Candy Crush MOD APK – (Free Lives & Gems) 2023

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Full Name Candy Crush MOD APK
Publisher King
Genre Casual
Size 82 MB
Latest Version
Mod Features Unlimited Everything
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If you’re searching for a game that is equally popular among every age of people, then your search should end there because we introduce Candy Crush MOD APK by King with you guys. You can easily download the game from the given link to fill your life with extra fun and limitless joy. The combination of bright colors in Candy Crush makes this game attractive for players. When you start playing this game, for sure, you can’t get rid of its thirst.


At the start, this game introduces as a Facebook game, which means you can only play it on Facebook. But due to its popularity among the people, the producer of Candy Crush convert it into a separate application for Android, iOS, and PC users in the form of Candy Crush Saga. It breaks all the records of popularity.

With millions of downloads, this game made different records of popularity not in one region but all over the world. Candy Crush Saga MOD APK comes with varying arrangements of levels. Every level is different from the other. You will find this game versatile while playing continuously.

Candy Crush


That’s an easy game to play much like the 2048 Cube Winner MOD APK. You have to match three or more of 3 same jellies or candies to get the completion of your task. You have to complete the given task in the given moves to go to the next level. Every level is different from the other one. The game’s complexity increases with the increase in levels. This is the best game that engages a player with the game in a very significant manner.


This game is special for so many players and we know that, but guess what the mod version has to offer! Here are some exclusive features of this game that you only get to enjoy here!

1. Unlimited Lives

It can be infuriating when you have to wait for a few hours until you get enough lives to play! In the mod version, there are endless lives which means that you can keep shuffling candies till you want! The usual gameplay of five lives is now an old story!

2. No Time Is Needed Between Levels

When you finish one place in the game, for example, if there is a level called Milky meadows, and you finish that to go on to the next level, the regular game asks you to wait for a few hours. In the mod version, there are no waiting periods!

3. Unlimited Everything

You get so many rewards, and bonus tools to use in the game. The chocolate bombs and even the wrapped candies will be more in each round. The candy donut and the board-smashing candies are all in abundance and you can use them all in each round!

4. Unlock All the Episodes

In the Candy Crush game, you will never proceed to the next level if you can’t finish the previous task, but you can find all levels unlocked in this modded version. You can play any class at any time.


When you start playing the game, you will come to know the fantastic features of Candy Crush MOD APK. This game will provide you with a combination of delightful colors and splendid features. Candy Crush is a game with multiple features which excite the players to play more. We describe every single feature of Candy Crush hack APK descriptively by using an effortless combination of words. I hope so; you will find it useful for yourself.

1. The Eye-Catching View Of The Game

When you start the game, the first thing which urges you to stay is its eye-catching view. There is a map of different colors, and playing with candies of multiple colors will give you an incredible feel same as Angry Birds Star Wars 2 MOD APK.

2. Save My Progress

When you open the game, you’ll find an option of “Save My Progress.” If you have to do something meaningful and remember your level, you could use this feature. When you come back to the game, you will find it from the level you left; otherwise, you have to play from the start. For saving your progress, you have to log in with your Facebook account. So, that your name and your progress remain safe in the game, and you will find no issue in continuing the game from where you left off.

3. Daily Treat Machine

It is another incredible feature of the Candy Crush Saga cheat APK. By this, you can get treated daily. This machine has many gifts for you guys, and on the spin, the treat will deliver to you in the form of multiple surprises. By tapping the claim button, you’ll receive this gift. With daily treats, you can collect many things that help you clear the level without any hindrance.

Candy Crush MOD

4. Descriptive Map

On the game’s home screen, you will find a map that will guide you about your progress. The design of the map is impressive and full of multiple colors. Due to the map, the player can go on the right way to move forward. You will find the map in the form of a path that leads you toward the next level. Your rank number lives, gold bars every detail you will receive through the map.

5. Episode Race

The episode race will give you gold bars for winning it. The race contains some specific levels, and the player’s target is to clear the levels before everyone. Players who belong to any country can participate in this race without any problem. If you finish the race first, you will receive full gold bars, and if you lie in the 2nd position, you will get fewer gold bars, and in the 3rd position, you’ll receive the minimum amount of gold bars which is 8.

The episode race promotes the player to play continuously to finish the race first. With this type of feature, you can interact with different people from other corners of the world.

6. Weekly Contest

A weekly Contest is also presented to the players in the Candy Crush Saga MOD APK. You can take part in this contest. This contest is basically among you and your Facebook friends. The logo of this Weekly Contest is “Pass as many levels as you can.” At the end of the week, the first three positions get many rewards, including unlimited lives, wrapped candies, striped candies, and many other valuable things.

7. Booster Wheel

It’s a wheel-shaped circle that shows to you on the mobile. As a player of Candy Crush Latest MOD APK, you have to spin the wheel and get a surprise reward just like Snake Rivals MOD APK. It may be one thing, or maybe everything comes to you as a surprise. It’s only up to your luck. This booster feature can boost your energy to get back in the game with new zest.

8. Send And Recieve Help

Sometimes, you want to play the game, but you have no lives to play and enjoy. Then Candy Crush Saga modded APK will introduce a feature that can help you in this worst situation. You can send a request to your friend and ask them for some help and receive help in the form of life. In our perception, that’s the best part of this game to enjoy an uninterrupted game.

9. Hints

While playing the game, you will receive a hint showing where the three or four candies are present to smash by matching them. You will enjoy the hint, or sometimes you will face difficulty in completing the level.

10. Sound

Candy Crush MOD APK unlimited everything comes with the best sound effects. The sound in this game will bring enthusiasm to you that engages you with the game.

11. Graphics

The graphics of this game are also awe-inspiring. Everything in this game is clear and bright, which gives a breathtaking feeling to you. You will love to play the game with such splendid graphics.


Is Candy Crush an online game?

It is an offline game; to play this game, you do not need WiFI or any type of data connection to play this game.

Does this game need any roots for playing it?

No, there is no root needed to play this game.

How to download and install the Candy Crush Saga MOD APK?

You can press the download button given above and then install the game and enjoy it.

Is this game free?

Yes, almost this game is free. No money is needed at all to play this game.


All in all, Candy Crush MOD APK is a very delightful game. It is the most relaxing game you’ll ever find. Nobody can avoid this game after playing it once. This game also provides a very charming sight to your eyes in the form of beautiful colors. Once you download this game, for sure, you will never uninstall it. Moreover, you can download Board Kings MOD APK.

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