Cartoon Wars 3 MOD APK 2.0.9 – (Unlimited Money) 2023

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Full Name Cartoon Wars 3 MOD APK
Publisher Com2uS Holdings Corporation
Genre Strategy
Size 84 MB
Latest Version 2.0.9
Mod Features Unlimited Everything
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We all still secretly hold on to our favorite cartoon characters and Cartoon Wars 3 MOD APK is a good way to enjoy all of them. You can add some spice by choosing various kinds of cartoon characters and then getting them to be opponents. When you play this game, the excitement will keep increasing and you will love the way it progresses.

Cartoons are not only a fantasy, but they can be quite vicious while performing the same things that they do on their show on television. Let’s get to know more about this game and you can add it to your lists of favorites on the phone.


The story of this game unfolds as players select various cartoons in a face-off against each other just like King God Castle MOD APK. This strategy game is not for the light-hearted who think that if it is a cartoon, it has to be fun and laughter. The best kinds of games entice players to use their skill, their sharp thinking, and a plan that will get them ahead. You can say that the cartoons are to make you feel good about it! The two facing towers summon the armies and play against each other with the mission of wiping out the enemy.

Cartoon Wars 3 MOD

There are many interesting things that make the story exciting, for example, there are ninja swords to protect your area from enemies and brutes who have no fighting ethics, which means everything is allowed! The combat modes, tower defense, and many fun turns will be an enticing addition to your game! Get to understand the gameplay so that you can enjoy this game for what it is!

The Stickman heroes and the animated characters are going to be in combat with the enemies and the objective is to make them lose while enhancing your character’s gameplay. You can use the rewards to upgrade and add more qualities to your character while subduing the enemies. The fun part is that at all stages, players can engage in battles or solo fights, and each of them has matching challenges.


The gameplay of Cartoon Wars 3 Mod APK is simple and very exciting same as King Of Avalon MOD APK. There are many modes, and many weapons and the types of enemies are also diverse. You can enjoy a whole lot of special menu options that add to the modes and lead to higher rewards. Cartoon Wars 3 hacks include using rewards, and money, and improving the gameplay to get more adrenaline rushing through your mind!

The most interesting thing is that this game allows players to invite their friends to a game and interact with them in the game. Cartoon Wars offline can be your practice session. Unprecedented assemblies of government officials and the seriousness of battles will make you forget whatever you were doing before playing the game. Every part of it is thrilling and riveting.

Cartoon Wars 3 APK


The special features of this game include some fantastic and well-thought facilities that players get to enjoy in full swing! Check them here and you will be downloading the game for more fun!

1. Change The Main Unit

How to change the Cartoon Wars 3 main unit is a concern for players who start with other versions. However, the good thing is that you have to use the same main unit or leader in this game! You cannot change it and that means the strategy options for good planners is more fun because you get to design your own main unit. Make choices wisely and select the crown icon to create the main unit from one of the characters.

2. Unlimited Gems & Gold

The unlimited supply of gold and gems help players gather more points and make the most of their skills as their rewards increase and they can make bigger changes in each round. Moreover, the unlimited gems and gold are from the beginning of the game, which means that you are a high-ranking star in the game from the first level onwards.

3. Cheats And Hacks

As we mentioned earlier Cartoon Wars 3 cheats are available and make it easier for players to score more and win the battle smoothly. The more you want to indulge in group battles or solo fights, the cheats will get you ahead of the enemy and that too with ease and a warrior approach. You may also like the modded version of Forge Of Empires MOD APK.

Cartoon Wars 3


Apart from the premium features available in the Mod version, there are many features that Cartoon Wars modded APK has. Check them out here:

1. Graphics

The graphics of the game are great although we do think that everything is too miniature and a better view might have made the game more comfortable for people who get strained easily. Even so, the sound and graphics are appreciated by most players as they are real and the cartoons are lively and bright.

2. No Ads

There are no ads in the game, and that is why people love it. So far millions of people have begun playing and they feel entertained because there are no interruptions.

3. Safe Download

The safe download makes this game exciting as players feel comfortable playing android games that do not have any dangers of slowing down the phone or making everything riskier due to the fear of malfunctions by viruses. Furthermore, Clash Royale MOD APK is also safe to download.


You can download this free game by following these steps:

  • Uninstall all previous versions of the game.
  • Get to Download settings and allow download from this page.
  • Create a shortcut to the game and start playing!


Is this game suitable for android phones?

Yes, you can download the Mod version of this game on android phones and play it without any risk of viruses. The game is protected and will not harm your phone.

Will I have to buy different modes or are they free?

All the different modes in the game are free and all the characters and weapons are unlocked. You can enjoy a great story if you can strategize the battles.


Cartoon Wars 3 Mod APK is a classic battle game with animated figures of your choice! We all love cartoons, and this high-quality graphic game is full of engaging weapons, and gameplay that makes the story so exciting. Enjoy the Mod features and you will become a regular player.

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