Evil Lands MOD APK 2.2.7 – (Unlimited Money) 2022

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Full Name Evil Lands MOD APK
Publisher Rage Quit Games LLC
Genre Role-Playing
Size 132 MB
Latest Version 2.2.7
Mod Features Unlimited Money & Gems
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Download Evil Lands MOD APK to enter the world of malice and destruction as a hero! You will love this game as it has unique features and the story is mesmerizing in itself! We all have found numerous heroes of the past to be impressive, and history shows that their feats of bravery will be remembered for many more years to come! Do you want to experience a hero’s life? If yes, read on.

Action games and hero games that make you feel good about your fights and save goodness are always great ways to pass time. Just like legends, you will be saving the earth from evil and all those who carry ill intentions. Every step of this game will make you feel more upright, and that is a great feeling!

Evil Lands Hacks Storyline

The devil’s world is thriving and the whole planet is steeped in gloom and they need a savior. As soon as you enter the game, you bring in some hope as you fight evil, and save humanity from the devil’s claws. Each step of the game will make you feel more confident about how the goodness of your heart can fight evil.

Evil Lands

Moreover, the kings of various lands are good administrators but they need a hero to fight their battles. The steps of the game are individual battles, each adding up to a good fight against evil forces. This story is mesmerizing and gives every player a feeling of well-being as they polish their skills to win the game.

Evil Lands Cheats Gameplay

Just like Frostborn MOD APK, this game controls and the maneuvering of the hero against the evil forces is an excellent layout as every player can adopt it within minutes. You will see all the modified version perks on one side of the screen and will be able to make easy choices when it comes to various techniques of killing evil. Beware, there are so many options that you might need time to think about them.

Features Of Evil Lands MOD APK

There are many features of this game but the modified version gives players something extra to learn and execute every time they log in. Check out some of the most unique features of this game.

1. Realistic Battles

Evil Lands has all the sceneries and war techniques from medieval times. The authentic and historic warfare of the medieval ages is a part of this story which gives it a realistic feel. Players feel like they have traveled back in time and the character they are playing is real! A blend of modern warfare and musical effects that tell you something is coming up is an added feature for all Mod AP players.

Evil Lands APK

2. Evil Lands Hacks APK

The hacks and easy ways out of a sticky situation make this game a more fun version than all others because every player love to take lead. The hacks will allow players some shortcuts and some excellent ways to deal with the devil’s army!

3. Unlimited Money

Who doesn’t want a rich experience in the game? When you are a hero from the past, you might as well have enough money to improve your gameplay by buying extra lives, more weapons, and strength. The unlimited money that you get at the beginning of the game will take you to a lot of places! You will be able to buy more features and customize the game according to your wishes.

4. Crystal

Crystal is like the secret power of the player. With this gem, you can beat the enemy with ease as it gets you various hacks in play. Evil Lands is all about the magic of saving the world, and the crystal is your helper in getting it all done easily.

5. Open World Map

Have you played games that do not allow the players to see what is ahead if they pass a level? Evil Lands Mod APK has unlocked levels and you have a whole world map to explore ahead of the levels that you win. Each location on the map has a different challenge and you will love the exciting and exotic sceneries.

Evil Lands MOD

6. Extraordinary Graphics

The wonderful and realistic graphics of this game make it worth your time just like Inotia 4 MOD APK. If a game has an excellent story but it does not have three-dimensional and realistic graphics, players will not enjoy them. With Evil Lands you will enjoy every challenge due to the real graphics and accurate depiction.

7. Choice Of Character

Evil Lands allows players to select their hero from any class or stature that they please. If you want a military leader to be your hero for the day, or if you think that a poor peasant must rise to glory, the selection is completely yours! Many players like to practice skills with army and defense characters. However, if you want to enjoy a success story in the making, you can select a poor farmer as the hero.

8. One Hit

The one-hit feature of Evil Lands Mod APK will allow players to get the most out of their challenge. This hit is any player’s ticket to killing evil with a single blow. If you want to focus all your powers on one thing and then make the most of it with an outcome that is in your favor, this feature will be your favorite.


Evil Lands Mod APK is an excellent download for all those who want to experience being a hero. You will enjoy the advanced graphics and some adventure to remember! Get the game now and start playing, and you will feel good about yourself!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Evil Lands for all ages?

Yes everyone can play Evil Lands as it is a simple strategy game and does not have any bloodshot violence. Yes, there are battles in the game but they are not as violent as various adventure games available.

Which android phone is best for this game?

If you have android 5.0, you can download this game and enjoy it whenever you have the time to play a few rounds. The graphics and game challenges are smooth and supported by Android 5.0 and above.

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