Clash Of Kings MOD APK 8.10.0 – (Unlimited Money) 2022

Clash of Kings MOD APK is a strategic game full of addiction. The game has become very popular among fans of its royal theme. The game enables you to start your journey into the area of the clash of kings. You are going to build your empire and by defeating your rivals, you can turn it into the land.

In this game, you are going to be the upcoming king by following your destiny. In Clash of Kings Hacked APK, you have to build your empire and have to kill your rivals by doing so. This can be done by hiring new members of your army and also by training them.

Full Name Clash Of Kings MOD APK
Publisher Elex Wireless
Genre Strategy
Size 175 MB
Latest Version 8.10.0
Mod Features Unlimited Money & Resources
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On the other hand, by conquering the surrounding kingdoms, you can expand your empire and show power and strength. Additionally, you can play with other players online from anywhere in the whole world and win by competing with them. So what are you waiting for? Clash of Kings unlimited gold apk download is available for you to play.

Clash Of Kings MOD

About Clash Of Kings MOD APK

Clash of Kings Unlimited Gold APK is an MMO strategic game that has won an award in which you have to fight to build an empire to rule much like Forge Of Empires MOD APK. If you like multiplayer games and PVP games, this base-building game suits you best as to survive, you have to fight.

The game is developed by Elex Wireless and millions of gamers have joined it. The game makes you fight against opponents from the whole world and to win the game, you have to make strategies. You can train your army to occupy the castles of your enemies and grab their resources and become a king.

Furthermore, you can talk to your friends for a one-to-one fight through messaging in kingdom chat and win to level up your lord. You can get powerful armor and weapons when you get leveled up as well as prepare magical items like Dragonglass to raise the traits.

Clash Of Kings Hack Storyline

The game is based on you, the real heir of the kingdom, which was once ruled by your forefathers. But, due to the unworthy and corrupt rulers, the kingdom has gone into chaos and is at risk of capturing by the foes. Now, you are the one who must stand up against them and get your kingdom back.

Clash Of Kings

Also, you have to guide the people of the kingdom and fight against the rivals to set prosperity and peace in the lands of the state. You are going to face many internal clashes between the seven states in the whole kingdom but at the point where you have to decide whether to bow down or to fight back, you must get magnificence for yourself as well as for your realm.

Start to fight against your enemies by building up your kingdom, managing your army, and collecting resources for your future journeys by taking into consideration strengthening your city.

Clash Of Kings Cheat Gameplay

The game starts with constructing new buildings for which the player has to manage the resources to construct them. You, being the player, have to collect the material continuously to construct a new building in the other areas for the future too.

The second step is to build the facilities for training your people to become your army. For that, you have to collect many military parts which can be done by submitting particular jobs. But, one thing that should be considered while their training is you must have an appropriate area where they could have the training and also proper accommodation for an increase in the limit.

Furthermore, when you are done with all the initial work, you can now develop your castles which are very important for any country. Particular requirements must be met to upgrade the castles and by doing so, you can expand your kingdom. Additionally, you can identify the nearest kingdoms by scrolling down the screen on the world map.

The game also provides you with many rewards like building materials, resources, and equipment to upgrade the level. Also, you can add any dragon or a hero in your army which increases your strength of the attack.

Clash Of Kings APK

Features Of Clash Of Kings MOD APK

1. Multiplayer Game

The main theme of the game is not only you to become a king of the world but also the only king. For that, you have to fight with other kings of the kingdom and conquer their kingdoms. For that, you have to use your army and send them to various areas and defeat them. Afterward, you can play online to defeat players from the whole world.

2. Building A Strong Army

To construct a building and form an empire, you are going to need an army with which you can fight to expand your area. In this game, you can make your army with dragons, commandos, witches, and many more which makes the game unique from other battle games.

3. Various Civilization

The Clash of Kings Mod APK is having a variety of civilizations with different attributes in Yamato, Romans, Viking, Dragon-Born, Huaxia, and many others are included. You have to select your preferred civilization and fight against the others.

4. Multiple Available Items

The game includes a variety of items and equipment for you for speeding up the efficiency as well as the construction of your buildings and boosting the defense system by strengthening them. Also, they provide boosters to power up your army to attack more forcefully.

5. Unlimited Money And Gold

In this game, you do not need to conquest different missions and challenges to get the rewards available in the game. The Clash of Kings unlimited gold apk provides you with unlimited money and gold with which you can get those rewards.

6. Unlimited Other Resources

The major resources you need while playing this game are wood and food. You need wood to construct your building this game provides you unlimited. Time is required to construct them but you have been provided with instant construction in this game. Also, you have to feed your dragons and for that, you are provided with unlimited food.

7. Available Free

Besides all the remarkable features of this game, players can enjoy the game on their gadgets free of cost.

8. Free Of Ads

The most common complaint of gamers while playing a game is the disturbance occurring due to the ads. But, this game has solved the problem and is available with no ads.

9. Graphics And Sound Quality

COK Mod is having a great quality of graphics and the sound of battles are like the original ongoing war.


This game is extremely remarkable and interesting for the lovers of strategic games having various extraordinary features just like Lords Mobile MOD APK. The adventure of the game is so marvelous that the gamers cannot go anywhere till the end. The pioneer of the strategy games brings you with the rest of the players in the world and makes you fight with them to show your ability to defeat.

Be a part of the game to enjoy by downloading it now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Clash of Kings hacked apk online?

The game should have an internet connection to work.

Can I play this game on my PC?

The game is designed for android gadgets but can be played on the PC by installing an app emulator.

What is the reason behind asking for permission while installing the game?

To run the installed application requires access to the system on your gadget.

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