Emergency HQ MOD APK 1.7.15 – (Speed Up) 2022

Emergency HQ MOD APK is one of the incredible cooperative RPG simulators developed to promote the hardships of frontliners. It can be epic for educational purposes as it portrays the daily life of lawful citizens who are designated to save lives. Throughout the game, the dangerous and thrilling aspects of their jobs are gracefully combined by the developers, Promotion Software GmbH.

You can now experience the most happening and draining scenarios they come across every day. These scenarios include helping people in need, time management, putting out major fires, rescuing survivors, catching culprits, and adding unforgettable moments in your memory journal.

Full Name Emergency HQ MOD APK
Publisher Promotion Software GmbH
Genre Strategy
Size 41 MB
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Mod Features Unlimited Money & Speed Up
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For those who’re fond of role-playing games and scenarios then there is an extensive range of features specific to cater to them. It works within all the frontline departments including firefighters, paramedics, police officers, technical workers, and others. In this blog, we’ll be exploring a little more about emergency HQ mod.

Emergency HQ MOD

About Emergency HQ MOD APK

Emergency HQ mod is known to be a simulation game that starts with a major incident that dramatically affected the situation. This event contains a burnt building through which you get to rescue survivors. That’s where you decide to be a frontliner. The main aim of the game is to save innocent lives, however, if there’s a culprit involved or a collapsing building then you can earn extra credit by saving it.

Promotion Software GmbH has claimed to have a wide variety of different features. These features let the players learn law and order situations, rescue procedures, health circumstances, management, leadership, and more. Every player controls different teams and emergency units throughout the game for smooth operations.

You’ll be playing as the leader commanding others to tackle the major situation coming across. The game teaches you different aspects of life and how helping others is a precious deed.

Emergency HQ Hacks Storyline

The story of Emergency HQ revolves around the saving and helping nature of frontliners. If you don’t have any experience with such a game then you may find it difficult to accomplish different challenges. However, in the beginning, you’re just there as an alliance to support other members of the rescue team.

This game associates the players with many life-changing challenges that the rescue team comes across daily. These scenarios include fighting crime, dealing with terrorists, rescuing survivors, saving animals, getting into a burning building, and whatnot. Although the city has many, you still have to build your own facility centers and units.

The best thing about the game is the ability to upgrade the characters, vehicles, headquarters, and units whenever you want. You can upgrade fire or police trucks, rescue centers, paramedical equipment, headquarters, and staff uniforms or avatars. All these upgrades can boost the performance of your rescue team in any challenge giving you many chances of winning and polishing your skills.

Emergency HQ APK

Emergency HQ Cheats Gameplay

Emergency HQ is said to have one of the easiest gameplay when it comes to RPG simulators. Just imagine a game being easy to play and then multiply the easiness by a thousand, that’s how casual and fun this game is. The major aspect that makes it easy is that you don’t have to invest any time in choosing the correct button to press or sections to observe.

Initially, you’re given a tutorial on getting started with the game and storyline. It will guide you on what to do in every department. Well, this doesn’t mean that all the paths and strategies to win will be well-defined. You’ll have to implement intuitive gameplay that increases your progress just without investing many brains in the game.

For instance, if there’s a burning building situation, you have to determine all the chances to get to the survivors, the risk factors, the entrance and exit points, and the number of members to use with their positions. This determination can result in a successful operation. You’ll be responsible for leading your team without risking their lives but making sure to get all the work done in an effective manner.

Features Of Emergency HQ MOD APK

Just like Bus Simulator Ultimate MOD APK, Emergency HQ cheats android is one of the most interesting role-playing simulators that involves sticking to many challenging tasks. The game involves many different features that make it stand among the best. Some of these features are listed below:

1. Call Your Rescue Team

You can create your own rescue teams with members of different workforces. After the formation of the team, it’ll be your objective to protect the citizens and the city from every kind of emergency. You’ll be free to explore crime scenes or vulnerable buildings for investigation or rescue purposes to save many lives.

2. Maintain Organized Atmosphere

Now that you’ve formed your rescue team, it is time to deploy them. You can utilize the given equipment, technologies, and other services so that the environment is completely organized and functioning. For more appropriately running of the system, you can also get in touch with the other departments, in case of necessity.

3. Fight Through Accidents

Every day thousands of accidents are occurring with thousands of unsolved cases waiting for rescue teams to explore and investigate. However, your team can also come across accidents and you have to rescue others while fulfilling them. These obstacles include fuel shortage, water shortage, and equipment missing. It is your job to be prepared for any situation.

4. Join Other Team Mission

As you’d know, you’re not the only one working in the city on different missions. So, you can help other rescue teams with their challenges and join their missions.

5. Build Your Headquarters

You can build your own headquarter for interacting with the Emergency HQ community around the world, quite effectively.


Emergency HQ mod apk stands among the most interesting and innovative RPG simulations crediting the frontliners. It is a learning experience for children as well as adults who want to serve in any workforce. The gameplay displays extraordinary graphics, engaging sound effects, and an epic storyline.

You get to take part in contradictory situations, challenging quests, side missions, life-saving operations, and much more. All thanks to the mod version of the game, you get to have unlimited money and access to all the locked features without any hassle. The gameplay involved reinforcement learning because if you lose any task, you can always start again and ace the target.

It can be noted as an addictive, engaging, and thoughtful experience. So, what’s left to do? Download the game emergency HQ mod apk now to experience the challenges and dangers.

Download MOD APK

Frequently Asked Questions

As we’ve come across the end of the blog, you have found many points of the game interesting. We have tried to answer a few of your queries down below:

Is emergency HQ hack free to play?

The emergency HQ modded version is completely free to play without any advertisements. Even if you want to update the game, even then you don’t have to spend a penny.

How to get emergency HQ mod apk unlimited money?

If you want to have unlimited money in your emergency HQ depository then all you have to do is download the mod apk file of the game. It offers free access to unlimited money with all the features also unlocked.

Is emhq hack safe to use?

Yes, as long as you have an Android operating system and you’re downloading the mod apk version of emergency HQ from our site, then we can guarantee safety. The apk version is tested and scanned from almost all antivirus software, giving it the clearance to maintain security.

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