DINO HUNTER MOD APK: DEADLY SHORES 3.5.9 – (Free Energy) 2023


Publisher Glu
Genre Action
Size 127 MB
Latest Version 3.5.9
Mod Features All Weapons, Unlimited Money & Energy
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If you are looking for the craziest game where you can find Dinosaurs on your planet, and you have to fight for survival, Dino Hunter MOD APK is the best choice. This action amusement is very addictive, having many weapons with which you can show your talent of setting them to death. The game follows the rule of tracking the dinosaurs and attacking them when they do not expect it.

While playing the game, you have to face violence and be careful of the attack by dinosaurs because you can also become their meal. The game makes you feel like fighting with dinosaurs in real, and you may get frightened for a moment too. Among other dinosaur attacking games, this is one of the best for androids with incredible unique features. The reason for its popularity is the game does not let you get bored. Additionally, it is so addictive that it makes you spend many hours without realization. So go and get the title of best Dinosaurs Hunter. Also, play Naxeex Superhero MOD APK.


The gameplay is engaging with the startup of you being a dinosaur hunter. You have to move your character by tapping on the left and right arrows. Additionally, for the sake of looking around and aiming at the dinosaurs, dragging a finger to the middle of the screen is necessary. There is an option of aiming at the left side of the screen and a shooting icon on the right side. Furthermore, you can also zoom in and out.


Every game’s mission has objectives to be accomplished to move to the next task. At the end of the operation, you are going to get a reward according to your performance. On the other side, many weapons have different characteristics, and you have to choose which one is best for the species of dinosaur you are facing. Also, you can upgrade your weapons to improve their stability, power, capacity, reload time, etc. Adding a suppressor to your weapons gives you the advantage of making them noiseless so the enemy would not get alert.

The beautiful locations will make you feel wonderful, but on the other hand, you will face various species of dinosaurs, including Stegosaurus, T-Rex, Spinosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, Titanis, Jungle Mists, etc. Defeating these all need a different strategy which you have to figure out. In the end, you have to fight against the boss dinosaur, which is very difficult but not impossible and can be done by practicing.


The main goal of the dino hunter deadly shores cheat is for the players to go on a real dinosaur hunt as you experience in Rope Hero 3 MOD APK. You will step on a deserted island that no one else has ever done. Here, the most ancient beasts of every kind are living, called Dinosaurs, and you have to fight for your survival.

You are provided with numerous weapons to fight against your rival beasts with exceptional characteristics. It depends upon you how you make a strategy for defeating them. Becoming a hunter of Dinosaurs is not an easy task; only brave people can handle the pressure as well as the created chaos.



1. Hunting Dinosaurs

The giant dinosaurs are waiting to make you their meal, but you need to prey on them instead of becoming their prey. You have to be careful while playing the game as some species of dinosaurs are so vigilant of your existence and attack without wasting a moment.

2. Exclusive Weapons

The game allows you to have the most powerful weapons to hunt your beasts. You can also upgrade your weapons to make them more suitable.

3. Strange Locations

You will visit fearful environments and places like you see in dinosaur movies. Furthermore, you will see some striking green environments too.

4. Quality Graphics And Sound

Dino Hunter Mod APK has eye-catching quality HD graphics that make you feel like facing dinosaurs in real. The quality of animation is superb, as you see in movies. The sound of dinosaurs and background music escalates the pleasure.

5. Unlimited Money And Gold

The moded version of Dino Hunt provides you with unlimited money and gold to upgrade your weapon’s characteristics and much more.

6. Unlocked Weapons and Locations

During the gameplay, you need diverse weapons to defeat different species of dinosaurs. With this game, you have access to all available weapons and do not need to wait to complete the mission to get them as a reward. Additionally, you have all locations unlocked, so enjoy the places of your choice. Also, check the amazing features of Rope Hero MOD APK.


Is there any constraint on age to play a modded version of dino hunter?

Due to violence, the game can be played by 17+ youngsters and children below this age limit; parents must say no to them.

Is there any multiplayer mode available?

You can play the game in single-player mode and multiplayer mode, but you must go online to play in multiplayer mode.


The most exciting dinosaur-hunting game is here to get you entertained. With Dino Hunter Mod APK, you can feel like living in a real dinosaur world and fighting for your survival just like Jurassic Survival MOD APK. The moded version makes it easier by providing you with everything unlimited and unlocked so download the game now.

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