Discord MOD APK 148.14 – Stable – (Premium Unlocked) 2022

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Full Name Discord MOD APK
Publisher Discord Inc.
Genre Communication
Size 67 MB
Latest Version
148.14 – Stable
Mod Features Pro Unlocked
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Do you love being social and are in search of a platform that gives you a chance to do socializing? then keep calm and get the Discord MOD APK downloaded. The one place where you can live your life according to your own way. You will feel immense pleasure while using this app. To get more info about this app, follow the blog, hurry up!

So, yes this Discord pro application is basically a platform for chatting. People belonging to different societies having the same mindsets can chat with each other through this platform. With this outstanding app, you not only have one single way of communication but you have multiple ways of conversation like messages, calling, video calling, etc.

In the past, the basic purpose of this app was to give a platform to gamers to promote gaming but with the passage of time this specification finishes, and now, same as Snapchat MOD APK the Discord pro app is for every person belonging to different communities like music, and entertainment, painting, etc. All the things you like to explore through social media are available on this app. Just download it and become a part of it!


Uses Of Discord Nitro APK

Well, if you’re thinking that, why should you use the Discord nitro apk? Then the answer to your confusion is here. These are some uses of the discord app below:

Just like Messenger MOD APK, there are hundreds of social apps but discord provides you with the best experience ever. This app will help you to grow your fan following by socializing and you can enhance your talents by seeking new things every day. You can create your own community where you can add the people of your desire.

With this app, the whole world is under one touch of yours. You can make calls, video calls, and messages with other people to share your common interests and to cheer up after a hectic routine. With the help of Discord premium apk, you can hang out with your friends. This application lets you familiarize yourself with the unknown ones. You just have to download it to enjoy its use without any interruption.

Discord MOD

Features Of Discord Nitro MOD APK

There are incredible features of this app by which you will decide whether you have to download this app or not.

1. Create Your Community

Discord is really an amazing app because it provides you with a platform where you can create your own community to gossip, share happenings, and for many other positive purposes. You can add your friends, family members, and many others from all over the world into your community to hang out and have fun same as Instapro APK.

You can customize the setting of the group with your choice. It’s totally up to you. Not only customize you can organize your community by giving different roles to different people from the community.

2. Stay Connected

In the Discord nitro apk, you can easily keep in touch with your friends, fans, and many other people that relate to your mind of thoughts by voice and video calls and with texts. Now, keeping in touch with the world is one finger away through discord. And maybe this connection gives you a chance to make sincere friends.

3. Custom Channels

This app not only permits you to talk with each other but also can create a custom channel of your choice. With the help of this channel, the user can convey his thoughts to the world. These channels are about music, games, cooking, etc. You just have to create your channel and share it within the communities.

Discord APK

4. Privacy And Security Concerns

Discord Nitro MOD APK will take care of your privacy and security very much. You can use 2FA-Two factor Authentication to protect yourself. You just have to create an account on this app and then enable 2FA. But, before using discord one must have an authenticator application on his or her mobile phone so that they feel no inconvenience.

5. Chance To Get Closer

Want to get closer to your friends? Get the discord mod downloaded for you. Here you can make group calls, video calls, send messages, do meetings, and share screens for anything. With all these options you have a chance to get closer to your friends and loved ones. You can also talk privately with the option of direct message. Discord never disappoints you at all!

6. Controlled Notifications

All is messed up if the app doesn’t have the option of quitting the notification, especially when you are a member of many groups. One more time you have no need to worry because of Discord Premium APK. Go to the settings and then notify. Here you can change the setting of your mobile according to your easiness.

Now, the notifications related to this app will not disturb you at all. Isn’t it relaxing? Because no one needs these hundreds of notifications on screen. Notifications disturb the sequence of your work and sometimes divert your attention also. So, turning the notification off is the only solution.

7. Add Folders

Yes, fortunately, Discord MOD APK will let you create folders to organize things. That means now you can make folders and keep the related things in the folders separately. It is very helpful if you are a member of different groups. Your important things are now saved in the form of separate folders.

You think, how can you create the folders? Right? It is very simple. You can make a related folder by dragging the server from the left-hand of the window. You can also change the name and color of the folder to make things more clear.

8. Spoiler Tags

Discord MOD menu provides you an option to use the spoiler tag to make things more prominent for your people. Use “||” these lines in both corners of the text to highlight them. With these tags, you will experience good traffic because these spoiler tag urges a person to open up the related thing.

9. Ad-Free Experience

In the real discord app, you’ll interrupt by many paid or free ads. This advertisement can easily distract your mind and you can’t focus on your work. This will surely interrupt your activity no matter what you are doing. But in this moded version, you’ll get an ad-free screen to enjoy. With no ad on screen while using the app, you will feel so relaxed and focused.


Discord MOD APK undoubtedly would be the best option for you if you want to be social with a safe app. It’s like a home where you can make friends, observe people, become a part of different communities, and many more to do. If you are not using this app yet, download it from the given link. Absolute pleasure is waiting for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Discord a beneficial application for streamers?

Yes, of course, this is a very useful app if you are a youtube stream or twitch user. You can connect discord to your accounts to enjoy a good relationship between you and your subscribers. Your work is going on, no matter if you are online or not.

Are there any Discord Bots for the users?

Yes, there are many discord bots, some are free and some require money for purchasing. These bots are used to moderate the system.

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