Extra Lives MOD APK 1.14 – (Full Unlocked With All Locations) 2023

Extra Lives

Full Name Extra Lives MOD APK
Publisher MDickie
Genre Action
Size 49 MB
Latest Version 1.14
Mod Features Everything Unlocked
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Download Extra Lives MOD APK if you are an apocalypse and zombie revolution fan. This game is full of action, strategy, and many other things. Get a quick download here on this page, because we selected this game for you and that’s not all, there are added features and many other things that you will not get elsewhere.

Any videogame becomes exciting when players can carry out various kinds of action sequences, and use special kinds of moves and weapons to enhance their gameplay. When you begin playing this game, you will wonder how you never got to know about its fantastic story and interesting gameplay earlier. Get to know what this game offers, and you will soon be among the top players of this game. Please check out Silent Castle MOD APK.

Extra Lives MOD


The story of this game begins as you enter the world of eight war factions, each with a unique style of battle and their set ideology of what is right. You have to go against each of these factions, which consist of zombie leagues and humans that are falling prey to the zombie attack. Your mission is to defeat these enemies and form relations with more than 200 characters in the game. You can either make them your friends or foes so that you can use or manipulate their qualities to get closer to your goal.

Each move towards success is going to win you extraordinary rewards. These rewards will be your progress as they are the stepping stones to finding more power, more weapons, and a better defense system to combat the enemy. The combat system of this game is inspired by the Wrestling Revolution series, which is a fantastic entertainer for all players. You can use your bare hands, or even use the machine muscle to get ahead. The result will be a better universe, where you rule and your ideology will prevail.

Extra Lives APK


This game is full of exciting turns and so many intriguing scenes that any zombie adventure player will love. The graphics are great and you get to enjoy the various scenes in full color and with amazing sound effects. Moreover, the controls are too easy for all players to adjust to, as there are no tutorials for them. You can slide right into the game because of the easier gameplay and the simple control panel, which anyone can operate. The various characters are detailed and the vast menu options give you the chance to enjoy the game even more.

The reward program at the end of each battle will win more power and open up a new world of success for players. These rewards are the game currency with which you can get better weapons and more. The name Extra Lives Mod APK suggests that you need to survive longer than the zombies and the Mod APK features will make it possible. Let’s see what kinds of features you will get with this game. Also, play Dead Target MOD APK.

Extra Lives MOD APK GAME


Mod features are the extra features that you get by downloading the game here only. Some of these features are here:

1. Infinite Upgrades

This feature means that you will be getting upgraded versions of all the characters. Not only is this going to be an exclusive and unique offer, but it will be more entertaining to get the characters that have more qualities.

2. Unlocked Customizations

There are so many customizations in the game that players will feel as if the game is looking exactly like they would design it. Every character, accessory, weapon, and even the details of the game theme can be customized to make you feel as if you are in the game.

3. Unlocked Challenges

If you download any other version, there will be some zombie action locked away for those who pay for it. This version allows players to enjoy every challenge as it will be unlocked and easy to play with all the other menu options open for you.

4. Unlimited Rewards

The unlimited money you receive in every round is a big bonus. This money enables you to concentrate on improvements, and even carry out battles in a way that you get even more rewards. The money stash will get you better weapons, more lives, and more power against the enemy.

5. No Ads

There are going to be no timed ads and no interruptions when you are playing. Whenever players select a game to play in their free time, they want to spend every minute on the game and not on the ads. This game is free from all these distractions. Please check the modded version of Horrorfield MOD APK.

Extra Lives Game


Extra Lives has many attractive features and you can check them out here:

1. Graphic Quality

The picture is high definition and the sound effects are also great. This game will give you a more detailed picture which will make you feel more included in each battle. Even the high-definition characters are going to be riveting.

2. Challenging Rounds

Each battle is a new challenge and will keep you engaged. These rounds require dedication, proper weapon use, and even the use of the various characters in the game. There are so many moves that can help you win.

3. All Locations

The battle locations where you fight the other factions are interesting spots that have unique hurdles and obstacles. Some of the war zones are the streets and others also present exotic places such as the beachside or the mountains. Enjoy each of these locations in the game.

4. Unique Weapons

Players get the opportunity to play with all kinds f shooting guns and war weapons that will be instrumental in ending the zombies so that they become the winner. The regular version of the game has some locked weapons that open up when you have gathered enough rewards.

5. Less Space Usage On Android Phones

This game does not take up enough space on the android device, which means that your apps and other phone functions will not get impacted and you can enjoy the regular version without any hang-ups, or slowing down of the device.


We liked Extra Lives Mod APK because of the zombie theme with a twist. The variety of characters and all that they add to the game is not only exciting but will make you sharp in decision-making and other qualities such as better planning. You will learn when to use a particular character and when to go solo with the battle.

We selected this game as our zombie genre topper because it has all the thrilling and bone-chilling war zones that zombie-loving players enjoy. Moreover, so many people have downloaded it already that when you discuss this game among friends, they would already be playing this game. The overwhelming response makes this game more likable. Also, read out feedback about Unkilled MOD APK too.


Extra Lives Mod APK download is simple because you only have to click once. Make sure your phone allowed downloads from different sources and once that is done, you will click on Download Here and begin the download to complete within seconds. The APK file must be downloaded to complete the premium features menu list.

Many games are fun but the complicated downloading makes them tough. However, you will like this game from the minute you get it on the phone. There is going to be no information sharing or profile sharing with other players so you can enjoy the game with full security.


Are all the features free?

Yes, all the features are free and can get you so many different facilities in the game that you will enjoy playing every round. You will not have to pay any money to get these features.

Can I play this game with friends?

This is not a multiplayer game but you can compare your rewards and battle levels with your friends.

What kinds of battles are in the game?

The game has various war zones and you will get specialized weapons to beat the zombies. These war rounds are inspired by Wrestling Revolution, which focuses on physical fighting as well as the use of machines.


Extra Lives Mod APK is a unique zombie game that has more than 200 characters, numerous weapons, several power boosters, and a lot of moves that will make you win. The special features in this game will add to your free time because they will be entertaining and since there are no ads, you enjoy getting your free time purely through the exciting gameplay and thrilling story.

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