Frag Pro Shooter MOD APK 3.2.1 – (God Mode & One Hit Win) 2023

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Full Name Frag Pro Shooter MOD APK
Publisher Oh BiBi
Genre Action
Size 117 MB
Latest Version 3.2.1
Mod Features God Mode & Unlimited Money
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Frag Pro Shooter MOD APK is a shooting game that has so many cool features that you will no longer think of any other game for your free hours! This game is designed for android phones so that you can enjoy a shooting match with players from anywhere across the globe. This game is fun, it is simple and it also has a lot of added features that other versions don’t have.

Frag Pro can be considered an action game because it makes you feel active and will enhance many skills while giving you hours of entertainment. Once you know what the game demands, and how you have to play it, there will be no delays in your downloading them.


Frag Mod APK is a modified version that begins with shooting challenges between you and other players. You can select any player or you can play with friends, but the multiplayer game will be a match and the fittest shooter will survive. You can use rewards and earn points to upgrade your shooting weapon, style, and strength just like you do in Infinity Ops MOD APK.

However, the player’s mission is to shoot to win. While your opponents will be planning ways to hunt you down, you have to shoot them out and remain safe by using various methods. A good strategy and quick moves are crucial and as you play more, your skill will enhance the fun. The hot gun shoots will be a quick way to win more points and beat opponents with a better strategy. Make use of all the hiding places and blind spots and you will win the game!

Frag Pro Shooter


The gameplay of Frag Pro Shooter Mod APK is simple as you need to learn basic control and move the phone only according to your voluntary movement. The shooting game does not involve too many controls to handle and the best way for you to enjoy the game will be to just go through the menu and see what you can do! Once you begin shooting, the character takes up all the focus and the game is developed in a way that the controls don’t even take up too much of your thoughts.

Just like Critical Strike MOD APK, the screen display, and the opponents’ moves are all visible, making it easier for you to plan your next shot. This shooting game will not require any technical tactic and that way, you enjoy playing this game in your free time as it is stress-free, and too much fun!


Frag Pro Shooter Mod APK is a modified version with all the features that other games and versions do not have. The more you focus on the shooting, the more you win and when you become a better player, the harder challenges become easy for you because of the unlimited perks!

1. Unlimited Rewards

Usually, when players win a challenge, they gain rewards, but this version gives you so many free points that you become more and more powerful! As you win, the points only add up again to give you a full stash of strength, more shot power, better-aiming power, and a good chance of winning!

Frag Pro Shooter APK

2. Timely Assignments

The timed challenges mean big rewards, and since you have already got a lot of benefits, the ability to win over the opponent is much greater. You will enjoy more lives and as the time runs out, your increased power will ensure that you take the lead. However, the tougher challenges will be exciting for you!

3. Make Friends Or Add Friends

You can make friends among opponents and build a team so that as the game advances you know who you would want on your side to make up your team to combat new enemies.

4. Free Download

The free game is not just a free download but does not require any payment at any time. There are numerous games that ensure that players get hooked and then bang. A popup asks for you to pay. However, Frag Pro will be free throughout and you will love it even more!

Frag Pro Shooter MOD

5. More Guns

While the regular version of this game has limited gun options, Frag Pro Shooter Mod APK will give you more options and you will be able to select from an array of powerful weapons! Many players leave a game when they have the same options from the first game level till the hundredth one.

However, if the tools are locked and you cannot access them until you spend all your rewards, it can be irritating too! With this mod version, you get to choose from many guns from the first level till the end! The choice of guns makes the game more interesting. Also, check out Modern Ops MOD APK.

6. Different Characters

The ability to customize and change your character adds more fun to the game. This version gives you the freedom to select a character and then use the menu to customize it so that you feel good about the appearance as you play.

7. Unlimited Abilities

The power to shoot and the ability to aim, are some of the unlimited perks that you get in this game! You can select the ammo, and the way you use it will also be more exciting because of the enhanced abilities of the characters. Now you do not have to wait to pass a level to unlock powers, they are all here with you!

8. Clubs

The teams of players can form clubs and arrange different shooting challenges. You will love this feature because it helps you decide the intensity and difficulty of the shooting challenges.


Is Frag Pro a violent game?

Frag Pro is a shooting game but it does not involve graphic scenes. You will enjoy the game without any overpowering scenes!

How can I download Frag Pro?

You can download the modified version by clicking on the download link, and this game will be installed within minutes! There are no lengthy procedures and logins or privacy issues to download this exciting game.


Frag Pro Shooter Mod APK is a shooting game that has added features for players to enjoy their free time and improve their focus and decision-making skills. Now you can play with opponents from anywhere in the world and improve your shooting style. Moreover, you may also love playing Armed Heist MOD APK.

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