Coin Master MOD APK 3.5.930 – (Unlimited Spins & Coins) 2023

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Full Name Coin Master MOD APK
Publisher Moon Active
Genre Casual
Size 60 MB
Latest Version 3.5.930
Features Unlimited Coins & Spins
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Coin Master MOD APK is a brilliant casual mobile game. It is published and developed by Moon Active and can be played on both iOS and Android platforms. The game was released in 2010 and has gained love and popularity due to its interactive graphics and awesome features. However, the game requires an online network to play.

Play in riches and plan your raid and attack strategies in the epic Coin Master. The single-player casual game is available for free. Become a raider and attack other villages to gather loot. Also, spin and win loads of gold coins in the gameplay. More importantly, you can download the Coin Master android apk for amazing features like unlimited rounds of spin wheel and free coins. Read the below-mentioned features to know about the latest version of the game.


The game is a remake of the former game ‘Pirate Kings.’ Therefore, you begin the game as a pirate and explore your land. Live your new exciting pirate-style life and build your village more like Hay Day MOD APK. But how? Simply steal! Attack other nearby villages and steal resources for building your own village. Lead a pirate army and build up your village!

Coin Master MOD


The thrilling pirate game is pure fun gameplay. The online gameplay allows you to connect with your friends and play with other Coin Master pirates in any part of the world. You can rob other villages and on the other hand, spin with luck and get generous rewards. Plus, strengthen your base to defend yourself from other pirates trying to take revenge on you. Name your village with your own name. Unlock greater levels and celebrate your loot! Best of all, spin the wheel for more and more gold coins!

Coin Master Hacks MOD Features

1. Play Without Interruption

If there is an ad during your game, then your all focus is interrupted and you may lose the level. Coin master mod apk solves your problem and provides you with an ad-free gaming experience.

2. Unlimited Coins

Especially, the unlimited money feature can make you the richest pirate in all the villages. You can buy resources, complete upgrades, and unlock new islands. Maximize your gaming experience and rob and loot other villages with a stronger than ever base!

3. Unlock New Islands

Building your village will not be easy. Players need to gather resources and build the basic foundation of the village starting from the basic structures. However, as you play the game and enjoy upgrading your village to higher levels, you can earn more stars. The stars show your progress. As a result of more stars, players can unlock new islands!

Yes! You read that right. Once your village is fully upgraded and your stars are maximum, you can unlock a new island.

4. Unlimited Spins

Ultimately, you are here for some free and thrilling games. Yes, you are at the right place. Our site has safe and reliable that offers free spins and unlimited Coins! No worries if you are stricken with bad luck, you can spin the wheel again and get your jackpot! There is no limit to the number of spins in the coin master’s latest version. Also, have a look at the modded features of Harvest Town MOD APK.


This interactive raid and attack game has many creative and innovative features that entice players. Here is a list of a few for you.

1. Interactive 3D Graphics

To begin with, the casual game has gathered millions of installs on the Google Play Store with a glamorous positive rating. Surprisingly, the game has attracted most of its users due to its mind-blowing animations and 3D graphics. The engaging graphics make the game fun to play and kill boredom for you. Both kids and adults tend to enjoy the game due to its supreme graphics and design.

The vibrant colors, bright backgrounds, cute characters, and amazing illustrations of the villages create engagement and make the game more interactive. Plus the visual effects of the gameplay are high-quality and make the raids and attacks more fun.

2. Interesting Characters

Players can choose to be one of the multiple characters available in the gameplay. However, at the beginning of the game, there are not many choices for you. Progress further in the game and unlock new characters along the way. Best of all, each character has its own special power and abilities.

Coin Master

Choose between different characters and experience all the different powers. Moreover, the characters are designed to be adorable and cute to attract young players. Also, the animal characters in the game are downright adorable and excite the players when they choose them. Have fun with the baby tiger, fox, pony, and pirate pig.

3. Easy Controls

In addition to the simple user-friendly interface, the controls of this casual android game are also very easy just like FarmVille 3 MOD APK. Just tap and slide your way through missions to attack and loot and learn all the controls in seconds. Moreover, you can also customize the controls and change them according to your convenience. Tilt the device horizontally, and play the game in landscape view.

Coin Master APK

4. Spin The Wheel

Here, you have spotted the best feature of the game. The spinning wheel is the heart of the game. This feature excites players and motivates them to do better gaming! Test your luck and shoot! Every time the wheel spins, the possibilities of prizes and rewards increase for you. The lucky spinning wheel can get you loads of gold coins, shields, friend loot, and chances for attacking other villages.

To explain further, players can spin and get three gold coins on the spin machine to get loads of gold coins, or get three hammers to get attacking opportunities, and also get a full shield around the village by getting three shields on the machine! Last but not the least, players can make the most out of the fun spin with three pirate pigs and loot their friend’s money!

5. Online Rankings

Since Coin Master is an online game that connects you to all the players around the web, it creates a table of champions displaying the names of the best players of Coin Master. Your stars are your wealth and as you become a pro in the game, you will make it to the higher ranks. Defeat the strongest Coin Masters and secure your name in the first position. Also, play and rank high in Virtual Families 2 MOD APK.


Is the Coin Master mod apk safe to download?

No, the coin master mod apk is not safe for Android devices. And original developers don’t recommend this. Our new version has no lags, tech issues, or bugs.

Is this version available for iOS?

No, we are sorry to tell you that our version is only for Android devices. However, the original video game is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

Do we need to connect the game with our Facebook?

Yes, the game is online play and hence players need to connect it with their Facebook account to enjoy all the features of the awesome gameplay.


Coin Master MOD APK is a fun and entertaining pirate game. You can make the game ten times more fun with the liberties that come with our latest version. List yourself in the champion list and show off your stars in your social circle!

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