Dead Target MOD APK 4.95.0 – (All Weapons Unlocked & Unlimited Bullets) 2023

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Full Name Dead Target MOD APK
Genre Action
Size 146 MB
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Mod Features Unlimited Money, Gold
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Dead Target MOD APK is an enthralling first-person shooter game developed by VNG GAME STUDIOS. The game teleports you, all the way to 2040 where the planet is never the same as before. Not only the use of biological weapons is wiping out the human race but the infected blood-thirsty zombies have outnumbered the humans. As the world is collapsing during the brutal war, you will struggle to stay alive with a handful of the most advanced weapons of 2040.

The game has become increasingly popular since its release and is 100% free to download for Android and iOS! The addictive gameplay and awesome 3D graphics have compelled action lovers to play the Dead Target Zombie Mod Apk for hours without getting tired. Also, check out Silent Castle MOD APK.


The world is hit by a zombie apocalypse in 2040 and everything falls out of place. The epic 3D shooting game takes you to World War III when science and technology are used in the deadliest ways to win over opponent countries. Little did the countries of the world know that a cunning defense minister has some sinister tricks up his sleeve. He joins hands with a company called MZ and plans the evil project named Dead Target!

He planned to transform soldiers and prisoners into indestructible zombies to erase the opponent countries from the planet. This master plan would have made his army undefeatable! He would be the conqueror of the whole planet! But turns out MZ double-crossed the minister and unleashed the virus into the world.

Dead Target


While the world was too occupied in World War III, the MZ company managed to double-cross the defense minister in his plan. They chose a small city to test their evil virus and shook the governments of every country that existed. As the virus was spreading and making its roots stronger same as in Extra Lives MOD APK, a task force was dispatched to get into the infected city and gather as much information as they can.

Unfortunately, the task force was subjected to a miserable failure. It failed to stop the virus and its creators. However, you and Agent M are still alive and are showing feats of bravery while combating the mutants. You are the only hope for the rest of mankind. Gather an arsenal of the most epic nuclear weapons, machine guns, grenade launchers, and whatnot to save Agent M along with the rest of the uninfected citizens. Prevent the annihilation of mankind and fight off the nasty zombies from your land!

Dead Target MOD


The uniqueness of Dead Target’s gameplay is that the player can’t move. Hundreds of nasty mutants will be rushing at you and you will be staying still welled up with fear! Therefore, the player has to act spontaneously throughout the gameplay. But don’t worry! A pro player like you will know how to use the weapon in hand when a zombie strikes. Work in coordination with the SWAT force and slaughter the man-eating zombies.

The gameplay of this shooting game is extremely challenging. You will never know what is coming for you next. Some zombies will be bullet-resistant and some will vomit out corrosive chemicals straight at you. Not only this, you will have to watch out for monster zombie dogs too! Sounds enthralling, doesn’t it?

Aim at the head of a zombie to earn maximum gold and save more bullets. You will be rewarded for your accurate aims with more money. Shoot a zombie down and then collect your gold as you continue to shoot more down. Remember you have to save Agent M too!

Dead Target APK


1. Unlimited Money And Gold

The dead target apk unlimited money and gold feature shower unlimited cash on you. You do not need to use any dead target cheat now. Just download this version and enjoy your riches throughout the game!

2. Unlocked All Weapons

Here in the mod version of dead target, you will find all weapons unlocked. For the fight, you may choose any weapon whenever you want without any restriction. With the largest range of weapons, there is never-ending action waiting for you. Let’s begin!

3. No Need For Reloading

While playing with the mod version you can shoot your enemy without the tension of loading the gun again and again. There is no need of loading the gun, let’s begin the war without any discomfort. Have a look at the modded features of Horrorfield MOD APK.


Dead Target has up to 70 million downloads on the google play store due to its super cool features. Here’s an insight for you!

1. Unique Zombie Powers

Dead target mod apk is an extremely challenging shooting game. It is designed to elevate your shooting skills in the best ways. You will dwell with the toughest zombies, possessing different abilities. The excitement levels will never drop. There are several types of zombies in the game for you, short and tall, weak and strong, regular and powerful, to test your shooting skills at every stage.

2. Powerful Weapons

To deal with powerful mutants, the dead target mod apk supplies you with powerful weapons too. Guns in the gameplay have diverse powers and unique stats. The variety of weaponry available assists you in escalating your shooting points. Assault rifles, sniping rifles, rocket launchers, and other high-tech nuclear guns have different ranges, firing powers, and upgrade options too. You may customize your weapon and use it to your advantage too.

3. Challenging Quests

Apart from the main gameplay, the players can engage in absorbing quests to earn gold, weapons, and unlimited items of convenience. The quests and achievements will reward you generously for your awesome skills in the game.

Dead Target Game

4. Multiple Boosts

You can increase your capabilities such as accuracy and firing rate by picking up multiple boosts dropped down near you. Keep an eye on them for a game-changer move. You can also recover your damages and prolong your life with these boosters. Turn the tables with just a pick of a boost!

5. Majestic Graphics

If it’s about the dead target, you would experience magnificent graphics in every scene of the game. You can experience a clear and realistic view throughout the game. The console-like graphics make every single scene more breathtaking. With lots of majestic dark and bloody scenes or pictures, the players are entirely lost in the game. Last but not least there is a graphics adjustment option present in the game for low-end devices. With this, you can adjust graphics according to your device interface.

6. Online Leaderboard Shooter Matches

Same as the Unkilled MOD APK, the online mode of the dead target mod apk allows you to compete with the most competent gamers in epic zombie shooting challenges. You can play with your friends by connecting to your social account and, sharing your awesome progress. Also, the leaderboard shooter matches allow you to challenge other players from any corner of the world.


Can dead target modified apk be played on PC?

No, the game is only developed for android and iOS platforms however, you may download an android emulator on your PC to download and play the game.

Will I have to unlock the weapons in the mod apk version?

The dead target modified version enables you to use every weapon as the game starts. All weapons will already be unlocked for you.


If you are looking for a 3D shooting game that takes you to the extent of your gaming skills then this is the game for you. Fight off zombies with barbaric weapons and save the world from being consumed by the deadly virus.

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