Dream League Soccer MOD APK 10.050 – (All Unlocked & Mega Menu) 2023

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Full Name Dream League Soccer MOD APK
Publisher First Touch Games Ltd.
Genre Sports
Size 353 MB
Latest Version 10.050
Mod Features Unlimited Everything
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Dream League Soccer MOD APK is a premium football game that will become the favorite of all football fans out there. This game has so many exciting turns and you get to enjoy the game too! How many of you want to play football but can’t because you are tied down by the daily routine and the rut of working harder to do something with your life? This game is for you if you love football but are bound by work.

Soccer is an amazing game and the cheers of the crowd, the team spirit, and even the colors of the uniform are an amazing way to refresh your nerves. Watching a match is always fun, just imagine how it would be if you play on your android and enjoy this game as a player and as a spectator as well. Get to know more about DLS 22 Mod APK and you will want to own the game. Also, play FIFA Mobile MOD APK.



The game begins in the arena where you are a part of the top team and every player who plays alongside is a premier league player same as Soccer Stars MOD APK. The excitement of playing along, and then getting a chance to lead all of them is surely an excitement for all soccer fans. Players get to enjoy the same fame and can strategize the soccer match to make the outcome more exciting. Every player is going to be waiting for your call and this feature makes so many other features thrilling.

If you want to play soccer, this game is a perfect story of success, and victory will be near if you use all the moves carefully. DLS 19 is a popular game, and the mod version allows players to create a team, assign roles and make the most of their skills. You will simultaneously be playing against highly skilled players. This means that you will have to constantly improve your game.

Dream League Soccer MOD


This game is so easy to play that you will not have to concentrate on controls and can be involved in the game fully. The minute the game begins, you will have to make the move and take over the team. The graphics and sound effects of this game are so amazing that you will enjoy the cheers, the whistles, and even the name chants! The three-dimensional picture will keep you riveted and the clarity of each detail makes it most exciting.

The best soccer stars in the world are on your team and opposite, players of DLS 19 are going to always remain entertained and we did not mention the commentary yet! The commentary is another adrenaline rush feature because it adds to your speed. Imagine how exciting it is if the commentator is talking about you and admiring your game style. It will put you in higher gear every time you are about to reach the goal just like Top Eleven MOD APK.


DLS 22 has so many interesting features and this mod version has even more! There are so many unique features that are not in the original game. You will love each of them and this game will be your favorite pastime.

Dream League Soccer

1. Improve Your Skills

DLS 22 is a soccer game and it needs players to keep improving their skills. Players will have to sharpen their thought processes and make the most of the features to become better players than they were in the previous game. Remember, you are against the premium players, and that means you will need to be at par.

2. DLS 22 Hack

The hacks of this game make it easier to take the lead and pass the ball with more strength. The hacks also ensure that your team gets ahead of the competitor team by making the right passes and avoiding any yellow or red cards. Moreover, these hacks get you the right angle to strike the ball for a goal.

Dream League Soccer APK

3. Face Off

You get to participate in tournaments and strike against players. You will also get to enjoy a face-off against the player of choice. This face-off includes fighting against one another and creating strategies with quick thinking, and solid gameplay that gives you an edge over the player.

4. Real Teams And Real Rules

The Dream League Soccer MOD APK has real players and the game follows all the same rules on screen as it does on the field. Players love this game because it is realistic and there are so many fun aspects that will allow you to enjoy the chants, cheers, arena feeling, and even the pressure and time stress of the game. And when you score a goal, the feeling is precious. Moreover, you may also love Mini Football MOD APK.

5. Unlimited Money

The best feature of the mod version is that you get an unlimited stock of money. This game currency helps in many customizations, uniform designing, and even getting accuracy in games. This money can get you to enjoy many good aspects of the mod version.


When you decide to be a part of the premium league soccer team, here is the simple way to download the game:

  • Remove all older versions of the game.
  • Click on Download Here.
  • Allow the phone settings to store the game and use phone sound.
  • Create an icon and open it.
  • Create your profile.
  • Begin playing!


Is this game free?

This game is absolutely free and all the in-game purchases are with the game currency. You will enjoy every menu option and strength-building with this unlimited money stash.

Can I play the game at 15?

Of course! Young boys and girls will love the energy of the game. You can enjoy every match and create strategies to win the game with a wide margin!


Dream League Soccer MOD APK is an exciting game of soccer and you get to play alongside world-famous players. The strategy, gameplay, and even managing the team will keep you thrilled throughout the round. And when you win, this game gives you more challenging and exciting matches to win! This game will help you pass your time well.

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