Dragon Village MOD APK 13.59 – (Unlimited Gems & No Ads) 2023

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Full Name Dragon Village MOD APK
Publisher Tap Pocket
Genre Simulation
Size 94.2 MB
Latest Version 13.59
Mod Features Unlimited Gold & Food
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The world of fantasies does not leave us even when we become adults and are consumed by daily mundane routines! Download Dragon Village MOD APK and see all your fantasies become real as you discover some of the fiercest creatures and become a hero! This simulation game has a lot of surprises. When you begin this game, it may be to pass your free time, but once you get hooked, you will start taking time for it! The best way to enjoy this game is to discover the various kinds of dragons and feel refreshed after the multiple kinds of conquests.

Dragon Village Mod APK Offline or online game is full of excitement and there are so many exciting things to enjoy! Not only do players get to see the various kinds of dragons in scenic locations, but they will also get to conquer the world. The dragons will be divided into elements like earth, water, and air and you have to use the five evolutions to bring the game to the top. With the modified version of this game, you get to enjoy the Dragon Village cheats that other players will be unaware of, and that’s your trump card.

Moreover, the magic Dragon Village breeding guide will help you find more kinds of dragons and create new breeds that will possess the qualities of all the dragons. You will be able to go from volcanoes and mountains to shipwrecks and oceans. Just like Dragon City MOD APK, The mod version of this game is all about more rewards, and more fun!

Dragon Village APK


What makes the gameplay of this game special is its fantastic features, and the player’s ability to do much more than in other versions. Dragon Village Mod APK is a full ride and all players will love the simple controls and the exciting turns.

The screen is all displayed and the control menu does not occupy most of the scenery. Players can manage the cheats easily, and all the navigation guides are much simpler. When players go from one level to another, the excellent transition will be hard to give up if you have to end the game for the day. You may also like the gameplay of Dragon Battle MOD APK.


When you download Dragon Village Mod APK, there will be various features that will be available to you. These features make you a pro before you know it. Check them out here:

1. Wider Range Of Dragons

When you start the Dragon Village Mod APK, there will be more dragons for you to choose from, and the variety is quite exciting! There are some dragons that have a higher speed, others spitfire, and then some have other strengths. You can enjoy any of them!

2. Customization Is The Game

Many players feel that a good game will allow them to customize the colors, the scenes, and the characters. Well, this game has all of that. You will love the options and the custom menu will make you spend even more time on the game!

Dragon Village MOD

3. Multiplayer

The game is not just a dragon galore, but it allows you to play with friends and people from all around the world. Dragon Village is an excellent way to meet new people and spend quality time competing against each other and making way to win over the world of dragons.

4. Unlimited Rewards

The Dragon Village Mod APK unlimited money and gems is an excellent way to make the game more interesting. You can use these rewards to improve the characters, take more attempts and refill lives. The game keeps getting more exciting when you use the rewards, reach higher and again make more money!

5. Dungeon Stage Mode

The Dungeon Stage allows you to display your skills and tame dragons to earn bigger rewards. Players from all over the world compete against each other and the more you are against, the more you will be able to improve!

6. Leaderboard

The players can compete with all the other players on Dragon Village Mod APK and the higher you are on the board, there will be rewards and you can use all of them to reach higher. The weekly or daily rewards according to rank will be an exciting reason to log on daily.

7. Unique Moves

The dragons in the modified version of Dragon Village have unique moves and a whole lot of skills that are not a part of the other versions. When you try and make the dragons learn more, they will offer you a lot of new ways to win each level!

8. Excellent Graphics

The three-dimensional scenes and the excellent graphics are a great way to enjoy any game. The scenes look real and the dragons look interesting same as Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK. The graphics and the sound effects make all the difference. Imagine playing a simple game that does not have three-dimensional graphics and plain characters. The fun will never be enough to make you want to log on again and again.


Is Dragon Village free?

The modded version of Dragon Village is absolutely free and you can download it in easy steps. There will be no part of the game when you are going to pay for anything. The best way to enjoy this game is with this version!

Will I be able to play this game without any tutorial?

The Dragon Village game is not only easy to understand but it is simple at every stage. Moreover, the menu is very simple and explains everything. You can enjoy every level and it will be a refreshing use of time.


Dragon Village Mod APK is an excellent game to play with dragons and win various conquests. The unlimited rewards, simple gameplay, and a lot of features make it interesting. You can enjoy so many fun scenes, and tame dragons to win prizes and rank higher among players from all over the world. Also, play Gold And Goblins MOD APK.

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