Fury Survivor Pixel Z MOD APK 1.065 – (Free Everything For Android) 2023

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Full Name Fury Survivor Pixel Z MOD APK
Genre Survival
Size 93 MB
Latest Version 1.065
Mod Features Unlimited Everything
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You can download Fury Survivor Pixel Z MOD APK if you are looking for some fun in the post-apocalyptic era where everything requires more thinking, and development is necessary along with some protective measures! Players who like to work their minds in different directions will find this game to be an ideal way to pass time.

Zombies, apocalyptic disaster, and so much to mend! This game has an excellent theme that is entertaining and will also be thrilling for everyone same as LifeAfter MOD APK. There are no age restrictions, however, if you feel that a younger player gets overwhelmed by zombies and stuff, it is better to keep them away.


Fury Survivor is the story of a biology doctor who was employed by the government. He survives some experiments while the rest of the world is impacted by the laboratory-made virus. These events have changed him forever and the new powers that he possesses will now be useful in fighting the world of zombies. Moreover, the biology doctor’s family also came under the effects of the chemical and he still has to fight the new population while ensuring that the world is safe for the handful of people who are still safe.

Fury Survivor Pixel Z MOD

The player takes up the primary role of a savior and gradually, the struggle picks up as he is forced to fight the new enemy. He knows their weaknesses and he also knows how to fight them. You will be able to win rewards, and your powers will be strengthened by consistent fighting. The most successful trick is to follow the doctor’s knowledge of each experimental shortcoming.

The zombies are one part of the problem, you will also be able to rearrange the world, make any area free from zombies and move to the next. Similarly, you will have to be able to use the right weapons against the particular enemy that will get killed by it. This game allows you to make weapons, accumulate the right ammunition and create a difference in your strategy against these enemies.


The gameplay is simple as there are basic up and down and left and right controls. Moreover, the story development at the beginning of every round is interesting such as Fortnite MOD APK. You can indulge in small interactions and you will be able to develop a strategy that will help you play against these zombies. The post-apocalyptic era requires a lot of remedial work for the population that survived while it focuses on the fights, the repair of the planet and so many other things.

The unlimited money and gems in the game will help you strengthen your forces against the zombies. Moreover, you will be able to enhance your skills, and as the fights become more challenging, your abilities will become stronger as well. The gameplay is easy, and the graphics are so amazing that players will feel as if they are a part of the new world and their mission is more real. As you get all the areas unlocked, the game becomes an interesting way to spend your free time, and who knows maybe you will start taking out time for it too!


There are numerous exciting features that make this game special. Check all of them out here:

Fury Survivor Pixel Z APK

1. Weapons Of All Kinds

To combat the zombies, you will need all kinds of weapons and the mod version gives players the liberty to choose any weapon without any unlocking of levels. Everything will be available from the start! You can use AK47s and M4A1s, and this will add to the excitement and thrill of beating the enemies.

2. Upgrading The Camp

Fury Survivor Pixel Z Mod APK has a resting camp where you can re-energize and restore your lives and as you get unlimited money and rewards, you can revamp the camp, making it a more suitable resort at all times. This camp will be available between rounds or even when a round becomes too challenging. This will also give you time to plan your next strategy.

3. Guidance

Survivor Z guide helps players plan their moves and this is available in the menu. Players get all the mod menu options at the beginning of the game. Once again, you will not have to wait for levels to unlock after you have reached a certain game round.

4. Making Weapons

The main character of the game is the doctor, which is in control of the players. You can take the help of blacksmiths to design all kinds of weapons and ammunition. You can even make changes to your current weapons to make them more suitable for your game plan. Zombies are sure to be defeated with this special feature!

5. Graphics

The three-dimensional graphics are a class above all other zombie games available for android. You will get a surplus of features and the more you play, the finer your game strategy becomes.


You can download this fantastic zombie game without having to download too many files and data. Just follow the steps below:

  • Click on Download Here,
  • Allow the game to use phone space and sound,
  • You may have to make a few changes to your privacy settings,
  • Install the game and create a shortcut,
  • Begin the combat!


Will I be able to play this game for free?

Yes, this game is free for all android devices, and you get unlimited money in the game to improve the camp, play with new weapons and gain power.

Is this an action game?

Yes, Fury Survivor is an action game but it also requires strategy and a lot of quick decisions to be made at the right time! You will acquire some vital skills through this game.


Fury Survivor Pixel Z Mod APK is an amazing game about the post-apocalyptic era. The gameplay is easy and the story is entertaining. You can enjoy numerous features in this game and then downloading is the easiest part too. Make sure you make the most of the menu options available to you in the game.

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