Gangstar Vegas MOD APK 5.8.1c – (Unlimited Skill Points & VIP Mode) 2023

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Full Name Gangstar Vegas MOD APK
Publisher Gameloft SE
Genre Action
Size 2.3 GB
Latest Version 5.8.1c
Mod Features Unlimited Money & Diamonds
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Gameloft launched Gangstar Vegas MOD APK in June 2013, adding the seventh installment to their Gangstar series. It is an action-adventure gangster game designed to play from a third-person perspective. Welcome to the underworld! Master gun battles, sweep clean from crime scenes, and hunt down godfathers!

Gangstar Vegas is your ultimate escape from boredom. Such as Standoff 2 MOD APK, the thrilling experience will leave you hooked on its gameplay. Control the protagonist named Jason Malone and transform the former bouncer into a godfather. Enjoy your 3D gameplay and immerse yourself in the never-ending fun of gang wars. Complete missions to enlarge your weapon arsenal and rob off money to enjoy the ultimate luxuries! However, the Gangster Vegas Mod apk version levels up the thrill factor for gamers with ultimate freedom! The enthralling cheat version is generous for its gamers throughout the gameplay!


Jason Malone was a bouncer at a club in Las Vegas when destiny chose something far more breathtaking for him. The famous Frank Veliano offered him a chance to train and fight as a professional fighter in MMA. After coming out as a hardcore killer, Frank turns his back on him! Does the kid stand any chance against the powerful Mafia gang? Will Jason earn his respect in the criminal world? Only one way to find out!

Gangstar Vegas


The 3D gameplay includes a third-person perspective primarily, but you can choose to explore the game using the graphical perspective much like Zooba MOD APK. The open-world action game is all yours to explore and conquer. Master the simple controls in the beginner missions and then move on to the next.

The missions are divided into chapters and each mission gives greater exposure to epic weapons and sly vehicles. Fall in love with the weapon collection and adore the ever-so-vast collection of heavy bikes, sports cars, jets, helicopters, spirit cars, tanks, trunks, speed boats, submarines, ships, and many more.

Gangstar Vegas APK


1. Unlimited Money Hack

Gangstar Vegas Mod apk gives its gamers limitless cash to party with. Gamers enjoy hard money from the beginning of mission one. You can use the money to own everything in the gameplay. What’s a criminal life without cash? Buy skins, weapons, and cars and pave your way to the King position.

2. Unlimited Diamond Hack

Along with limitless money, you can also have an endless supply of gems and diamonds. No need to struggle for these beauties! You are always loaded with hundreds of diamonds to boss around the game. There’s nothing you can’t buy or can’t have anymore.

3. Unlimited Skill Points

Gamers need skill points to move on to higher missions and get closer to targets. These skill points prove the worth of a criminal in Vegas. So apparently, the more skill points, the more high-profile you are. Nevertheless, our hack Gangstar Vegas version has got you covered! Enjoy your unlimited skill points in the action game and flex your skills with your gangster friends. Ultimately, you will be one of the best-skilled criminals in the underworld and it will be only a matter of time before you take your revenge on Frank Villano.


1. Main Missions And Side Missions

The open-world adventure game covers about 80 missions divided into chapters. Make your way to the top while accomplishing each mission with unique skills. Each mission requires thoughtful planning, strategy, powerful skills, and smart weapon choices. You can also play side missions, Classified missions, and Devil’s Due to gain credits, cash, diamonds, and skill points!

2. Epic Weapons

The Gangstar Vegas hack apk shows off its diverse arsenal of exotic weapons just like Skullgirls MOD APK. You will use weapons you have only dreamed of! Gamers can enjoy their enthusiastic play with exoskeletons, drones, melee, assault rifles, sniper rifles, handguns, shotguns, and throwables.

The exoskeletons include Osteo- X Light, Laser Suit, Nightfall Guardian, Soul taker, Blood Reaper, Peel Power, Ice-cold Killer, etc. Whereas, the powerful drone collection of the gangster game includes Gunner B33, Bumble B33, Fire lord, Hell Drone, Pixel, and many more. Not only this, but there is also a vast range of assault and sniper rifles, handguns, and shotguns and the list goes on!

3. Graphics

With 3D graphics, gangstar Vegas has eye-catching scenes, views, and characters. The game provides you with a really inspiring shooting environment that is enough to indulge players. You will find the detail of every character and scene on your screen that helps you to solve the missions more attentively. The best part of this game is that you can play through the first and third views. This is best for players who want to play with different angles. In short, you would experience fantastic graphics while playing the gangstar Vegas.

Gangstar Vegas MOD

4. Diverse Game Modes

Fascinated by the plot? Wait till you hear about these awesome game modes. Gameloft has boosted the level of entertainment for action lovers with this installment of the Gangster series. Gamers have 3 modes of gameplay and can unleash their skills in all three of them. The awesome modes include the story mode, the carnage mode, and the heist mode. Each mode is linked with the main storyline and takes the gamer on a new expedition.

5. Player Customization

Player customization is another amazing feature for players. You can choose to be any character in the game and also style him the way you want. Wear unique skins, costumes, and suits and accessorize with fancy items. There is also an option for getting tattoos for the character. Also, check out Bowmasters MOD APK.


Is Gangstar Vegas Mod apk safe to download?

Yes, the game is safe to download for all users. It has no bugs, viruses, or glitches that can possibly harm your phone.

Does the game need root?

No, the mod game needs no root. You can follow the easy steps and directly download the game from the available link.

Are all games in the Gangster series 3D?

No, every game in the series does not include 3D graphics. The first few installments of the series have 2D graphics, Gangster Vegas is the fourth 3D release in the action series.

Will this run on my iPhone?

No, this apk file is restricted to Android devices only. You can install it on Android mobiles and tablets. However, the iOS version is available on the web.

Can we make our own criminal gang in the game?

Yes, you can build your own gang and get support in difficult missions.


The mod features improvise the original game in the best way ever. Players are thrilled with the free access to every luxury. Feel like an actual godfather and live like a king! Not to mention, the movie-like action and exciting game plot that will leave you addicted.

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