Board Kings MOD APK 4.31.0 – (No Ads/Unlimited Rolls) 2023

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Full Name Board Kings MOD APK
Publisher Jelly Button Games
Genre Casual
Size 137 MB
Latest Version 4.31.0
Mod Features Unlimited Rolls + Coins + Gems
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If you are a game lover, then you will definitely be aware of board games. Here, we will also introduce you to the best Board game, named Board Kings MOD APK. If you want an unlimited source of entertainment, then go and download this amazing game. Life has changed forever since the pandemic and the return to fun games, and indoor entertainment has made space for some online fun to include friends and family. Board Kings is the best package of continuous fun and happiness. This game never lets you get bored or miss something.

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Jelly Button Games presents the best board game for you. You just have to maintain your board by developing it with unique things and making it a safe place. You are the king of the boards, and it’s your responsibility to upgrade your boards. It is a game that you can play with your family members easily. You can add your family friends to show them who the real king is.

This game, Board Kings MOD APK, is a unique game with lots of surprises and bonuses just like Snake Rivals MOD APK. That’s the best board game as compared to the other board games available in the market. This is a multiplayer online game by which you can invite your friends and family members to play with you.

You can sneak things from other players, or you can buy them yourself, but the motive is to decorate the board and keep it classy. But, you have to do some safety measures to save your boards from others because there are thieves present everywhere in the game. And for security, you can hire cops to overview your boards.

Board Kings


If you are new to the game, let’s start it from the top. The board is your space and you have to protect it, keep it looking good, and improve it. When you begin the game, a dice will appear on the screen and as you roll it, your next move will be according to your dice score. If you are constructing new things, the dice score will determine how much you can create. The dice score also determines your money, gems, and coins win in the game.

You have to take an active role in the virtual world where the board matters the most. Building new things, adorning the board with bigger successes, and then keeping it safe from the other players posing as enemies-all this makes the game most interesting and worth a few hours of the day.

Since the pandemic, there has been an increase in downloads of video games. Board Kings has a vast fan-following as it has easy controls, and simple functions but the result is a decorated and well-planned board. By downloading the hacked version of Board Kings Mod APK, you can enjoy unlimited bonuses same as Angry Birds Star Wars 2 MOD APK. However, there are some precautions that will keep you safe and you will be able to work on the board without any distractions from the enemies.

Board Kings APK

1. All About The Build-Up Of The Board

By now you know what the goal of the game is, but you also have to know how you will get there. Some bigger achievements require smaller things to be taken care of. You are playing as the king of the game, so make sure you create a strong game by taking some small steps. By using the coins and rolling the dice, you will get a chance to win many things, which you can use to build up the desired structure.

2. Safety Measurements

We mentioned earlier that you can take other players’ things to decorate your board, but one thing you must know is that as soon as you do that, your board becomes vulnerable to attack because of lesser security. All the players are working on improving their boards. Better constructions, amenities, and even board security by cops are all possible if you have the right strategy.

You have to save your board while the other players try and rob you of the hard work and effort you put into creating this board. You are the Board King here, so use your safety tools and ensure a truly winning situation. The protection of your board is only your responsibility, so do some solid security measures and beat the enemy.

3. Upgradation

After building up, now the players have to upgrade their board with new things. You can steal other expensive things to make your board look amazing. Make buildings and add multiple items so that your board looks special. By upgrading, you have a chance to win many surprises.

Board Kings MOD


The mod versions of any game make it more interesting and enticing for all players. Here are some of the features that are only available for mod version players and soon you will be boasting about them with your friends.

1. Unlimited Coins, Gems, And Diamonds

Players enjoy the dice game and as they are the main planners of the way the game unfolds, wouldn’t it be exciting if they had the money to do everything that it takes to win? With the mod version, you get to enjoy a free gift of unlimited money and this enables you to do a lot in the game. You can buy moves, make the changes you like and even involve in some high-degree fun.

In Board King, the player can earn gold coins, diamonds, and gems by completing multiple tasks. These tasks include competition with others, building up the board, looting others’ boards, and many more. With the help of these coins and, gems you can purchase things for your board to add some specialty to it. Winning these gems and coins becomes easy when you have been on a winning streak. However, as you progress into the game, the challenges get harder. This game sure knows how to keep players glued to the screen.

2. No Ads

There are no ads. This means that there will be no interruptions either. Many original versions are interrupted smack in the center with an irritating ad, or a promotional video of another game and you forget what you were doing earlier. With Board Kings Mod, you will not have to divert to a useless advertisement at any time.

3. Customizations

There are so many things that you can change in the Board Kings and each of these changes will ensure that you focus on the game, without feeling it is a duty. When you like the way something looks, you tend to play it in a better mood and the results are victories only.

Board Kings free download

4. The Cheats Make It Fun

Board Kings cheat APK allows you shortcuts and better techniques. Be sure to know these cheats and get the winning edge over your enemies. The board construction, decoration, and even the loot from other enemies will become easier and less costly when you apply the cheats available. Board Kings promises you entertainment, but not at the cost of losing all your money and gems earned through hard play.

5. Board Kings Hack Unlimited Rolls

Board Kinds’ unlimited roles make it easier for players to carry out different jobs, and make their board more attractive. Of course, this attractive board will attract more looters, and they have to be kept at bay, which again requires a new role. This game is a lot of fun because of this feature and you will keep playing to enjoy the various kinds of parts you can play in the game.


Every phone game has a few features that set it apart from other games. Just like the 2048 Cube Winner MOD APK, Board Kings is an excellent choice for all those who cannot go outdoors, but also want to while their time with fun. Here are some of the exceptional features of this game that make it so special. By the end of the list, you will be looking for a quick download.

1. Multiplayer Game

Multiplayer games add more fun to the gameplay as you connect with players from all over the world. Whenever you log on, you can see the people already playing, and you can select the place where you want to begin. The other players can see your progress just as you see theirs’ and from there, the board attacks and loots begin.

If you play Board Kings regularly, you will notice an improvement in understanding people, and strategizing your gameplay to combat all the other players. Enjoy this game, and learn more about team spirit, sportsmanship, and better planning.

2. Play With Friends

Board King hack APK is not a regular board game that needs four or five people to engage at the same time and begin the game with a common motive. This game is exciting because you can play with friends, who are also in their homes, but the board is one place you all can virtually meet up.

Board Kings gives you a chance to play with friends and family members. With this feature, you can feel relaxed while playing the game. You can talk with them during the game freely.

Board Kings game

3. Multiple Surprise

When you start playing the modded version of Board King, multiple surprises are available for you. A little bit of planning and strategy will give you bigger results than in any other version of the game. Here, you get more coins, gems, diamonds, and even the things that you require to make your board cooler and more attractive. Some players might have said that Board Kings is hard and you win a small amount after a lot of hard work.

This version of the game is not as hard, and there are so many surprises that will make it a worthwhile game for you and your friends. One thing you must beware of is that it can be addictive too. So enjoy the surprises but don’t say we didn’t warn you about getting hooked for long.

4. Amazing Graphics

Graphics and sound make any board game more interesting. If you are creating boards and decorating them, and the picture seems to be blurred, or pixelated, or if there is no continuity in the scenes, you will love interest. But, that is not the case with Board Kings as it has smooth graphics and exciting sound effects, and background music. Of the board games that you overview, approximately, Board King is the best among these. Its outstanding graphics inspire the players very much.

5. Collection Of Stickers

There is a Bunny’s Album in the game, which comes with new stories. You have to complete the Bunny’s Album by collecting the stickers. After the completion of the album, you win many surprises or bonuses in the game. This feature of the game is also loveable because it provides you with more entertainment the double the fun.

Board Kings download mod apk


Board Kings is a popular game, and it is our favorite because it takes us back to our childhood days. Everyone loves board games, and this one gives players a chance to play their favorite childhood game with their friends anywhere in the world. We felt as if the days have returned when we could sit and play board games with friends. Try it out because it will take you to a carefree time.

Apart from the emotional link with board games, players can enjoy so many Mod features in this version. If you download the game from this page, it will only take a few minutes and you will get hooked for a long time. Read our review about Candy Crush MOD APK as well.


How to make the Board King download easier to play?

By downloading the cracked or hacked version of Board King, you can enjoy the winning feeling in the game. There are bonus rewards, easier wins, and the freedom of playing different roles, with a higher number of dice rolls.

How to get rolls on Board King Android APK?

Players can get the dice rolls by entering the other player’s board or by using gems.

How does your Bunny become happy?

By giving the proper time to your board and making the required changes in the game, you can make your Bunny happy. This will result in more activity, and as you are successful, more stickers open up for you.

What is the main theme of the game?

With the Board King hack, you will learn how to make your board with specialties.

What is the benefit of Heart of Gold in the game?

With the heart of gold, you will earn something precious which can help you to proceed in the game.

Can you change your name in the Board King game?

Changing the name is not the biggest concern as you can keep changing roles, and the game focus remains on the boards. You cannot change your name in the game. So, try to choose it wisely on your first turn.


Board Kings MOD APK is an inspiring game. It is a game for fun and enjoyment. If you feel silly in life and want to do something incredible, go and get the game. This is a social game, which you can play with a naughty mindset. Download this game today and enjoy some decoration and creation that will invigorate the soul and keep you busy for hours. The dice are the main game determinant and Board King’s freerolls hack gives you the opportunity to speed up the play, and enjoy it even more. This game is loaded with extra features and will be the best companion for your idol hours.

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