Basketball Stars MOD APK 1.38.7 – (Unlimited Money) 2022

Basketball Stars MOD APK is an amazing and engaging basketball game announced by You will have to shoot, trick, and pass by your opponent to win. It is a one-on-one game played by multiple players simultaneously. While playing, when you won, you are upgraded to the next level and get some advanced features.

Basketball Stars is a super-fun game with a multi-styled and controlled system same as Basketball Arena MOD APK. In this game, you can choose your basketball player accordingly from different options. You just need to shoot at the basket in this game. But, if you are a beginner and find it difficult to understand, we are here to give you a detailed review of Basketball Stars MOD APK.

Full Name Basketball Stars MOD APK
Genre Sports
Size 71 MB
Latest Version 1.38.7
Mod Features Unlimited Money & Coins
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Download MOD APK has developed several renowned games and apps including Basketball Stars, Soccer Stars, 8 Ball Pool, and many others. Today, we will discuss Basketball Stars MOD APK which became famous because of Facebook. It is a funny android game with 3D animations and graphics, played by Facebook users every day.

Basketball Stars MOD

However, nowadays, there is no need of using Facebook for playing Basketball Stars games. Instead, you can install this game on your android phone and play it offline and online. Just complete the levels, missions, and tasks in the game and get many unique and bumper surprises.

You can find this game in the category of Sports with a sub-category of Basketball. Also, you can check more than 200 apps of Basketball Stars: Multiplayer on Android. Currently, you can play this game freely. To download this game, go to Google Play on Android where the latest version of this game is available. All the APK files on our website are 100% authentic and safe to play. To date, four versions of this game have been introduced on Android.

Basketball Stars Hack Gameplay

Playing Basketball Stars is not difficult or tricky at all. You just have to focus on hitting the ball in the basket. Try to trap the opponent with your smart moves and actions. The control panels of the game are so easy to handle and use. Also, the UI of this game is minimalistic which makes this game easier than all other games.

Why Choose Basketball Stars MOD APK?

Preferring Basketball Stars over other games become a hot topic on many social media websites. There are several reasons behind this comparison and preference. Some of the reasons are described below:

1. Restricted To Smartphones

As compared to the other sports games like FIFA Mobile MOD APK, Basketball Stars is restricted to smartphone users only. This has made the competition among the games small. As we all know that on smartphones, there are fewer basketball games. So, people love to and prefer playing Basketball Stars that are 3D modeled. This 3D modeling tends to make the images of the players quite real and natural.

2. Choosing Your Required Ones

In this game, you can personalize your player according to the requirements. No matter what the feature is, everything will be under your control. It will be your choice to choose the color, uniform, height, and other characteristics of the players according to your demands.

3. Unlimited Gold And Money

Well, another reason to choose Basketball Stars is to have unlimited money and gold as a reward. If you download Basketball Stars with an infinite cash script, you will get unlimited money with no time limit. So, you will never be short of money and you don’t need to put much effort into collecting money. On the other hand, gold will help you in buying all three types of standard, premium, and VIP bags. Also, you can purchase VIP basketball with gold. So, both this money and gold are crucial for playing Basketball Stars.

Basketball Stars APK

Features Of Basketball Stars MOD APK

The main gameplay features of Basketball Stars MOD APK are as follow:

1. Home Screen

The home screen boundary of this game is so cool to comprehend and accessible. The main menu bar is placed on the home screen with all the main features and options to select. On the home screen, the name and the score of the competitor are also mentioned. The home screen has also shown the gold coins and money cash available in the bag.

2. MOD Features Of Basketball Stars MOD APK

On the other hand, some of the MOD features of the Basketball Stars MOD APK are:

  • Perfect Shot
  • Backboard Hit
  • Lucky Ball
  • Dumb BOT

To use these MOD features, go to the Main Menu Bar. Enable or disable the MOD feature according to your need or wish.

3. Basketball Stars Hack Cash And Gold Cheats Generator

Multiple online pages are providing virus-free cheat generators for hacking a lot of cash and gold in case of need. Basketball Stars Hack is available on many online websites. But, the manufacturers suggest not using these generators. Because these generators may cause damage to your android smartphone.

4. Some Other Features

Moving next, we have some of the key features of Basketball Stars MOD APK which are mentioned below:

  • One-on-one gameplay
  • 3D modeled graphical representations
  • 2 online play modes
  • 400 customized characters
  • 40 unlocked basketballs
  • Open challenge to all players over the world
  • Free gold
  • Free Money
  • Free coins
  • Multiple ranges of bonuses


On the whole, we have given you a deep review of Basketball Stars MOD APK games with multiple features and characteristics. We have also let you know why people prefer it over others, how to play these basketball stars hack with an online code generator and how to get unlimited money and gold.

After all this information, we wish the best for you with the hope that you have enjoyed our review. We also wish you to have fun with this Basketball Stars game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get unlimited gold and money from Basketball Stars?

In the latest version of the basketball star, you have the choice of boundless cash and gold. So, don’t panic about coins and gold in this game.

Is it safe to play Basketball Stars MOD APK?

Yes, it is. We are providing 100% virus-free game installation and use. Download the APK files from the links available on the page and get no virus.

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