Call Of Duty Mobile MOD APK 1.0.35 – (Auto Reloading & Unlimited Loadouts) 2023

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Full Name Call of Duty Mobile MOD APK
Publisher Activision Publishing, Inc.
Genre Action
Size 81 MB
Latest Version 1.0.35
Mod Features Unlimited Money & AimBot
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Call Of Duty Mobile MOD APK is one of the most engaging and addictive first-person shooting games of the decade. The game has successfully made many fans over the years, with its several co-op and multiplayer abilities. It falls into the category of warfare and combat games that have molded its place in the hearts of many gamers.

With high-rated console series from Finest Hours to Modern Warfare, it transformed from rattling against Germans to realistic aspects of war. Now, in mobile gaming, it has proven itself to be the best in the entire category. It includes many modes, maps, and characters, optimized with the original franchise adding improved portability. In this blog, we’ll be discussing the call of duty mobile hack apk and its features. Also, play Kill Shot Bravo MOD APK.


Who doesn’t love Call of Duty? It hits all the nostalgic spots taking us all back to childhood. It stands at the second position in the action shooting category having a realistic and competitive approach with over 10 million downloads. With monstrous zombies and threatening sniper attacks, it makes every beginner addicted after playing just one time.

Call Of Duty Mobile APK

You get to battle with many different online and offline players making it a milestone of the ultimate gaming experience. With multiple gaming modes, you get to work hard to climb your ranking. The game has almost 100 new characters to play with and many transformations updating every once in a while. Some of these updates include different challenges, quests, vitalizing modes, events, and much more. Moreover, the call of duty mobile cheat apk boasts some transitioning controls, with improved graphics and sound effects.


Every one of the games from the Call of Duty franchise is famous for its dramatic campaign mode that contains a thrilling storyline. This mode has recently been added to the mobile platform. However, it has got extreme hype due to the unparalleled gaming scenarios of the mode.

Moreover, the game also has a detailed storyline submerging the comics with multiple universes and combining realistic characteristics and elements. You can see the characters reflecting and referencing the console game highlighting major plot details. The story revolves around the main duo Edouard and Ghost retreating to several missions. This time, they are up to fight mafia bosses in Alaska.


Call of duty apk has many exclusive gaming modes known as a profound aspect of this game. The basic engaging point is you get to play with different modes and many players within the franchise. The developers ensured that all of the popular games of this series are embedded into the game, making it super interesting.

Call Of Duty Mobile

1. Zombies

You may be confused as to whether or not the apk version has zombies. The game offers a realistic and creepy zombie mode. Although you won’t be fighting against those classic villains of console games yet some monstrous blood-sucking zombies would be in action. Moreover, you will be equipped with many weapons that work best against zombies. Once you aim these modern weapons at your brainless enemies, they’ll be shredded into pieces right away.

2. Battle Royale

Most fps games have introduced battle royale mode long before Call of Duty. The mobile version has recently added this mode to the game, making it fun for all. Around 100 players can sign up for this battle royale at a time. You can glide to any location within the map, load yourself with ammunition and fight to be the last man standing. Moreover, the battle royale mode in CoD is tested to be far better than Critical Ops MOD APK or Fortnite.

3. Team Deathmatch

Call of Duty would be incomplete with its legendary multiplayer mode. It is a 10-player match where two teams are set up in a fight within a limited time slot. The mode also includes exploration of different maps and many quests including flag capturing, gaining maximum loot, and more.

4. Sniper Vs Sniper

The most interesting highlight of the CoD mobile is the Sniper mode. You have to be stealthy to outplay your rivals and hide every move to avoid getting caught. This mode can refer to a slow one which can be encouraged by people used to sniper combat.

Call Of Duty Mobile MOD


1. Unlocked All Characters

When you have the mod version of Call of duty, you can find all characters unlocked without putting too much effort into achieving a specific target to get a character to unlock.

2. Auto Reloadings

Auto reloading is the best feature of a fighting game, which means while fighting you do not worry about your guns because this mod provides an auto-reloading feature that helps your weapons to reload on their own.

3. Anti-Ban

This app comes with an anti-ban feature, so you can play this fighting game without having the tension of losing your account or anyone can ban this account. Because it has anti-ban properties.

4. No Ads Or Additional Charges

Many people are die-hard fans of the console application but the only hindrance between them & the game is the price. Unlike other mobile games, Call of Duty mobile doesn’t ask for any additional charges to upgrade. Moreover, you don’t have to bear with advertisements in between the game. Now, you can experience the classic fps on the go.

5. Unlocked Unlimited Loadouts

The weaponry and ammunition are an integral aspect of the call of duty and in this version, every bit of it is unlocked. You get to play hundreds of classic characters with several promising weapons. Moreover, you can customize your player with different outfits and gear pieces. It also gives you the freedom of bringing these items along with you in every mode available to play.

6. Unlimited Money

The COD mod version also gives unlimited money that you can use for buying game-related accessories i.e guns, bullets and suits, etc. it will make the game more entertaining than ever.


Although there is a massive list of incredible features offered by the Call of Duty MOD apk. Yet the prominence here is that it unlocks features that take years to unlock in the original version. These are some prominent features:

1. Classic Modes & Maps

The mobile version is loaded with many battle royale maps that have many classic locations just like Bullet Force MOD APK. These locations are the gems back in the console days without paying any charges. Moreover, you can fight against 100 people in survival mode from all over the globe. You get to experience the true essence of warfare with CoD. Along with the survival mode, there are several modes including Hardpoint, Search & Destroy, Team Deathmatch, Domination, Free For All, and many more.

2. Competitive & Casual Modes

You can increase your ranking in competitive mode after you get your skills and strategies polished in casual mode. Moreover, the competitive mode lets you play for a rank that results in different prizes if you win. You can play against millions of gamers online to experience the most thrilling fps on the web.


After such a detailed blog, you must have many questions popping into your mind. Some of the most commonly asked questions about Call of Duty Mobile MOD APK are as follows:

Does it contain a call of duty mobile mod apk unlimited money?

Yes, with the apk mod version, it is quite easy to get unlimited money. This version of the game doesn’t have any features or characters locked up. So, you have the freedom to experience it to the fullest.

Is the call of duty mobile mod menu apk download safe?

Yes, it is completely safe to download CoD from this website. As our provided version has been tested and certified with every new update and feature. It won’t harm any firmware of your device and would run smoothly on your Android device.

Can you play in multiplayer mode in the call of duty MOD apk?

Of course, Call of Duty is known for its epic multiplayer and co-op modes, especially in this modded version. In multiplayer mode, you can interact with up to two different teams with five players each. Moreover, the cracked version is loaded with extra features that the original lacks.

What are some prominent features of the Call of Duty MOD apk?

These best features aren’t only useful but also add an element of fun and surprise. You don’t have to recoil while repetitive shooting, due to the extra-wide zoom you can see better and it’s easy to aim. Moreover, the most helpful element here is the fast healing process that lets you revoke once your partner taps on you.


Call of Duty MOD apk is considered to be the best not only because of its unlimited features. But it’s famous for its challenging modes, ravishing characters, exciting maps, and addictive storyline. Moreover, the game has crafted an engaging approach with the quests and sequences it holds. If you’re looking for an intriguing first-person shooter with portability then Call of duty could be the ideal choice. Moreover, you can check out Sniper 3D MOD APK.

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