Critical Ops MOD APK 1.35.0.f2021 – (Unlimited Everything & Mega Menu) 2023

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Full Name Critical Ops MOD APK
Publisher Critical Force Ltd.
Genre Action
Size 733 MB
Latest Version
Mod Features Unlimited Money, Bullets & Skins
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Critical Ops MOD APK is the magnificent creation of Critical Force Ltd. It is originally a power-packed action game for Android users who enjoy high-quality shooting games. It has new game modes and exciting multiplayer gameplay. The shooting game can be played both online and offline. You can choose to side with the good and be of the heroes or side with the evil and be one of the terrorists. How amazing is that! Right? Improve your shooting skills and tactics while engaging with worthy opponents in the game.

In addition, the Critical Ops Mod apk version allows exciting cheats like Anti ban, No Reload, Unlimited ammo, Mod radar, No spread, and many more. Also, check out Bullet Force MOD APK for more fun.


Pick whatever side you want to fight from at the beginning of the game, and engage in challenging combat. Use weapons from the game’s exotic weapon collection and defeat the other side before they take over. Gamers complete one mission after the other and explore the varied maps in the gameplay.

Critical Ops Game


The gameplay for this epic shooting game is enthralling and addictive similar to Sniper 3D MOD APK. You can easily control the weapons and aim during intense combat; however, you will solely win due to your skills and tactics. Moreover, the gameplay includes various modes and exciting maps for unique shooters. You will never experience boredom while you play this amazing action shooting game.


1. Anti-Ban And Money Hack

This amazing mod version includes a Critical Ops money hack! Play in riches with an unlimited supply of money and resources. Buy whatever weapon, skin, or gadget you desire! You will have unlimited money from the beginning of the game till the end. No need to fear bans from the game! The mod version includes an anti-ban too! It will make you undetectable to the game system. So, cheat away without getting caught by the game. Your account is safely protected by our Anti-ban.

2. Unlimited Ammo, Aim-Bot, No Reloads, And Much More

The mod features offer a long list of hacks and cheats for you. You can have limitless ammo during combat and an aim-bot can come in handy during accurate aims. You will become the god of shooters with all these immortal abilities. Just a single fire and the aim-bot will hit the bull’s eye! Plus, no need to reload during an intense battle. You are fully prepared and loaded with the no reload hack. Imagine combat where you have control of everything!

There are many other hacks included in the mod version, such as the amazing mod radar and no-spread hack. The more you explore the game, the more fun it will be for you! Download the Critical Ops mod apk for free access to every hack available for thrilled shooters.


1. Online And Offline Modes

There are millions of online gamers you can play with daily in the gameplay. The online mode is a hit amongst pro-shooting players. Do you think you are the best? Think again! There are joiners from all around the globe to compete against you. Your opponents will be the finest of aimers, fierce killers, and clever strategy formers.

The online gameplay is fair and only the best shooter shall outsmart the others. However, don’t forget to learn from tougher players, you have to pick up their strategies and use them against others as you proceed further in the game. Nonetheless, you can also team up in online modes to defeat these strangers. Connect with your shooter friends and cousins to form a stronger team. Who knows what awesome feats of teamwork you might display?

Lastly, you can choose to play in the offline mode when you are not connected to the internet. Don’t let the lack of connectivity deprive you of the leisure of playing! Play as much as you want and shoot down counter enemies in the offline play!

Critical Ops

2. Various Maps And Setups

Critical Ops is rising in popularity due to its diverse locations and settings. Players have to use a different strategy or approach on every new map. You can never be bored of the killing and shooting when you are challenged in newer and more creative ways throughout the game. Each new location is designed uniquely for an exciting and enthralling shooting experience. So, keep forming new tactics to take down the enemies because every map has its own pros and cons.

Critical Ops MOD

3. Amusing Game Modes

There are several game modes in Critical Ops Mod apk. Every mode is rich in its uniqueness and teaches you a new set of shooting skills. Custom games are the most popular game mode amongst shooters. You can join this mode to play under your own rules with your online family. You can create your own challenges and missions with your own set of rules under this mode! Which shooting game allows that?

Ranked games are for pro shooters who look for greater and tougher challenges. You can level up to higher ranks and earn various prizes. Moreover, you can also join quick games for challenging combat against an opponent of your level. The AI will find an online gamer of the same scores as yours and hook you to combat with him.

Defusing the bomb is another game mode that is different for both the terrorist and the counter-terrorist. If you choose to side with evil, then plant the bomb and escape the police just in time! But if you choose to be the savior, then it’s your duty to prevent a massive explosion from happening! There are some other game modes too, including gun game and Deathmatch! Play your best in the virtual face-off and explore every mode. Have a look at the gaming modes of Kill Shot Bravo MOD APK as well.

Critical Ops APK

4. Graphics

When it’s about graphics then the developer of critical ops does a great job. It’s an absolutely amazing game that provides you with the graphics of the next-gen. With this, you’ll be able to experience a realistic and mind-blowing environment of the game. If you are in search of a shooting game that provides you FPS experience with authenticity then you must go for this game.

5. Sound

Critical Ops has good-quality sound and voices throughout the game. It attracts players and gives them a very sensational effect during the game. The concentration level increases when there are clear voices and mesmerizing sounds.


Is Critical Ops Mod apk safe?

Yes, the mod version of this game is free of bugs and viruses. It is safe to install for every android user.

Is the mod version free?

Yes, you can enjoy a free download from our site.

Can we customize controls in the game?

Sure, customize buttons and touch commands at your convenience.


Just like Call Of Duty Mobile MOD APK, the thrill factor of this shooting game has raised the bar for every shooting game out there! The exciting modes make this game unique and better than many others. Engage in the gameplay to find out yourself.

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