Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK 7.0.2a – (All Unlocked) 2023

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Full Name Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK
Publisher Gameloft SE
Genre Simulation
Size 112 MB
Latest Version 7.0.2a
Mod Features Unlimited Gems & Coins
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Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK stands among some top-rated single-player simulation that has been created to bring the genre to another level. Most people often look at dragons as a sign of terror and disgust. Most cultures resemble these creatures’ demons. However, this game is on the cheerful animated side of dragons.

Throughout the game, you have to interact with dragons by choosing them, gathering squads, and upgrading these creatures to fight in a clash. Dragon mania legends bring soothing and calming aspects to your gaming experience introducing you to the happening side of dragons. Being an online game, it is the best way to reflect your high-graded skills in terms of strategies and leadership, playing with the community on the web. In this blog, we’ll be disclosing some distinctive characteristics of the dragon mania legends mod apk latest version.


Dragon mania mod apk android is all about training your dragon for preparing it for an ultimate battle with opponents just like Dragon Battle MOD APK from different kingdoms. These dragons have unique qualities making the game engaging and strategic. You play as a team leader whose responsibility is to pick powerful dragons to win every battle they have to face.

Dragon Mania Legends APK

Not only must your dragon be powerful but the characters must also have some skill set and power points that are earned. You can also upgrade the power scores of your dragons by letting them eat fruits from the farm. Thanks to the modded version, you can access all the locked features without any cost.

The game offers an HD display with boosting sound. There are around a hundred missions to conquer with many different locations. Moreover, you can choose between more than 700 dragons to assemble your powerful clan. Dragon mania legend is loaded with many diverse characteristics making it an incredible single-player simulator.


Just like Dragon Village MOD APK, the story revolves around the entire era where dragon breeding is a noble art that can be later trained to fight against rival kingdoms. The major part of the game consists of taking care of and breeding baby dragons to get them started with the training for transforming them into incredible fighters.

It is considered to be the most entertaining virtual dragon breeding simulator with smooth graphics and engaging gameplay adding a hint of addictiveness for the gamers. You can observe these creatures quite closely at every step from warming up the eggs to creating an environment for a perfect hatch. If you’re interested in different types of dragons then it is your fantasy in a nutshell. Another essential aspect of the story is the numerous breeds of dragons that come across. You should gather as many dragons as you can to make them ace every skill to build a powerful team.

Dragon Mania Legends


Dragon mania legends hacked apk gameplay is quite simple and smooth with multiple side quests that can easily be completed by every gamer, regardless of age. Some of the missions have a certain time limit in which you have to complete the mission to earn extra points. Moreover, there’s a specific energy bar that deducts a certain level after playing each level. Each energy bar is restored within the 15-minute counter. You have the opportunity to finish every task as fast as you can and you’ll get more rewards if you spend less time. When using the dragon mania legends mod apk, you have unlimited everything.

There are different playing modes, you can either fight in a clash with your trained dragons or can spend time on your farm. Not only that but you can also enhance farm structure and other necessities.


1. Unlimited Diamonds And Coins

In this version of dragon mania legends, the players receive unlimited diamonds and coins that help them later in-App purchases. You can now easily purchase the required things because you have never-ending coins and diamonds.

2. All things Unlocked

In dragon mania legends you have to wait for new things after completing the levels. But if you download the mod version from this page then you will get all things unlocked. In short, the wait is over now you can get all the things easily that you want.

3. No Ads

Ads spoil the rhythm of any game, and create trouble if shown in the mid of the game so, the mod version is best for you. Because it blocks all the ads automatically. Ad-free gaming experience provides you peace of mind. Also, download Dragon City MOD APK.


Other than training the dragons and flourishing the farm, you can enjoy many detailed features to get closer to the dragons. A few of those features are mentioned:

1. Pet & Breed Dragons

You can easily choose among a huge range of around 800 dragons that you can pet as you would any real-life animal. These can be your virtual pets that need the same love and affection. With the apk version, you can try out different species and hatch their young versions. So that you can polish your skills with certain elements and powers.

2. Escape Your Way To A Mystical World

You can take your beloved dragons on a mystical journey around the magical land. Move across several villages and win back the ones in captivation. Moreover, you can build and decorate homes for yourself and your dragons. It is your chance to draft your story and live your dream.

Dragon Mania Legends MOD

3. Update Your Collection

It is essential to upgrade your dragon collection from time to time. You can wander to kingdoms with multiple islands, making up to 100 different locations. All you have to do is complete all the missions and side quests through portals to gather rare species of dragons. Moreover, you can train them and upgrade them to fight so that you can win every battle.

4. Polish Your Skills With The Community

You can polish your skills with many community games online. In between these games, you can make new friends, visit the world they’ve created, and give each other rewards to bring your friendship to a new domain. This game also has chat features to compile strategies and discuss the animal you can choose. Also, check out Gold And Goblins MOD APK.


Now that we’ve almost finished the blog, you might have several questions buzzing in your mind. Some of the prominent questions are stated below:

Can we play dragon mania mod apk offline?

It would be difficult to play this game offline as it is all about playing with the online community to increase ranking. So, it is necessary to have a sound internet connection before playing the game.

How do you get rid of a dragon in dragon mania legends mod apk free download?

Only the trainers of any particular dragon can get rid of it. You can achieve it by either selling or upgrading them entirely. The only dragons that cannot be sold further ahead are Clan Dragons and Chronos.

Is it easy to breed dragons in the game?

Yes, breeding dragons within the game are quite simple. You only need to match two adult dragons and take them to a breeding den for letting the magic happen. The duration for breeding is not only depends on the elements dominating both the dragons but on the dragon that has been bred.

What items can you trade in the dragon mania legend apk?

Some of the most prominent items that you can trade among each other are gifts and rewards. These can be shared among friends through the home screen of the game.


Dragon mania legend mod apk is one of the most powerful games being at the top of the virtual pet simulation genre. It has given an adorable touch to the monstrous dragon. You can now train your dragon just like in the movie and gather them up within your team for ultimate battles. Dragon mania legend is incorporated every element of a soothing game with friendly gameplay and smooth cozy graphics. The modded version unlocks many new features that you don’t get to play in the original version. This way you can get the ultimate experience without putting in any effort.

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