Battlelands Royale MOD APK 2.9.7 – (God Mode With Unlimited Health) 2023

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Full Name Battlelands Royale MOD APK
Publisher Futureplay
Genre Action
Size 116 MB
Latest Version 2.9.7
Mod Features Unlimited Money & Gems
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Battlelands Royale Mod APK is a perfect game for those who don’t have hours to finish a level. This game aims to complete rapid rounds of three to five minutes, so take out your phone and begin whenever you have a few extra minutes! There are no players to compete with, and this game does not slow down like other ones, which log in hundreds of players from different places and begin with you trying to find team partners. Battlelands Mod gives you much more than what you sign up for, and all of it is exciting.


Just like War Robots MOD APK, Battlelands Royale is a famous game, and millions of downloads are going on, even as we talk about it! This new android game has exciting content. You can play as Robin Hood and other heroes that were only booked characters or animation heroes for us up till now. We will check out the features and storyline, so you know what you will get with this Battlelands Royale version. Futureplay developed this game, and they made sure that they kept up with the name of their project as well as the game name!

Battlelands Royale APK


Battlelands Royale is a simple game as it begins with the quest for new weapons. You can play Robin Hood, Sir Lancelot, or other heroes from the Arthurian era. Your character has to score high and collect coins. As you pick a hero to play, you have to fight evil, although the story is about three partners and their conquest of the king of knights. On your way to winning, you conquer various castles and can upgrade to another character.

The Battlelands Royale skins are some of the most popular in the gaming world. There are many skins available, and the graphics complement each one of them, making the persona almost real. The aim is to become the conqueror, and all ways of making it attractive, exist in the game.


You use simple controls to go around in the game same as Bed Wars MOD APK. The newest season of Battlelands Royale allows you to play with friends and bring on challenges online so that you can spend more time having fun, which is the motive of any game! However, if you want to play the rapid rounds, you can pull out your phone in the waiting rooms or while waiting for the elevator to open and finish it before you get your turn.

The game rewards players with a Battle pass, maps, character skins, and weapons. The best part is that this version of Battlelands Royale comes with the best modes and features, so the fun doubles.

Battlelands Royale MOD


The modified version of Battlelands offers many more versions, making this game more enjoyable.

1. Three-Dimensional Graphics

Battlelands Mod has the best graphics and sound effects, making you feel more attentive and engrossed.

2. Battles Against The World

This game allows players to fight participants from around the world, and even though the aim is to become the ultimate conqueror, you will enjoy the party with people from all places!

3. Hundreds Of Unlocked Levels

The modified version of Battlelands gives you hundreds of levels unlocked just like Mech Arena MOD APK so you can proceed from one to the next. When you feel you have enough time, the rapid rounds and the online rounds that you play with others will be more fun when you know you can move forward from there.

4. Creative Weapons And Items For Loot

The weapons and items you loot through the game are interesting. When you win a new weapon, the old one disappears, but that does not reduce your power. The new weapon is like two weapons rolled into one, and the power it gives you is significant.

Battlelands Royale

5. The Skins

As we mentioned earlier, the skins in this game are some of the most popular. The Arthurian era is like a fantasy for many. The elaborate skins make you sink into the game as the three-dimensional graphics, and the creative skins bring characters to life.

6. Mega Rewards

The rewards at each level include new characters, new weapons, and parachutes. The customizations will help you make your way to the top. If you are wondering how you can customize your character, try the Battlelands Royale hacks, which get you closer to victory.

7. Get To Supply Drops To Win Specials

Your aim should be to get to the Supply Drops faster so that you can get weapons that are more powerful than others. You can get bazookas and even some special characters.

8. Style Your Skins

Customizing characters is one thing, but you can beautify the skin to make them more appealing. The sense of goodness transcends into the performance for most players and the modified version!


Is Battlelands an age-restricted game?

Battlelands does not have any bloodshed or action that can be unfavorable for younger players. This game is suitable for all of you, and the fun part is that it has hundreds of levels with exciting characters so that you will enjoy each of them with more enthusiasm.

Will I need to spend money on Battlelands Royale?

Battlelands Royale Mod APK is free, and it gives you a lot of added features like unlocked levels and characters. With more exciting gameplay with all these characters, you reach the finish line sooner than every other player!

Do I need a specific phone model for this game?

This game is for android phones 4.4 and above, which is quite reasonable. If you have a cell phone that is only a few years old, the game will run perfectly on it.


Battlelands Royale Mod APK is an excellent game to download more like NOVA Legacy MOD APK as it gives you quick play but can also turn into a time-killing entertainer. When you decide to play the game, it opens up with numerous features and simple gameplay to keep you engrossed. Moreover, the game is free. If you want to play an exciting game on your phone, go for the android royale hack by downloading the modified version and get into the mood to become the conqueror. The three-dimensional graphics, good sound effects, and the play theme are all interesting.

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