Cooking Madness MOD APK 2.3.1 – (Unlimited Diamonds) 2022

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Full Name Cooking Madness MOD APK
Publisher ZenLife Games Ltd
Genre Casual
Size 205 MB
Latest Version 2.3.1
Mod Features Unlimited Everything
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Calling all players who are fascinated by the work that goes on behind the swinging doors of a restaurant kitchen. Cooking Madness MOD APK is an exciting cooking game that will engage players in new types of challenges related to cooking. If you like to make food, and if you are interested in seeing the frenzy of restaurant service, here is the right game to download.

The Cooking Madness game will teach you a few things about managing time, and even getting the right kinds of inventories to get the best cuisine prepared. The culinary industry is not a piece of cake, and then there are numerous kinds of multi-tasking feats involved. Download the game and you will realize that the challenges are not easy at all.

What’s The Story Of The Cooking Madness Game?

The story of the game is that there is a chef that you are working for and every day you get a number of tasks to complete same as Cooking Fever MOD APK. These can be related to cooking, service, or even waiting. Once you get all the tasks done, the round moves to the next challenge! There are so many exciting rounds and unlocked features that will add to the levels. There are days at the restaurant when too many customers will arrive at the same time. The frenzy of completing orders, and the discipline of waiting and quick service will all land on you at the same time.

Cooking Madness MOD

The game also involves cooking competitions in which we have to make dishes from different regions. The more you cook, and the better you create, the higher you score. The various kinds of customers you get are from foreign places and you will have to cook food according to their taste. Every dish that you create will get you points and if you are able to get the most points, you become a chef. Each star that you win can be used in various ways! Find out all about the exciting features and enjoy the way the story unfolds when you use them.

The Gameplay Of Cooking Madness Cheat

Cooking Madness hacked has many convenient features and its gameplay is simple and straightforward. The more you are able to please your customers, the higher the rewards and you can use these to upgrade your kit, which includes better knives, tools, and techniques to chop, mix and blend.

The navigation tools will help you select ingredients and the other controls are also visible on the screen just like World Chef MOD APK. Moreover, you can create your inventory by adding fancy ingredients and much more only if you have enough money, which will come from the approved tasks and good cooking skills. Cooking Madness has some of the easiest controls and you will enjoy them as you play because they do not require any learning time, and you get to enjoy the game only!

Features Of Cooking Madness MOD APK

The features of Cooking Madness Mod APK are unique and make the game even more exciting than the story denotes. You will love to use the menu options to enhance your playing skills.

1. Cooking Madness Cheats

The Cooking Madness game has some awesome cheats that you only get in this version. These cheats are like secret shortcuts that will get you closer to the goal and the effort will be less as well.

Cooking Madness

2. Learn To Cook

You can learn to cook new dishes and create all kinds of versatile items that will get you some big money if they are liked. The chef in the game is like the narrator, but everything that is done will have to be done by the player.

3. Collect Rewards

Whenever you achieve the goal, you are in for a big reward! The best that you can do is make sure you put your creativity to work and maximize the kinds of ingredients that you are given!

4. Upgrade Kit

Every chef has a kit that contains knives, chopping, or grinding tools and this kit also gives you better skills of chopping and cutting by hand so you reduce the time consumed. Moreover, these upgraded kits will also give you the magical cooking skill that makes a chef’s work easier!

5. Unlocked Areas

The various places in the game are restaurants, hotels, cafes, and even home parties. As you advance in the ordinary version, you become a more successful chef and an area unlocks, but in the mod version, all areas are unlocked from the beginning!

Cooking Madness APK

6. Receive Orders And Deliver

This game gives players a full view of how hectic the restaurant business can be! They will have to manage time and collect orders while preparing them and even worrying about a timely delivery! All these features make the game so interesting that many of you will keep playing even if your free time is over!

7. Multitasking Skills Enhanced

This game’s hidden feature is that it helps players develop a faster pace of work and they also improve their multitasking skills. Now, you will notice that in your daily work, you do not miss out or panic over small tasks!

Download MOD APK

How To Download Cooking Madness MOD APK?

This game is easy to download if you follow the steps below:

  • Uninstall any older version of the game.
  • Click on Download Here and allow the game to install,
  • Make changes in the settings and allow the game to use sound,
  • Create an icon on the homepage
  • Make your profile and begin playing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this game free?

Yes, Cooking Madness is a free download for android, and even the in-game purchases are with the money you win in the game. Players do not have to spend any real money.

Can I download this game on any android phone?

Yes, this game is compatible with Android operating systems, and will not lag the phone or slow down other apps on your phone.


Cooking Madness Mod APK has strong gameplay and an exciting story that makes it worth playing for everyone! You can download the game here and begin a fantastic journey to enhance your culinary skills. You get to enjoy so many features in the game and eventually when you become the top chef, this game will still have some challenges left!

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