Carrom Pool MOD APK 6.3.0 – (Aim Hack & Always Win) 2023

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Full Name Carrom Pool MOD APK
Publisher Miniclip
Genre Sports
Size 62.4 MB
Latest Version 6.3.0
Mod Features Unlimited Coins & Gems
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Now the game is getting interesting as you close one eye to take a shot! Carrom Pool MOD APK has been an exciting game for many generations! All of you who have played this game in your childhood will find the modified version of Carrom an exciting way to pass time. No blood, no tricks, but just some angular shots are all you need to win it.

Carrom is a simple board game, but with the coming of technology, there are so many things that players and Carrom enthusiasts can add to this target game. Many people compare it to playing billiards online but get to know more about this game to see what you will be enjoying.

Carrom Pool


Usually, phone games have a storyline and a screenplay kind of thing as the challenge begins, but Carrom disc pool Mod APK is about shooting discs in the slot with a striker. Your skill of targeting and ensuring the right angle will make you a star, and your game technique will make you a winner.

The game board is about discs set up in a circle at the center of the board and a striker that is used to target these discs into the corner slots. You can play this online or offline. The game plan is simple, but the fun increases when you get gems and coins as rewards! You can use these rewards to up your game and become a bigger winner for improved timings, more challenging shots, and then more prizes.

The Carrom Pool hack version is a hotpot of rewards and gives you more modes such as practice, disc pool, and Carrom mode. When you feel like you need the exercise, do it, and then plan an enormous comeback. Also, play WCC2 MOD APK.


The game is simple as all you need is to angle the striker with the help of your fingers and then shoot with the intensity bar set to the force you want to apply. The offline mode is for playing alone, as you will be able to play in the pool without any partner.

Carrom Pool Mod APK’s latest version offers an online mode, which allows you to team up with or play against your friends. You can talk to them while you all play, and you can change the views from which the game board is visible! The goal of the game is to pot all your discs, and the Red Queen is the premium puck that needs to be won over before your opponent. You can pot this puck at any time in the game, and it will give you the highest gems and coins in return.

Carrom Pool MOD


The Carrom Pool hack download will give you many features that make the game more exciting. Carrom is reminiscent of our childhood, and if not, even then, it is an excellent board game to have some innocent fun like we enjoy playing Punch Hero MOD APK. This game board has numerous features when you download it on the phone:

1. The Online & Offline Modes

These modes help players practice or enjoy this game even when there is no Internet connection. Many games are only available when you have an Internet connection. That can be a bother at times, and if you are getting bored while there is no Internet, then all else doesn’t matter because you have Carrom Pool available.

2. Unlimited Money

The Carrom Pool Mod APK unlimited coins and gems download will give you the rewards and better playing time! You will enjoy many different features only because of these coins and gems. You can play the other modes with more unlimited fun as you get more time per strike and add players to the pool game to double the fun.

Carrom Pool APK

3. Disc Pool, Freestyle, Or Carrom

The first gameplay of this board game is the pool, which allows you to focus on shooting the discs and potting them all with precision. Carrom Pool is the second gameplay that allows you to choose the challenge money, and as you keep winning more and more, new levels are revealed. Freestyle allows you to play for as much challenge money as you want, and then you become the winner if you pot the discs with the highest challenge money.

4. Make Friends

You can make friends on Carrom and play with friends that are connected to you on Facebook. In case of bad losses, you can ask your friends to help you, and again, the social media connections pay off well!


Is Carrom for all ages?

Carrom Pool Mod APK involves a board with pucks, and you have to pot them all to become the winner. This game is easy, and then there are the everyday challenges with friends, who can join you through social media invites as well! All in all, this game is for everyone.

Will I need to practice this game before playing?

Carrom is all about potting pucks, and you only need to shoot the puck with a striker at the right angle, so you don’t miss the slot. The more you play, the more you will become precise, but you can also practice with the offline mode.

How do I use the gems and coins in the game?

Carrom Pool is an entertaining game, and as you pot a particular puck, you can win coins and gems. These rewards help you create the board in your style and enter challenges that require higher skill. Now you can enjoy the game more and win further to become a champion.


Carrom Pool Mod APK is a game worth downloading as it is simple and entertaining. The game involves a board with pucks and strikers. You can play it offline or online with friends. The unlimited gems and coins in the game are going to add more fun to the way you accumulate more rewards and become more potent with greater striking precision. Carrom Pool is a classic board game, and now you can play it on the phone, while this modified version will give you more to enjoy.

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