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Action games are one of the most popular genres of video games for all platforms. If you are looking for the best action games for android, you came to the right place! We have reviewed and collected some of the best games for you to enjoy in your free time on your android phones. You can check out the list and begin downloading to get pure entertainment.

There are many kinds of action games, some are about wars and others are about crimes. Then there are some games that revolve around a savior who battles the enemies to save Earth and mankind. Whichever game you choose must have a good story, solid gameplay, and some features that can keep you riveted.

Best Action Games For Android

5 Best Action Games For Android

Here is our list of five games that are among the top games for android devices. Each of them has more than a million downloads and they are going higher by the minute.

1. Call Of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile MOD APK is one of the most famous FPS (first-person shooter) games that involves shooting and the various modes make it more interesting. The PvP mode, zombie mode, and even multiplayer modes are all fantastic. You will love this game as it does not have a single dull moment. From the minute you begin, the choice of playing Battle Royale is exciting.

Call Of Duty Mobile

The Battle Royale has 100 players and you have to shoot them all to become the last man standing. If you win this battle, you can save your progress online and begin from there when you start again. This game allows you to play with your friends and while you are battling, you can chat with them too. Call of Duty is definitely a game you would like to download.

2. Apex Legends

This game is as exciting as our number one pick. However, this game involves characters that are unlocked to provide you with a team of experienced shooters. The features of this game include unlimited money and characters that become the main energy to win over the enemy. This shooter game is a multiplayer game that helps you pass your free time in the best way possible! You can choose from the cast of heroes, and then plan a shooting against the enemies. It will surely give you an adrenaline rush like no other.

Apex Legends

The graphics of Apex Legends are among the best and you can play with your friends and make it even more real! Apart from the unlocked exciting features, this game also has numerous modes like the seasonal modes that are riveting and a great way to pass your free time.

3. Into The Dead

Here’s a zombie survival game that requires players to come up with a strategic and well-planned defense. You will be running away from zombies and the better you defend yourself, the bigger rewards you get. Players can choose companions from all the unlocked characters and they help you kill the zombies.

Into The Dead

This game has a lot of exciting moves, and the scenes are exquisite-all thanks to the excellent graphics. You will enjoy this game’s special features and you do not have to be online all the time to play it.

4. Rocket League Sideswipe

The football match that involves cars! This game is fascinating as the football arena is larger and the cars are like players. You can play alone, or with a squad of friends. The various modes allow you to add on more players. You can customize cars, and unlock so many features! Players love the starter packs of the in-game currency that makes so many things easier!

Rocket League Sideswipe

Add friends, and start playing this exciting game to pass your time with the super fun activity features. The rockets in the cars are going to be an exciting feature!

What makes this game more exciting is that you can play this game on android while your friends might have logged in from their PC, or gaming console. Rocket League does not have any barriers when it comes to providing entertainment.

5. Grid Autosport

There are numerous shooter games and even zombie and sports games on the list, and then there is this car game that is as exciting as any of them! Autosport is something that we all love. The whirring cars and the speed of those road monsters are going to engross you in the game and you will not be bored.

Grid Autosport

There are 100 cars and each of them has an amazing look and cool specs. Players can select from these unlocked cars and race against opponents who are equally competitive. The cars can be improved and the specs can be enhanced when you win money in the game. Not to mention, some versions of this game on android give unlimited money as you begin playing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we download all action games available on the console onto our android phones?

Every console game is not available for android. The ones that are available are modified for this kind of operating system and offer many other features due to their new development.

What will I have to pay for the downloads?

Android phones are mostly free, and if not, then it is a nominal fee that only ensures that your game progress and profile settings will not change and you will not lose your game history.


Best action games for android can be a hard search for many players and that is why we have reviewed and ranked some of the best games that you can download. Try these out after you select the ones that suit your style. You will not only love the exciting features but also the high-quality graphics and sound.

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