Choices MOD APK 2.9.7 – (Free Premium Choice, Unlimited Keys) 2023

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Full Name Choices MOD APK
Publisher Pixelberry
Genre Simulation
Size 81 MB
Latest Version 2.9.7
Mod Features Premium Choices & All Unlocked
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Choices MOD APK: Stories You Play is the latest simulation game by Pixelberry. It is immensely popular amongst the youth due to its hype on social media. Choices is a perfect example of a quality simulation game. It lets you lead your own story and has plenty of features for users. Our lives are no less than a movie! We have romance, thrill, drama, tragedy, and whatnot. Eventually, we make choices in our real lives and lead our stories. However, the decisions we take in our real lives have consequences! One wrong decision can change the upcoming events in our lives.

Similar to BitLife MOD APK, the realistic simulation game allows you to make your own decisions about how to control your life. You might this of this is another chance to live your life your way and unleash your secret side that the real world has not seen. Moreover, players can choose the plot of the story, it can be a fantasy life story, a drama detective life story, a high-school romance life story, or an office revenge life story! Choose the plot, interact with the 3D graphics and enjoy!

Best of all, you can install the Choices Mod apk to get the premium features for free too. The premium features maximize your gaming experience and enable hacks that you cannot use in the original app from the Google Play Store. Read the whole article to know more about the game.


You are the writer of your own life in this simulation game. Choices stories are very diverse and have a variety of options for users to select from. Each story will have multiple events and the choices you make will have the power to turn the tables. Ultimately, the storyline of every steamy story is written by the gamer himself! That’s the best part of playing a simulation game!

Choices APK


The gameplay of the realistic simulation game is simple yet incredibly fun! You can customize your main character and lead the story you want to be a part of. You can choose from the diverse stories available in the game. There is a variety of stories in every genre. Choose romance, magic, horror, suspense, etc. based on your mood.

Furthermore, the stories are divided into chapters. You can pass certain events and then continue later; you will resume the chapter you left easily. Ultimately, earn diamonds and keys and live a real life where you have to manage the office, friends, family, and your love life.


1. No Ads

Finally, here is a mod feature for you. Choices hacked apk comes with a no-ads feature for all its users. Unfortunately, the original game has a lot of in-app ads that gamers have to watch through a story. However, there are no disturbances from random advertisements in our mod. You can enjoy the game free of cost and free of ads using our reliable mod.

2. Unlimited Diamonds

Diamonds are the currency of the game. Watching ads and improving progress in chapters grants diamonds to gamers. Subsequently, players collect these diamonds to unlock features, characters, and other resources. Luckily, our mod apk provides unlimited diamonds to every user. Use these diamonds from the beginning and buy whatever you desire. Also, unlock new chapters with these and have complete control over the game.

3. Unlimited Keys

Keys are another special currency of the game. They are the premium currency and are required to open a new episode or the next story. Originally, the only way to earn keys in the game is to watch ads. However, the hack version gets you rid of ads and grants you free keys throughout the gameplay.

4. Unlocked Premium

In addition to all the above features of the hack version, our mod unlocks the premium version of the game. Original games require gamers to pay for the premium version. Fortunately, you can have all the premium features for free. Control the whole game and maximize fun in the gameplay. Nothing will stop you from progressing in the game with all these hacks enabled.


1. 3D Graphics

To begin with, the popular game has incredibly amazing graphics. The design is advanced and the high-quality visual representation engages the gamers in the game. You can never be bored of the gameplay; the characters and their expressions are very well-defined and relatable to your existing life. Moreover, the backgrounds, plot settings, and game environment are charmed with a vibrant choice of colors and amazing animations. Plus, the characters are designed with a good sense of fashion. You will witness the best wardrobe collections in almost every story and chapter of the game.

2. Variety In Stories

Unlike other simulation games, Choices hacked latest apk has unlimited new stories. You do not have a single storyline, but loads of stories to choose from. The stories are categorized according to a gamer’s mood. You can choose to live in fantasies and dwell with magic, dragons, battles, and warriors. On the other hand, you can choose a spicy life with your beautiful secretary at work. Furthermore, there are detective stories, romance stories, crime stories, and many more. All in all, each story turns out differently for each gamer as it is led by you. Your choices will determine the story’s next chapter and ultimately a satisfactory climax.

Choices MOD

3. Customize Your Character

The best storytelling game has gained the attention of many users due to its customization feature. Yes! Gamers can create their own character. You can choose the gender, body type, and height and then also choose the detailed characteristics of your character too. Make your choices while customizing the character too. Decide the face shape, hair type, eye color, skin tone, lips type, etc. Live the exciting story with your own personalized main character.


Is Choices Mod apk safe?

Yes, our mod is completely safe. Our upgraded version has no bugs, viruses, or technical issues. It runs smoothly on all Android devices.

Is the ‘Choices free keys’ feature available?

Yes, our mod does include the free keys feature. You will get unlimited free keys for every story and chapter in the game.

Is the Choices Hacked apk free?

Yes, the hacked apk is free for all users.


In the end, the hype of Choices: Stories you play is rightfully justified. The graphics, audio, plots, and gameplay features are sizzling and attracting gamers everywhere. The simulation game lifts up the mood for you and takes you to a different world where you can live your life on your terms.

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