BitLife MOD APK 3.6.3 – (Premium Unlocked) 2023

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Full Name BitLife MOD APK
Publisher Candywriter, LLC
Genre Simulation
Size 156 MB
Latest Version 3.6.3
Mod Features All Unlocked
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BitLife MOD APK is the latest interactive simulation game of 2021 available on the Google play store. It is published by Candywriter, LLC, and is available for Android. The life simulator has become widely popular amongst people of all ages and is exponentially increasing its downloads every minute. The realistic simulation game can imitate a regular, perfect lifestyle, or give you the life you always longed for. You can live your Bit life the way you want from the day you are given birth. Grow up to be a successful businessman, marry your true love or jump into an adventurous life full of unexpectedness!

There are thousands of simulation video games on the web e.g Choices MOD APK, but BitLife has just raised the bar for each of them. It is a highly interactive game with a vast and diverse variety of features. Players can choose their way of living, and based on the choices they make in their Bit life, they will enjoy the coming events of life. You will write your own story by choosing actions for the main character’s timeline.


Are you expecting a storyline? No! This is your story to life. As the game starts when you are only a sperm, you will choose to end the game as you wish. Progress in the game by responding to options available at every life event and recreate your life! You can either live up to your parent’s expectations and become that successful businessman, lawyer, or doctor or live recklessly to join the criminal world as you break in into banks and malls!

BitLife MOD


The exciting gameplay combined with the interactive features addicts the players to this real-life stimulation. The gameplay includes a sequence of life events for each year. The game begins when you are just a sperm and then it gives you the authority to control your life. You will be given related options to choose one action related to the main character or the other. You may also click the ‘age’ button to go ahead in the timeline and see what happens in your life when you are older based on your previous choices. You also manage the money you earn by tapping on assets in the main menu bar.

At any point in the gameplay, you can choose between totally opposite actions during an event. For example, you can either choose to obey your father and stay in the house or defy him and leave home. Throughout the game, you will be making choices as one event leads to another.


1. Unlocked Bitizen Plan (Premium Bitizen Subscription)

The BitLife Mod apk version allows you free access to the premium subscription plan for BitLife! It is officially a paid plan in the original version and known as the Bitizen Plan in the game. However, our modified apk version provides this plan to you better than any other BitLife hack. The gamers in the BitLife mod apk can customize the protagonist’s appearance with several components, shop at every exotic pet store, hire unlimited hitmen, assemble prison gangs, avail free credits, join bands and freely interact with the mafia, teachers, and bosses.

2. Enjoy An Ads-Free Experience

As you know, the interruption between the emotional situation is not likable by anybody. In the Bitlife app, some ads fade your concentration emotionally. To get an ad-free experience download this app by pressing the download button.


1. Personal Stats

In order to keep track of your life, the game has a dashboard including all your personal stats. These stats include happiness, health, smartness, and looks. High happiness levels indicate a good life where things are happening your way and the character is loving the way things are turning out for him, on the other hand, low happiness levels indicate that the character is upset, angry, or going into depression. Good health levels demonstrate activeness, great work performance, and life fulfillment. Moreover, the character can spend time studying and learning new things to increase his smartness level and spend cash to enhance his beauty to increase his looks level.

BitLife APK

2. Exciting Activities

BitLife mod apk is loaded with engaging real-life activities to give the players the best simulation gameplay. Each activity is fun to do and has its own consequences later in the game. It impacts the future life in the timeline just like in real life. For instance, going to the gym would make you a fit adult when you grow older, or committing crimes would make you a gangster.

Clubbing is one of the most popular activities. It can reduce stress for the character and increase your social interaction with other jammers in the club. Another loved activity is working out, you can choose to hit the gym to be of a bigger size and better shape too! Moreover, you are also given a choice to study and gain knowledge to see yourself as a smarter and more independent individual later in the timeline.

However, there are some mischievous and wicked activities integrated for trouble lovers. You can commit crimes, rob people, and do a list of illegal actions to enjoy your life and spend it on your terms only! Adding to this, you may also want to head to the casino to earn money the easy way rather than studying hard to get it. It is your choice!

3. Several Non-Player Characters

The life simulation game has integrated a variety of NPC characters so that the gamers can relate to them with people in their real life. The game has teachers, classmates, people of your age, bosses, neighbors, etc. so that you can make dates, friends, and enemies too. The interactive non-player characters have different traits too. They make the game challenging and more exciting with their craziness level. The craziness trait indicates how sane a character is, or in other words, how willing he is to try something crazy fun!

4. High-End Graphics

The graphics of this game are very soft and cute based on the theme of the app. The game is full of cute and loving scenes that let the players enjoy. You can play the game for multiple hours constantly. The players will enjoy clear images of characters in the application due to the high-end graphics.

5. Interactive Design

The BitLife mod apk has simple and engaging graphics. The interface is designed like a personal diary of the player. The players can make selections in their life and when they become a heartful memory, they are listed on the screen annually for him. The game’s design is eye-catching, colorful, and simple for light-mood entertainment.


Can BitLife run on my iPhone?

Yes, BitLife is available for both Android and iOS, however, the apk version is only for Android phones.

Why is BitLife for 17+ players?

It is a life simulation game and so it has many adult life events.


Who says we only live our life once? This epic life simulation game is giving you the control you always wanted over your life. Fortunately, BitLife Mod Apk allows you to live freely with the premium Bitizen subscription.

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