takes special care of diverse fashion choices from people all around the world. There are hundreds and thousands of clothing options for players. Choose to be a tall charming businessman or a dark seductive college guy! A fragile blonde French lady or a cute cheerful cheerleader! It is up to your imagination. Feel free to be yourself! This world will not judge you for living your fantasies.

Avakin Life

2. Several Rewards

The game is made more interesting with mini-games or you can say challenges within the gameplay. You can choose to join missions and win them to earn generous rewards. There is also a daily loot feature that is awarded to active players progressing to higher levels in the game. Earn rewards to stand out in the game and gain the perks of virtual life! Purchase cool items and wear your favorite accessories with them.

3. Build And Decorate Your Dream House

The Avakin world is also a perfect place for creativity lovers. You can wake up the architect inside you and design, construct and decorate your own apartment. Build your apartment with the money you earn and design its structure and rooms. Customize its interiors, garden, balcony, etc. Plus, decorate the whole building the way you want it. own home. You can install curtains, set furniture, paint walls, or do any addition to the apartment to own the place.

Make your perfect dream house in this world and give a picture of your dreams. Apply new fashion looks to the house and make it a unique abode for yourself. Once the house is completely furnished and decorated, call your online friends for a housewarming party and show off your glamorous apartment.

Avakin Life MOD

4. Graphics

The virtual simulation game is a 3D well-designed video game. The graphics are incredibly realistic and engaging for players. The impressive animations and game environment has swept away 5-star ratings from millions of players. The characters are sharp and detailed and the vibrant backgrounds are eye-catchy for players. The online game has impressive features when it comes to looks. The actions are also simulated realistically to help players relate to the real world.

5. Socialize With Others

In the avakin life, you have a chance to socialize with the person you never know and can’t be social with it in reality. It’s a fantastic feature by which you can hang up with other players of this app, no matter how far they live in reality. Now, you can get a chance to explore the human psyche by spending time with different people.

6. Buying Option

This game lets you buy anything you want in-game. You can buy costumes, food and many more. That’s possible when you have some job in the game or collect coins from daily rewards. You can live the life you want to live in reality with the help of your character in the game.


Is it available for iOS?

No, our mod version is only suitable for Android mobile phones and tablets. However, the original game is developed for both iOS and Android platforms.

Is the mod version safe?

Yes, the mod version is free of tech issues, viruses, or bugs. Our script is also Anti-ban and so protects your account from banning.

How to Level up in Avakin Life?

The only way to level up in the game is to socialize! Interact with people, go to parties, buy gifts, etc.


All of us have a life that we live in our heads. This is the chance to live that life virtually! Virtual life is given a touch of real life with realistic simulations and online friends. You can interact and chat with real people who are living the life of their avatars. Get a job, socialize, and make decisions without any restrictions or the need of spending real money with our new version.

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