Blue Whatsapp Plus APK 9.41 – (Latest Version For Android) 2022

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Full Name Blue WhatsApp Plus
Publisher WhatsApp
Genre Social
Size 52 MB
Latest Version 9.41
Mod Features All Features Unlocked
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There are many versions of WhatsApp available on the Internet today. Blue WhatsApp Plus is a unique download and there are many reasons why it is a preferred version. Just like Snapchat MOD APK, there are so many features that make this chatting and phone call app a must-have for all of us!

About GB Whatsapp Plus

Blue WhatsApp is just not a different color, but it has a lot of exciting features. Moreover, the approved version of this app is being used by millions as it gives them the liberty of sharing their sentiments and emotions with those they love. Check out the fantastic features that will make this excellent app a tremendous addition to your communication forums.

Blue Whatsapp Plus APK

When WhatsApp was launched many years ago, it transformed the chatting scene for everyone. Moreover, it was a free app that could connect people from everywhere. WhatsApp Plus APK is a modern and fantastic version that has a lot more than the conventional app.

Uses Of WhatsApp Plus APK

WhatsApp Plus download is useful for all those who want to connect with their friends in different parts of the world but do not want to spend a hefty amount on calls and the transfer of data files. Whenever you want to communicate with anyone, Blue WhatsApp provides a free and safe forum where you can send photos, videos, and voice notes more like Instagram MOD APK. Whenever you feel like calling or video chatting, this app comes in handy.

Blue Whatsapp

People from all walks of life can find this app helpful. This communication forum is suitable for businesses as well as ensures instant delivery of messages. Moreover, you can get highly efficient at work with this app as it is a phone app that can be used at all times. If you have business matters to discuss and time is of the essence, it is better to send a WhatsApp message rather than an email.

Features Of Whatsapp Plus Download

WhatsApp Blue download can get you a lot of features that are enjoyable and make this app a convenient tool to improve communication. Here are the features that make this app an excellent one for all users.

1. Colors, Fonts, And More

When you have an app that allows you to connect with loved ones, you would like to customize it and add more to it so that you feel good looking at the screen. Blue WhatsApp Plus is going to give you the liberty to change colors, fonts, and even the size of the text. Now the interface and wallpaper are going to be as you like them!

Blue Plus

2. Sending Larger Files

Did you ever have to break up a video into two or more parts to send it? With Blue WhatsApp, you can send larger photos and files without breaking them down for easy upload.

3. Download Original Quality

Repeated forwards and sharing of a file reduce its quality. Blue WhatsApp Plus does not degrade the video and picture quality no matter how many times it is forwarded and shared. The pictures you send to friends can be enjoyed by them with the same enthusiasm every time! The video’s original quality and photographs will ensure that your sharing with friends and family remains an entertaining feature of the app.

Whatsapp Plus

4. Hide Profile Picture

Every person who has your WhatsApp number is not a friend, and you wish to share some information or status with your dear ones without letting strangers know. Blue WhatsApp will give you the option of blocking your photo for anyone who doesn’t know you. This feature is fantastic as it gives you the freedom to keep your information available to only the ones you choose.

5. Wallpapers From GB Plus

GB WhatsApp Plus is fantastic at features that make it an engrossing app. When you are chatting or calling friends, the wallpaper on the screen can be downloaded from GB Plus. Moreover, you can get more stickers and interesting emojis to spice up the conversation. The tailor-made chat screen is a unique feature, and the wallpapers add more value to each screen page.

Plus Whatsapp

6. Locking In WhatsApp Blue Download

Blue WhatsApp Plus is not for trespassers, and while all the messages are private, now you can lock it to keep away any intrusion. This lock feature gives users the satisfaction that everything that they talk about with friends is a secret from anyone they like!


Blue Whatsapp download’s new version is an excellent way to communicate with people all over the world. You must try this app and we know that you will never go back to the conventional ways. Furthermore, the features of this version are so many and so unique that you will want to only settle for this one! The free app and the numerous features are a great deal, and there are millions of downloads so far. Hop on within minutes with the easy download here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Blue Whatsapp available for android?

This app is available on all android phones, and you can use all its features! The cool wallpapers and customizations will make all users get used to it fast.

Do I have to register for this app separately?

If you are thinking that you will have to start a new account when you download this app, that is not so. All your existing chats and contacts will be uploaded on the new app, and you can continue the conversations with more emojis, better photos, and a lot more!

Can I give all my friends a different screen?

Every window of your Blue WhatsApp can be tailored according to your relationships and preferences. For example, if you want to keep a blue background for your swim team group, it can be that way while a close friend of yours can have different wallpaper in the chat! These customizations make this version of the app special.

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