Boxing Star MOD APK 4.2.1 – (One Hit Kill With High Damage Punch) 2023

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Full Name Boxing Star MOD APK
Publisher FourThirtyThree Inc.
Genre Sports
Size 467 MB
Latest Version 4.2.1
Mod Features Unlimited Money
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Are you searching for a game that gives you an adrenaline rush and excites your senses? Then Boxing Star MOD APK is precisely made for you. If you are new to this game, you will like the easy and understandable structure and gameplay by FourThirtyThree developers. This game provides action and entertainment simultaneously, which is full of charm for the players.

You can play this game as a single player against anybody else from any corner of the world just like 8 Ball Pool MOD APK. In the beginning, you have to learn different boxing techniques such as uppercut punches, smashing jabs, etc. It will polish the boxing skills that will help you in further complex levels.

Boxing Star is an outstanding game with premium characteristics such as story-mode fights, PVP Combat, incredible leagues, remarkable touch mode, and many more. As you move to the next level, you will observe that the hardness of the game increases from level to level. So, prepare yourself as much as possible to get bonuses and gold coins because you have to compete with great boxers in upcoming levels. This game has been played worldwide since 2018, and you have a chance to compete with people from different countries and have different mind setups.

Boxing Star


Some games depict the story of real life; Boxing Star is one of these games. If you want to become a boxer then the virtual world of this game fulfills your desire and gives you aesthetic pleasure. The best part of this game is its Fighting Club, where you can invite friends and fight with them to show your skills same as WCC3 MOD APK.

In this game, you will find multiple rewards, unlimited money in the form of gold coins, and lots of fun. There is a story mode, and a practice mode is available in the game. In story mode, you can fight a beetle with any other opponent from all over the world to show your boxing skills and prove yourself as a boxing star. In practice mode, you can practice in the ring with any solid competitor to polish your skills.

Undoubtedly, it will provide you with the best gaming experience ever. The game begins with you joining the club, and the game gets tougher with each round as your opponents improve, and you have to fight a higher-ranked boxer in each new game! Don’t worry, as the game progresses, your skill will be better and you will be ready for every boxing match! The bell rings and each round becomes more intense than the previous one.


The story of this game begins with a club that you enter. Yes, the initial rounds can be confusing but once you get past this stage, the rest is boxing matches that you play against various opponents.

As the game advances you become more powerful and so does the opponent. However, the game is to improve your skill and beat everyone that dares to compete with you! Boxing Star is a boxing game that has the ultimate goal of making you the king of the ring. So play with focus and win it big. Every reward you win will get you more options such as customization, tools, tips, tricks, and hacks to get ahead of all others.


Due to its unique features, the Boxing Star MOD APK becomes the most downloaded single-person sports game globally. These features are briefly explained in the below paragraphs to remove all the questions produced in your mind regarding this game. Let’s have a look at these exciting features.

1. The Title Of Boxing Star Champion

The title of “Real Steel Boxing Champion” is lovely. Although this title is not easy to earn, you have multiple rewards that make you unbeatable and polish your skills from a newbie to a professional boxer once you earn this. As we know that to achieve something big, there is an endless effort behind it. But this game indeed gives you a passion for doing something special.

On your way to becoming the Boxing Star, you will have to develop your game into an unbeatable boxer who never gives in to your opponents. Whenever the round begins, players are expected to match the speed and strength of the opponent. Every level in this game is building you towards becoming the star.

Boxing Star MOD

2. Flexibility In Movements And Gestures

This game brings a real feel to you when you can use different boxing techniques like hook, dodge, jab, uppercut and balancing your body, and many more. You can easily use these fighting gestures because they are under your fingers with one touch. You only have to tap where you want to punch, and it happens on its own.

The flexible movement modes and versatility in controls make this game the reason for unlimited fun. And then comes the Megapunch! The Megapunch is a special feature of this modified version as it is the game-breaker point that can make you the winner. In real life, you might not get a chance to use one move to finish the enemy, but this game allows you this bail, but be careful! Many players use the Megapunch too soon in the game and keep wishing they had kept it for the bigger fight. Only use the Megapunch when you have to win the level and proceed within a limited time.

3. Training Mode

This game’s training mode also plays a vital role in bringing out the best boxer in you. Due to this mode, you can train yourself to fight at the upper level with the strongest players to win the boxing rewards. This mode also helps you learn what is used or not used during the match. Whenever you have more extra time, try to utilize this mode and train hard. Once the match begins, you will need the training for combat and a quick win. The sooner your opponent goes down, the more unlimited rewards are available.

4. About Display And View Of The Game

When the game starts, there are three types of characters available for you. You have to select one of them which represents you in the game. At the very start, there are simple clothes and gloves for use. After each victory, you will be awarded different clothes too. Later on, you can customize your character according to your wish.

The view, when you start the game, is quite complex for a newcomer. The table of contents is hard to understand initially, but it will become easy for you regularly play this game. This is where the training mode will pay off. The initial stages are not difficult in strategy, but players might need time to understand the display and get used to the brilliant graphics.

5. High-End Graphics

Graphics play an essential role in the popularity of any game. If the graphics are amazing, then the gamer must enjoy the game. The graphics of Boxing Star is excellent, which present a 3D view that attracts the player. The pictures and the environment is obvious, which depicts the excellent quality of graphics. Due to well-end graphics, the animation of characters looks like the real ones. And players of this game adore the graphics.

FourThirtyThree created the expressions and body structure of characters in a very concise and detailed manner. Apart from the visuals, the sound effects are also quite fierce. Boxers can hear their opponent stop to catch a breath, or hear their wincing when a blow hurt them. These sound effects are like small clues to plan the next blow!

6. One Hit Kill

There is an option while playing the game by which a player can kill his opponent with one hit. In the language of boxing, the term ‘knockout’ is used for this move. One can get many rewards by knocking out an opponent. For using this move, you don’t need to set up a particular setting. This feature is activated on its own when anybody plays this game. The One-Hit is different from the Megapunch as it can be earned after reaching a certain level. However, both these features make the game more exciting and ensure that you will make it to the next level.

7. Multiple Missions

Boxing Star also engages its players by presenting different yet exciting daily, weekly, or monthly missions. Of Course, by participating in these types of missions and winning these, you will be awarded gold coins and many other things that will strengthen your character. These missions can be against boxing opponents or situations in which you have to fight the enemy in a boxing match to get to your goal, which can be as simple as entering the club, or fighting for the spot of the king of the ring!

8. Wonderful Shopping Experience

In boxing star cheat APK, you can shop for your player. This shopping is held by coins or rewards given to you on winning or killing your opponent. And for sure, shopping is always an attractive thing for a person. You can customize the boxer, and add more muscle power, and skill to the character. Moreover, you can ensure that you fight the enemy with all the amazing features available to you. Bigger gloves, better shoes, and even accessories give the character a cool look. The opponent’s look can also be changed if you have enough rewards left after completing your character’s style.

9. Boxing Star MOD APK Unlimited Money

While playing this game, you will be awarded unlimited money. You can use this money to spend in the shop. All kinds of boxing gear are available there! Modern boxing kits, wonderful gloves, and many more items can be bought with this money. You can buy a Pro-Max protector, challenger Mouthguard, and other things like that. These all help you to strengthen your skills. Unlimited money attracts many players to this game.

10. The Unlimited Gold

Boxing Star unlimited gold is the feature many new players get attracted to the most! When you want to improve your skills and become the champion, this hard-earned gold will make it possible for you! Whenever players earn rewards, it is natural to wonder what they can do with them. Boxing Star makes it big and gains strength against the opponent with this unlimited power that comes in the form of gold!


If you want to get this amazing game, you have to follow these steps;

  1. Firstly, download the game by clicking the link given below.
  2. Secondly, go to your mobile setting, then security, and enable the Unknown Resources or third-party resources never to feel any difficulty installing the game.
  3. Thirdly, when the download is complete, then press the install option. Please carefully read the instructions before clicking the install button. By this, you will easily get the Boxing Star MOD or hack APK.
  4. After the completion of the installation process, you can enjoy the game.


How can I share the game with my friends or play with them?

You can surely play this game with your friends, but first, you will have to add your friend to your account. This is an easy step, all you have to do is go to the multiplayer mode, search for your friend’s name, and click on the fight now button for playing. It is effortless to play with your friends.

Are the MOD APKs safe to play?

Yes, these are safe for your mobile phones. Many players ask this question because of the unreliable games and various viruses that make their way into the phone. Nowadays, some games work as data-sharing apps as well. However, Boxing Star is a safe and entertaining game.

What’s the top feature that attracts the player to Boxing Star MOD APK?

Many features attract the player to play this game, and we mentioned them in our article above. Some top features are mentioned there too;

  • Unlimited Money
  • Free shopping
  • Customize your character
  • Give the real feeling of a boxing star
  • Multiple missions

One of the main features that attract players is the ability to end a match with a single blow and ensure victory. The Megapunch and the One-hit Kill are rewards that make each round worth the punches and blows!

Can we play this game for free?

This game is free for playing and to get power for your character and improve your strength, you have to buy the premium packages in the later stages.

Is the Internet necessary for this game or not?

Yes, this is an online game. You can also play it offline, but the internet is necessary to get all the feel of a boxing star to get proper enjoyment and all the feel of a boxing star.


Boxing Star Mod APK is an excellent game with the best graphics and sound. It is designed to make your dream of becoming a boxing champion a virtual reality. With additional features and excellent gameplay, the story of this game will mesmerize you. Download it now to add some fun to your routine. This game is for you if you are a sportsperson and like sports very much.

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