Cookie Run Kingdom MOD APK 3.9.102 – (Unlimited Crystals & Mega Menu) 2023

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Full Name Cookie Run Kingdom MOD APK
Publisher Devsisters Corporation
Genre Role-Playing
Size 916 MB
Latest Version 3.9.102
Mod Features Unlimited Crystals & Money
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Get ready for a delicious game that will not only make you want to go for a cookie splurge but will keep you entertained in amazing ways! Download Cookie Run Kingdom MOD APK and you will see how some baked goodies can run for their life! This game is a modified version of the popular cookie run concept and there are many other sweet surprises along the way. You will feel challenged as it is no child’s play, but if you want to keep it simple and only enjoy some spectacular graphics, that is great too!


Cookie Run Kingdom Mod APK is a role-playing game more like Blockman Go MOD APK, in which players have to create their kingdom and fight the desert demons that make it difficult and throw hurdles in the way. You can invite team players to help with guild fights and open up to new enemies that will be stronger.

Cookie Run Kingdom

Players can benefit from the Cookies Run Kingdom unlimited gems and many other benefits that you will only get from this version. When you are building up a game profile, it will include all the points that you win during guild brawls.

These unlimited gems will help you get more soul stones and guild treasures. Once you are powerful enough o move to the next level, something will build up in the kingdom and your land will expand. This game can keep you busy for hours, and you will love how it makes all players love cookies and various bakery items! A truly delicious experience. The cute gingerbread men are not only a good sight but they are also good at fighting! Use these little fellows to make your kingdom a thriving, happy place where all these sweet confectioneries can live happily after.


Just like Angry Birds Epic MOD APK, the gameplay of Cookie Run is easy and there are not many complicated controls. You can play the game without having to learn the various controls, and it will keep you entertained through the numerous tricks, maneuvers, and attack options that players can gain as long as they put up a good fight and beat the desert demons. When they are moving forward, simple controls can help them explore the area. However, the combat controls will require players to be alert, quick, and responsive.

Cookie Run Kingdom hacks allow players to use weapons, put their rewards to good use and buy more equipment and advantages against the enemy. There can be many ways to use the various controls to take lead against the demons. Use all that the game offers and soon you will be on the throne.

Cookie Run Kingdom MOD


Cookie Run Kingdom Mod APK has numerous added features that you can enjoy only in this game. When you download the game, everything begins to reveal itself in delicious ways and before you know it, you will be hooked to the game!

1. Mod Menu

Before anything else, this modified version gives you a menu that you will enjoy thoroughly. You get unlimited gems that can help win lives, more team players, and unlock characters and new enemies. As you advance in the game, the rewards multiply and you become a victorious cookie on its way to becoming the king. The special menu also includes premium unlocked items that other versions will ask you to buy.

2. Excellent Graphics

The great color combinations and attractive scenes of this game are lively and interesting due to the excellent graphic quality. When you start the game, it will take you to a world of sugary fun and every color adds to the appeal. The sound effects are also good and will transport you to a world of childhood innocence and fun.

Cookie Run Kingdom APK

3. Unlocking New Characters

You can unlock new characters easily due to the added rewards and easy access to the premium tools. This game is very riveting for all those who like to add new people to their army. Moreover, the unlimited gems will help you unlock new areas that add to the adventure and you can use your new characters to explore and clean up that area, to add to your kingdom’s expanse.

4. Free Shopping

Wait, we do not mean that you can buy cookies from any pastry shop! This free shopping is related to buying weapons, characters, areas, and all kinds of benefits in the game! When you know all the control hacks and you have an army of gingerbread men, this game will give you unlimited rewards that will help you buy everything you need to become a king, and that too in very little time.

5. No Ads

There are no interruptions in this modified version like other modified gameplays. Many developers create modifications but that does not keep them ad-free! However, this version of Cookie Run comes without any ads that will disrupt your game. You can enjoy each step of the game non-stop and it will make you a hero in many ways! Since there are no stops, you will remain energetic, and with a consistent tempo, your game will shine. Also, check Hustle Castle MOD APK.


Is Cookie Run for kids?

No Cookie Run Kingdom has a light theme but it also has various challenges that are for adults. There are various game levels that will challenge adults in numerous ways and the light theme makes it more interesting!

Will I be able to use the unlimited gems in the game?

The unlimited gems in the game will allow you to advance faster as you can unlock areas, premium features, and characters. Moreover, you can get free lives and other benefits with unlimited gems in the game.


Cookie Run Kingdom Mod APK is an excellent game for all as it gives you unlimited benefits and the ability to win at each step. This delicious game can keep you entertained for hours because it is interesting and still challenges the thinking process and motor skills.

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