Bubble Shooter MOD APK 15.1.6 – (Unlimited Money) 2022

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Full Name Bubble Shooter MOD APK
Publisher Bubble Shooter
Genre Puzzle
Size 32 MB
Latest Version 15.1.6
Mod Features Unlimited Everything
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There are a few games that remind us of our childhood days and that is why they are not only comforting but also have a great theme that helps us take a break from our daily routine. The Bubble Shooter MOD APK has numerous new features that make this childhood game fun, and even more exciting than before.

With time, there are so many new video games that have better color, or a theme that was not even thought of, when we were young. However, the older games still have a lot of attraction for all players. The reason for that is that they fulfill the purpose of playing a game, and that is pure pleasure without any pressure of losing.

What Is The Story?

Just like Candy Crush MOD APK, the story or the way this game is played is simple. All you have to do is shoot the bubbles of various colors if they are in clusters. The aim is to shoot a group of bubbles of the same color, and the goal of the game is to shoot all the bubbles with a limited number of moves. If you are able to shoot very large clusters, the bonus will be enormous!

Bubble Shooter MOD

Similarly, if there are any isolated colored bubbles, you will lose the game. For example, if there is one green bubble, surrounded by two or three reds, and some blue bubbles there will be no other green bubble for you to shoot. A lonely bubble cannot be shot and that means you cannot complete the whole board.

As you advance in the games, you will be able to grow your bonus. Also, the strength of shooting improves. The boards are sometimes more accessible and the higher levels have other challenges incorporated such as shrinking bubbles or a hindrance that has to be removed. Moreover, some stars and bonus points can be hidden in the bubbles. If you can shoot them, you get the reward!

The Gameplay Of Bubble Shooter APK

The gameplay of Bubble Shooter is so simple that it is only a click on the screen as you aim the shooter at the bubbles and then click it once same as Board Kings MOD APK. There are no long lists of control navigation, and even the layout of the menu is simple. There are many rewards that you will get every 24 hours and when you log on to Bubble Shooter APK. These rewards and bonuses help you advance in the game and make more money which will come in handy. Another interesting thing is that this game has thousands of levels and you will have plenty of unfinished levels to continue the game for a long time!

Features Of Bubble Shooter MOD APK

This game is special for various reasons. While it is more convenient because it is available on an android phone instead of a console, here are some features that make this game worth a lot more!

1. No Ads

Don’t you hate it when you are fully engrossed in the game and an ad begins to play? This modded version of the game does not have any ads so you will not be disturbed and if you are planning the shots to see where the similar color balls are accumulating, your attention will not be diverted. Similarly, when you are winning, or if you have a few seconds left, an ad will not make you lose the round.

2. More Vibrant Graphics

The game that we used to play on the console did not have such bright colors and such exciting sound effects, however, this version is more vibrant and full of life which makes it easier for players to love! Those of you who have not played the game on console as a kid will find the graphics comparable with any other quality android game available nowadays.

Bubble Shooter APK

3. Bubble Quest

The bubble quest includes winning coins after each level and making the right use of these coins to improve your chances of shooting more bubbles in one go. These coins can help you get multiple advantages such as new shooters, more bubbles, and superpowers such as fireball and super swap that allow you to move bubbles without losing moves.

4. Unlocked Levels

Download Bubble Shooter to enjoy the unlocked levels from the beginning of the game. Players do not have to win a level to be able to see how many are left. Moreover, the bonuses between levels are another motivation that will keep you going!

Download MOD APK

How To Download Bubble Shooter MOD APK?

Downloading this game is easy and the best part is that it does not occupy too much space and is compatible with almost all android phone sets.

  • Remove any older version of the game from your phone.
  • Click on Download Here.
  • Let the game install.
  • You can create space on your phone easily, however, allow the game to make changes.
  • Create an icon, and make your profile.
  • The game is ready to play!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this game a multiplayer game?

No, Bubble Shooter mod apk is not a multiplayer game in fact it is a solo game but the fun is no less! You can enjoy this game with exciting rounds and challenging ones that have extra rewards.

Is this game free?

Yes! Bubble Shooter APK is a free game as you will not have to pay at the time of downloading and you will not even need to make any in-game purchases. All the superpowers you need can be bought with the money you make.


Bubble Shooter Mod APK is a great game as it is simple, and has more features than the previous versions. This game will keep you engrossed as it is a shooting game with big rewards and unlimited money and rounds. You can keep playing this game and win more to add extra time or buy superpowers.

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