Fort Conquer MOD APK 1.2.4 – (Unlimited Money) 2022

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Full Name Fort Conquer MOD APK
Publisher DroidHen
Genre Strategy
Size 24 MB
Latest Version 1.2.4
Mod Features Unlimited Everything
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Wild animals and beasts are a big scare in the real world, but what if we told you that you can make a team of beasts and defeat the wild, and evil beasts of the wild? Fort Conquer MOD APK is a new game that is becoming famous because of the challenges of fighting beasts. This game is available on android phones and can keep you entertained when you feel bored and stressed out.

This game has a new theme, which is quite different from the car races and ring-wresting fights that we all have played and enjoyed in the past. Fort Conquer transports you to the world of wild animals and natural, fierce, and aggressive fights that require strategy. This game will be able to keep you busy for hours, so are you ready to play it?

Story Of Fort Conquer Hack APK

The story of Fort Conquer Mod APK is simple and interesting much like Total Conquest MOD APK. There are wild beasts and dragons that are taking over, and you have to beat them in every challenge to get ahead of them. As you beat these dragons, you win money, which can be used to fight with more strength, skills, and power. The more you play, the stronger you will be.

Fort Conquer MOD

The rewards in the game help make you a stronger fighter and your strategy will help in getting the victory. Players have to pick a team, train them and fight these beasts that do not know the ethics of the game so you have to be prepared for all kinds of attacks.

The story of this game is interesting and it has numerous turns and twists that are more riveting than the previous rounds of the game. Once you conquer the enemy, you are inside the fort of protection and your enemy can do you no harm. You can select the beasts to fight with you and as tamed pets, these animal-like creatures will obey their leader, and that is you. The game’s story is in your hands so you should be prepared to make all kinds of moves, and command the team even if you decide to only be the controller and not one of the fighters.

Gameplay Of Fort Conquer Game

The gameplay is straightforward and quite easy to handle. There are numerous beasts coming in from all sides. Your taming skills will make your team a worthy competitor as these team players are also beasts! They understand how the opponents operate, yet they ensure that they obey your command. So your taming skills will be coupled up with the team of beasts who will be ready to beat their enemy.

Just like Lords Mobile MOD APK, the controls of the game are simple and you do not need to move your eyes away from the game. The more you are involved in the game, the better the results! Fort Conquer is all about winning the game with strategy and that is why it eventually makes you a sharp thinker and develops your strategy-planning skills. Start playing the game and enjoy the various features that add more spice to the fights!

Features Of Fort Conquer MOD APK

There are so many exciting features that make the mod version of Fort Conquer a must for your android phone game collection. Check out what this game has to offer you!

Fort Conquer APK

1. Fort Conquer Cheats

The cheats in the game will help you tame the beast faster, take advantage of the wild beasts by overwhelming them, and carry out different moves to scare them away! This feature is exclusively available in the mod version.

2. Unlimited Gems, Coins, And Money

The mod version’s amazing features include a bank of money at the beginning, along with some amazing coins and gems rewards. The rewards will be greater than the ones in other versions of the game.

3. Excellent Graphics

The realistic graphics and sound effects of this game make it an adventure every time. Players love to indulge in games that have real picture quality and great sound effects.

4. Unlocked Beast Characters

Every character of the beast in the game is unlocked and you can select them to be a part of your fierce team. The skills and power vary with each character and you can make the most of them with planning and strategy.

5. No Ads

This game is ad-free and there will be no interruptions or timed ads that break the momentum of the game.

Download MOD APK

How To Download Fort Conquer MOD APK?

If you are ready to get into a battle of the beasts and win by having the common sense and intelligence that gives humans an edge over the beasts, here is a simple way of downloading the game:

  • Click on Download,
  • Let the game install and allow the phone setting changes to let the game make changes.
  • Create an icon upon installation.
  • Open the game and enjoy playing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to buy the team or is it given at the beginning?

Your team is a free selection from the various beasts present in the game. The mod version has all the beasts unlocked since the beginning, and you can select them to be a part of your team. Every beast has a lot of power and specific skills that will help you.

Is the game suitable for my kids?

Anyone can play this game and children are fast learners so they will pick up the strategizing abilities much quicker! You will see a change in your children as they enjoy the game, and learn to apply these skills in their daily routine.


Fort Conquer Mod APK is a must-have game for all those players who like strategy games like War Dragons MOD APK. This battle game between your selected team of beasts and the wild beasts depends on your skills. If you can tame the team of beasts, and make them obey your commands, you will surely win! Try this game today to enjoy all the fantastic features that are not available in any other version.

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