Gas Station Simulator MOD APK 1.7 – (All Unlocked & Unlimited Fuel) 2023

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Full Name Gas Station Simulator MOD APK
Publisher DarkPlay Game
Genre Simulation
Size 137 MB
Latest Version 1.7
Mod Features Unlimited Everything
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The Gas Station Simulator MOD APK is becoming popular because of many reasons. If you feel good about recycling things and ensuring that there is less rubbish around, this game is one for you! Join the growing community of players who find it soothing to use recycling methods for a more serene and clean place.

Players often like games about fighting, combats with evil, and even wars that will happen in the future. However, the real evil of junk around us is also something we need to beat! The real-life fun of collecting waste and turning it into something worthwhile will be an engrossing activity and can provide many hours of entertainment.


The Gas Station Simulator free download will begin with you being the owner of a gas station where all kinds of engines and trucks come for fixing. Additionally, the junkyard that holds all the old, and scrapped trucks and vehicles along with all kinds of junk deposited is also supervised by you. The use of this junk to create masterpiece utility items is a challenge and as you use the most amount of junk, and ensure that the yard remains empty, you win!

Gas Station Simulator MOD

When this recycled stuff sells, you will become rich and this automatically increases your ability to buy more, recycle and sell again. As you progress in the game, your ability to buy junk at the lowest price and sell the recreated items at a higher price tag will improve and this will help you learn more life hacks!

Additionally, you can expand your business by buying more gas stations and getting access to other junk yards as well. This game’s story is simple much like Bus Simulator Ultimate MOD APK, yet it gives players a sense of well-being and worth in doing good things. What else can we ask for from a game that keeps us occupied for some free hours?


This game is all about creating things and constructively thinking about ways to reduce junk. The controls of accepting offers, selling, and even creating new models to reuse scrap are easy enough for anyone to learn. The best part is, that like other games this game also needs basic navigation tabs that do not require any training time or even an introduction. As you get used to the game, the fun doubles and you become more comfortable with bigger creative projects.


1. Unlimited Money

In the gas station simulator, you need money to buy the things you need on daily bases, and that money you can earn by completing levels, which is a very hectic and long procedure. So, don’t waste your time and download the hack version of this game so you can get unlimited money to get whatever you need.

2. Unlimited Fuel

You will get unlimited fuel in the gas station mod apk. Unlimited fuel can become a source of happiness for your customers and yourselves too.

3. No Ads

Another fantastic feature of the Gas Station Simulator is that it does not have any advertisements. You can find a lot of versions in which the level gets interrupted because of pop-ups and ads. The mod version is free from any interruption that can spoil your gaming style or break the consistent mood of the level.


The features of Gas Station Simulator Mods are quite interesting just like Goat Simulator MOD APK and add to the appeal of this version. You can find many game versions on the Internet, but the reason this one is better is that there are so many fun features, and you get to do all that other versions do not allow!

1. Buying Junk Is Cheaper

Gas Station Simulator Mod APK has some of the cheapest and most reasonable pricing on the junkyard! Whatever you want to buy can be reduced to a minimal amount and once you decide to make the deal, there will be many convenient features that you can use ahead!

Gas Station Simulator APK

2. Expanding Business

Another feature that makes this game version exciting is that you can expand the business and operate more stores with the same amount of effort. You can choose between sites, and you can also select new and more advanced shopping methods for customers. However, your focus will remain on recycling as that is the main theme of the game.

3. Excellent Graphics

The reason Gas Station Simulator has become so popular is that it has some exciting graphics and scenes. The bright color engines and the mesmerizing scenes from the game keep the players riveted. The three-dimensional graphics make all the trucks look good and players who have a special admiration for heavy machines will find the look, and sound effects of each machinery so real.

Gas Station Simulator

4. Driving Is Essential

Driving various cars, or junk trucks from the yard to the gas station is a part of the job. Therefore, players get to enjoy driving various cars, and trucks. With this feature, you get to learn about different setups such as manual driving, gear behind the wheel, and automatic driving sets.

5. Gas Station Operations

When players get into the game, they will learn how the operation of a gas station works. Whenever you have a customer waiting, or there is some refueling required, you will be able to enjoy the operations and simultaneously learn all about them. Furthermore, have a look at Wonder Zoo MOD APK.


You can now play this game within minutes by downloading it in simple steps:

  • Click on Download Here,
  • Allow the game to use phone memory and sound,
  • After installation, create an icon.
  • Enjoy the game!


Do I have to pay for Gas Station Simulator?

No, this game is a free download and can be installed on any android phone for maximum fun while you are free.

What kind of characters or cars make this game special?

The characters in this game are only the employees you hire while the vast array of cars and trucks will keep you engrossed in the gameplay. The exciting graphics and the real picture make it more interesting as you drive various cars and trucks.


Gas Station Simulator Mod APK is a refreshing and unique game so that you learn about some business, marketing, and negotiation skills while passing your free time. This game is a whole bunch of special features that are not found in any other game. Also, check out Hempire MOD APK.

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