Clash Of Clans MOD APK 15.0.4 – (Free Elixir & Gold) 2023

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Full Name Clash Of Clans MOD APK
Publisher Supercell
Genre Strategy
Size 180 MB
Latest Version 15.0.4
Mod Features Unlimited Money & Elixir
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Want to play the world’s favorite strategy game but don’t know the name, so don’t worry, we will introduce Clash Of Clans MOD APK to you. Build your clans, make new cities, build impressive buildings, and many more will be there for your recreation. Multiple adventures and strategy-based challenges with exciting and appealing gameplay will be awaiting you. You’ll never feel this game is useless and a waste of time. You will learn some unique qualities while playing Clash Of Clans regularly.


Clash of Clans is a complex game that has strategy-type gameplay. It’s tough to understand and become an experienced one in this game so, a hack or cheated version introduces to the people to finish its complexity. In this game, you will get a chance to construct your base according to your choice much like Kingdom Rush MOD APK. You have to build buildings, form solid army camps for security, attack other territories to rule all over, and do many different tasks to create passion in you.

This game is full of excitement and events that provide you with a great feel if you play it regularly.


When you enter the game, there is a village under your control. You are a chief of that village. You will find a town hall, gold mine, builder’s hut, and an army camp in this village.

Clash Of Clans

1. Strengthen Your Defense

First of all, you have to strengthen your defense because Goblins will attack you at any time, and for that purpose, you can use cannon.

2. Types Of Soldiers

Clash of Clans provides you with infinite types of soldiers, including Dragons, Swordsmen, Warriors, etc. The types of troops are Elixir Troops, Temporary Troops, Super Troops, Dark Elixir Troops, Skeleton, Bat, etc.

3. Construct Different Buildings

You can use Elixir to train your troops and construct different buildings. But for using Elixir, you have to pump it out from underground. Then you have to build a Gold Storage for keeping your gold stock.

4. Attack Other Villages

You could also attack other villages to loot gold and other things for your use. If you find three stars, you will receive rewards. And in this, the game Clash Of Clans begins. With this loot, you can upgrade your town hall and many other places. The primary purpose of this game is to convert the backward village into a modern and well-settled city that has every facility for your people. You must build up solid and undefeated troops to rule the other clans and become the king. You may also like Pocket Ants MOD APK.

5. Unlock Challenges

Continue the progress and unlock more and more challenges and rewards; just keep going on. Never Stop!

When you play the game, you will find uniqueness in its gameplay. The gameplay of Clash Of Clans MOD APK attracts you to the game. You can get a great feel while playing this game with excellent gameplay. That type of appealing gameplay never lets you be bored or exhausted. Every incident relates to the other one. The collaboration of events is understandable so that you can play it effortlessly.

Clash Of Clans APK


The features of mod versions are something all players like to explore. Here are the special features of Clash of Clans and you will be ready to play the game again and again. Check out these special features here:

1. Unlimited Coins And Gems

The unlimited coins and gems in the game will make it so much fun! You can collect resources, make a better place for the clan, and get more power to protect your people from the other clans. Remember, there are going to be a lot of attacks and you will need the gems to play against the enemies.

2. Better Gameplay And Menu Options

The menu options in this game are not just the regular contrast, and resolution. There will be many new things to do like getting bigger rewards from adding more weapons. Similarly, you can build forts, and mark territories for the clans. You can even use the rewards to uplift the power so that you get bigger prizes. Also, play Boom Beach MOD APK.

3. Free Game

The download for this mod version is free! Now players will be able to play a free game with in-game currency that will be all that they have to use.


In this game, you’ll immensely enjoy it due to its stunning features. Here is a detailed description of the features of Clash Of Clans Android Apk. Let’s have a look at it.

1. Build Up Your Village

If you want to do something unique but don’t have resources, then wait; CoC MOD APK will give you a chance to create a village according to your choice. You can upgrade it as per your choice. You have to implement unique ideas so that your people live happily. You have to work hard and think wisely for the safety and development of your clans.

According to this feature, you can give a reality check to your ideas. Although it’s a game, it gives you a chance to enjoy your life according to your choice because you are a chief!

2. Strengthen The Defense

To save your village from the other enemies’ attacks, you have to strengthen your defense first. It’s a game in which you have to protect resources such as gold as loot. And if you attack any village or collect loot, then your town is also in danger. If your defense is strong, you can save your village from any attack, but the invasion of goblins will destroy everything if it is weak. With the help of this feature, you can make a strong strategy even in real life against different hardships.

3. Variety Of Troops

CoC hacked versions provide an excellent feature that allows you to play with various troops with exceptional powers and multiple specialties. You can now build up your army according to your choice to make it impossible for your enemies to defeat you. Enjoy the numerous powerful troops under your fingertips.

4. Epic Fight With Goblin King

You will enjoy the epic fight with the Goblin King if you like adventures full of danger. And this feature will give you a chance to play this game as a single player. You just have to become the chief of an undefeated army. With this faith in defeating anyone at any time, you can fight with Goblin King and win easily. In this fight, you will feel hardships, but you can get fantastic rewards if you win. So, get ready yourself with the best and most skillful troops to get something extraordinary.

5. Upgrade Your Clan

With the help of this feature, you have to upgrade your clan regularly for safety and a good ranking. With your unique strategies, you can make your village a well-organized place for your people to live with happiness.

You can train your troops with multiple powers. With the up-gradation process, you can learn many things that benefit you in the latter stages of Clash of Clans MOD APK’s latest version. You can find many other heroes unlocking in the following levels and using their power in epic battles. It’s your choice which hero you want to choose for your team.

6. Multiple Events And Challenges

CoC MOD APK brings multiple events and challenges that provide you with full-time entertainment and adventure. You can play this game with any other player from all over the world to show your power and skills. You have Friendly Challenges, Friendly Wars same as Gods Of Olympus MOD APK, and many events to participate in these. By winning these challenges, amazing rewards are available to boost your energy.

7. Make Friends/Join Or Create Clans

This Clash of Clans gems hacks APK will give you a chance to make friends from all over the world. You can create your clan to take part in epic battles or join other existing clans to continue your journey. In short, you can communicate with the friends of your clan. That’s the striking feature that provides you an opportunity to become popular among other players from all over the world. You just have to play wisely and create good strategies.

8. Build 18 Unique Units

There is a chance to build 18 unique units for solid competition. You can create these units with the up-gradation process. You can make these units at different levels. So play the game regularly to do updates daily. These units will help you to participate in different wars against different clans to show your power.

9. Graphics And Sounds

As this is not a new game or with many updates happening, its graphics are so impressive that a player never feels difficulty while playing. With a clear view, the player can always enjoy the game and never consider it useless. When it comes to the sound of Clash of Clans MOD APK, you will go through the best experience. The smoothness of sound provides relaxation throughout the game.


Can I continue with my previous account on a new device?

Yes, you can continue with your previous account. For this purpose, you have to log in to the Game Center. They will ask you if you want to load your old village or not.

How can I play with multiple accounts on the same device?

You can’t play Clash of Clans Modified APK with multiple accounts on one device because it doesn’t allow you to do so.

Can I reset my game?

No, you can’t do so.

Can I change my village name to Clash of Clans? If yes, then why?

Yes, you can change your village name, but you can do it at once and after level 5.

How can I contact the support of the game?

You can contact support by clicking the option of “send feedback” present in the setting.


If you want to play the world’s best strategic game and not download the accessible version of Clash of Clans MOD APK yet, then you are missing the bumper of enjoyment. Just go and download the modded version of this game to acquire everything for free. With this game, you can learn how to handle a group of people or fight to save your people’s lives and resources.

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