Dead Trigger 2 MOD APK 1.8.20 – (Infinite Ammo & Money) 2023

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Full Name Dead Trigger 2 MOD APK
Publisher MADFINGER Games
Genre Action
Size 28.5 MB
Latest Version 1.8.20
Mod Features Unlimited Money & Ammo
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Dead Trigger 2 MOD APK is a renowned first-person shooter that has made many fans due to its competitive gaming style. The game, developed by Madfinger Games, has many locations, a weapon arsenal, and strategic controls. Moreover, it has enabled a list of engaging challenges that refreshes every week and are hard to miss. It falls into the arcade game territory that has been downloaded by over 100 million gamers worldwide.

The game is enriched with many gateways to compete with different characters around the globe. If you love shooting games with intuitive gameplay and have an Android smartphone then it can be the best for you. The game highlights all the dark aspects of the town that has been recently hit by the Zombie pandemic. In this blog, we’ll be describing a little more about dead trigger 2 and its characteristics. You may also love playing Sonic Mania APK.


Dead Trigger 2 is the sequel of the popular shooting arena that holds all the impacts of the first-person action game. Moreover, it successfully maintains the somber and unwelcoming atmosphere caused by the zombie catastrophe. You’ll find it a little varied from different RPG elements having diversified gameplay and a systematic approach.

Within the game, a fully functional base complementing the expert squad will be there to guide you. You will not only need help while picking any new weapon but also to master or polish different abilities. When you look at it as a bigger picture, you’ll observe the gameplay to be categorized into many challenging missions. It also provides high-quality graphics with portable gaming making it stand out.

Dead Trigger 2 MOD


The story revolves around the pandemic that’s been rapidly spreading around the world. As a result of this pandemic, all human beings are transforming into undead Zombies. These zombies are attacking other humans causing the germs to spread faster. Moreover, the fast pace of spreading has paused every healthcare and armed force in the world.

The scientists had also invented anti-zombie tools, but they failed to serve. After a while, a new zombie species emerged reflecting a huge load of power. Only a few people survived the attack as people were turning into zombies readily. These characters have their own roles to play like engineers, scientists, and medics, including you who’s the main character.

Initially, you guys need to look for the hideout. After then you’ll be redirected to go on the voyage to over 33 countries. The mission here is to fight zombies while looking for the source and remedy to control them. It has many tiny details that can glue you to your phone, with excellent graphics. Also, play Power Warriors MOD APK.


The gameplay of Dead Trigger 2 is a combination of many aspects of an fps. It includes role-playing, survival abilities, creepy surroundings, and zombie antagonists. You will have a chance to explore many different countries including the USA, Africa, China, & Europe. Unlike many games that only let you go on a specific track, it gives the freedom of free-roaming between multiple locations. These locations include libraries, mines, towns, villages, sewers, military camps, and whatnot.

You won’t find the gameplay to be monotonous due to the multiple variations of zombies coming up to increase difficulty. The variation holds some powerful zombies have the capabilities to withstand up to 10 grenades. Your arsenal will be loaded with many types of ammunition including grenades, guns, explosives, and much more. This allows you to play with your own style and take down all the zombies coming your way.

Dead Trigger 2 APK


1. Unlimited Money

With the Dead Trigger 2 mod version, the players can get unlimited money by which they can buy all the desired weapons and other useful things without having the tension of finishing the money.

2. Unlimited Ammo

In this game, you will get a very interesting feature which is unlimited Ammo. It will never let your bullets finish and you don’t need to reload your weapon.


Nowadays, we have seen the Zombie shooting genre flourishing from being simple to high-tech. They have become more realistic with smooth gameplay giving an ultimate survival experience. Although the Dead trigger has many different features increasing the captivity of the player. Yet there are some top-rated features that are generally more popular than others. Let’s figure them out.

1. 33 Countries With Diverse Locations

The objective of Dead Trigger 2 is the removal of zombies from the entire world. By fulfilling every challenge, you’ll be moving to 33 different countries, enjoying new experiences with every mission. You’ll face different species of zombies in all ten regions from the small level to the boss.

2. Inventory Loaded With Weapons

One of the most essential elements of a survival fps is the list of weaponry. Dead Trigger 2 is loaded with many latest and most diverse ammunition from guns to grenades. You can choose from 37 unique weapon types, each of which has pros and cons, that you have to assess wisely. You might cross some highly powerful zombies and to kill them you have to choose even more powerful ammunition.

Dead Trigger 2

3. Exclusive Tournaments

If you want a game in which you can have engaging content then Dead Trigger 2 can be the ideal tip for you. The developers introduce new challenges and tournaments once every week. You can join the fights and battles in a single arena from all over the globe. You must polish your skills and have the ability to be the best.

4. Strategic Controls

Although some first-person shooting games are difficult to play and maintain the ranks. Yet, with the evolution of the gaming industry, developers are finding different ways for improving the gameplay in this genre. Dead Trigger 2 has advanced gameplay with swift control and interactive surroundings. You can also connect a joystick or controller to make your gaming experience better. Moreover, read the features of Kick the Buddy MOD APK.

5. Global Story Mode

Dead Trigger 2 also lets you participate in a cooperative survival scenario with global story mode. In this mode, the story involves background referencing other players that also survived. You can also take part in several missions and related challenges to higher your ranking.

6. Great Graphics

Another primary feature that has kept Dead Trigger 2 standing as one of the top survival games is its artistic graphics and animations. Once you play this game, you’ll find all the other games paler than ever. Graphics are the basics that set the games apart, comparing the characters, and reflecting different requirements. Although you may think of killing zombies as a simple task, with different modes and challenges, it gets hard.


Can we download the game dead trigger 2 mod apk updates?

Yes, just like the original version, with MOD apk you can download the latest updates and unlock levels.

Does dead trigger 2 offline zombie shooter mod apk have an in-app purchase?

No, you don’t need any sort of purchasing within the game due to the MOD apk version. It has automatically unlocked all the features and weapons, you may need to get to the top.

How to earn dead trigger 2 unlimited money and gold on android?

To earn unlimited gold or money, all you have to do is download this MOD apk version on your smartphone. You’ll not only get unlimited coins but also will have every mission and quest unlocked.

Who is the main character of the Dead Trigger series?

In the Dead Trigger franchise, throughout the timeline, you’ll be playing Kyle who is also known as the hero in the video game.

Does dead trigger 2 mod apk android support multiplayer?

Although the first game of the Dead Trigger series doesn’t have a multiplayer option, the sequel has a multiplayer element. It has an unparalleled universe where one player is up against hundred rivals in a battle of the last man standing.


Dead Trigger 2 MOD apk is the successor of the famous zombie fps series. As the previous title ended without completely vanishing the zombies, it continues with them in a wider spectrum. You’ll be able to play with a new character this time having a lot of innovative ammunition and abilities. Just like Stickman Warriors MOD APK, this is known for its high-rated factors including graphics, sound effects, character animation, etc. It has successfully redeemed all the flaws that came up with the earlier version, particularly the loading problem.

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