Bed Wars MOD APK – (Unlimited Gcubes With All Keys Unlocked) 2023

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Full Name Bed Wars MOD APK
Publisher Blockman GO studio
Genre Action
Size 113 MB
Latest Version
Mod Features Unlimited Money & Gcubes
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Lo and Behold! If you have any love for adventure games that demand you to create and protect, this one is for you! Download Bed Wars MOD APK to enjoy the most impeccable block games of all time. Block games are always a good choice for gamers of all ages. Whether you are building a battlefield or you are making a house out of concrete blocks, the game gets interesting as you use tools and innovative features to create a monumental victory, not only on the phone but also in killing idol hours!

This game has numerous entertaining features and graphics that make it all the more adventurous as you see a clearer picture and battle for beds! This exciting game is about saving your peaceful bed while destroying your enemy to give them sleepless nights. Also, play this amazing game Mech Arena MOD APK.


Blockman Go is a block games developer, and its latest adventure is Bed Wars, which is a more exciting version of Minecraft, but it is a battle game that will declare a winner and a defeat. The game’s story revolves around exploring and constructing, but the twist in the tale is that you will be making beds and preventing the enemy from destroying them.

When you log on to the game, you will have to wait for a little while there are sixteen players on board. When everyone has joined, four teams are formed, and each gets an island. Your team has to find resources, store them and prepare for combat to keep enemies at bay. You can craft armor and hide the beds on the island.

Bed Wars MOD

When you feel that you have enough to fight, you can build bridges and reach over to the enemies to destroy them. As long as your beds are safe, you can revive team players and collect gold and jewels along the way to gain strength. Using all kinds of blocks, equipment, weapons, and armor for protection can lead you to victory and ensure that you take over the enemy.


Bed Wars Mod APK is an android game that requires building blocks, and the various modes and gaming techniques will require you to achieve goals as a team. The 1v, 2v, 3v, and 4v are the four modes in which teams play against each other. The fun part is that you will have to pair up with players from all over the world, and coordinate in ways that you divide the tasks and reach a common target.

This game brings together friends, and players, who can compete with each other while replenishing their resources to keep their stance more vital. Just like War Robots MOD APK, the variety of weapons and the simple controls will make it easier for you to move forward. Players can easily select the sword, ax, pickaxe, and other weapons on the menu, and as your resources keep building, the power to do more and beat the enemy will also improve.

Bed Wars APK


Blockman Go is an innovative creator, and Bed Wars is the perfect blend of fun and adventure on the phone! Here are some features of this game:

1. Excellent Graphics

Bed Wars has some excellent graphics as it is not pixelated and offers a full view of the island, your team members, and you! It is natural to expect blocks with hard edges and characters with a pixelated square appearance when you select this game, but no! The smooth graphics make you feel a part of the game, and this way, you become more engrossed.

2. Unlimited Money

Bed Wars Mod APK unlimited money will give you more power to fight and become the ultimate winner with your beds protected from the enemy. This game will provide you with a great sense of teamwork, but the money will make it easier for you to upgrade skins, characters, weapons, and resources.

3. Gold, Diamonds, And Much More

When you get unlimited money, gold, and diamonds, you can exchange them with merchants or the in-store shop from where you can get more resources such as better armor and even some weapons. The bigger the resource bank, the greater power you have over your enemies.

4. Customized Outfits And Better Characters

Bed Wars has some of the most complex characters with facial features, intricate costumes, and weapons. The features of characters are an added feature as other block games on the phone do not offer such details. When the characters are relatable, the game becomes more exciting and riveting. You may also wanna play Battlelands Royale MOD APK.

5. Unlocked Levels

The modified version of Bed Wars is the only way to get all levels unlocked at once. When you can see the game’s ultimate goal, you begin to play better, and therefore, the fun doubles and the adventure become worthwhile!

6. Zero-Interruption

Bed Wars does not allow any advertisements or game updates to spoil your fun. Now you will be playing non-stop with this modified version installed.


Will I need to pay for Bed Wars?

Bed Wars is a free download, and since you have landed on this page, we can assure you that the features of this version are much more than what you get elsewhere. So, while you pay nothing, you can also get some exciting features to enjoy.

How do I download this game?

The download steps are as easy as A, B, and C! You can follow the procedure given here and get ready for some adventure! The download starts with unlimited features, so the game gets into high gear the minute you begin to play!

What kinds of weapons are there in the game? Is it suitable for children?

The weapons in Bed Ward Mod APK are swords, bows, axes, and pickaxes. You can even get a helmet and build your armor. This game is for players of all ages, and just like Minecraft, it can focus on their building skills and thinking processes.


Bed Wars Mod APK is an excellent block game similar to NOVA Legacy MOD APK that will become easier when you play with a team that belongs to a specific island and builds resources together. Download this game to enjoy protecting your bed while destroying enemies. This game has some of the most exciting features, and unlike the older block games, it has fantastic graphics, and the sound effects are also quite amusing.

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