Global City MOD APK 0.5.7481 – (Unlimited Resources & No Ads) 2023

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Full Name Global City MOD APK
Publisher B.V.
Genre Simulation
Size 141 MB
Latest Version 0.5.7481
Mod Features Unlimited Everything
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Global City MOD APK is a popular game and if you have only heard about it now is the time to know more and download the game. This simulation game is designed to build virtual cities and this version gives players something extra. Every mod version is developed to provide exciting features that were missing in the original version. This game is already very adventurous and engrossing, and therefore, the mod version is even more engaging. Moreover, the wonderful changes in gameplay are also a reason all players prefer this version.

Global City


Just like SimCity BuildIt MOD APK, when you log on to the game, it requires you to build a virtual city that requires resources. You can earn money, build new constructions and then sell them for profit. Once you gain enough means to create a whole city of advanced constructions, you become the winner! This game is all about learning about priorities and then using your abilities in the right way to make every move count.

When you think of making new buildings, you will automatically think of ways to improve your income and whatever it will take to maximize your resources will become your priority. This android phone game is more fun than any other game that focuses on creativity.

The gameplay of Global City Mod APK consists of using your money to re-invest in bigger projects. Gradually, you expand your empire while the controls are so simple that you will not have to spend extra time on them. Moreover, the menu options add to the game’s charms as there are so many things that you can do and so many projects that you can work on simultaneously.

Once players begin this game, they become focused on the gameplay rather than worrying about different commands. Soon enough, with the special features of this game, you will make a mark in the Global City and become a leader in terms of worth and expanse of empire!


The numerous added features of the mod version make players pick this version over others. Just like Train Station 2 MOD APK, you will enjoy every project and as you overhaul this hi-tech city, the results will be like a place that we have only seen in Sci-Fi and futuristic concept movies!

1. Educational Aspect

As the Global City is made after the chemical war that caused destruction everywhere, this game educates players about the perils of war and also teaches them about how to prevent themselves from chemical damage. Every building or city feature you create, the various aspects of the building, the materials, and even the layouts will be teaching you something about how each material will look and behave in particular circumstances.

Global City APK

2. Expanding Boundaries Of The City

This mod version gives you a chance to expand the city premises and make it grow. As you offer places for other people to buy, the progress will be fast and that is what the game’s concept is! You build, expand and create new places to make the appearance of the city different.

3. Earn Revenue

As the owner of the buildings, you can impose taxes and collect revenue from rentals and leases. The player will also understand how the business world works and as you will be building business districts and living spaces, you will understand the difference between both types of contracts and tax levies.

4. Work On Various Projects

Do you feel that you lose interest if you begin one project and have to wait for it to finish before you begin another one? Do not fret! Global City APK will allow you to work on several projects at the same time. Now you do not have to worry about getting bored!

5. Managing A Whole City

Think of yourself as the builder of the city and all its administrative work is your duty. You can create new departments, hire workers and make them work to promote the city as a smooth-running corporation! The more you learn to manage, the better tax collection and the more revenue.

6. Railway Stations And More

The Global City needs better infrastructure and you are the planner. You can build a railway station, lay tracks, and set up a transport system to make life better for all those living here. The point of the game is to keep building and making life better.

Global City MOD

7. Upgrade Buildings

Every building that you have already constructed can be upgraded for more tax collection and higher rentals. All the money you earn will give you the financial power to do more and undertake bigger projects. Eventually, the city will look like a technology hub where all the spaces are not only modern but provide a better lifestyle.

8. Excellent Graphics

The graphics in the game are not just three-dimensional but they are so realistic that you can see the damages of the chemical war, and the improvements you make are also evident. Moreover, the soundtrack is riveting and makes players feel as if the city has come to life. Also, check the amazing graphics of the World Of Airports MOD APK.


You can download this exciting and creative game by following only a few easy steps:

  • Click on Download Here, and let the game install.
  • When the game has been installed, there will be some changes in the phone settings.
  • Allow all changes.
  • Create an icon on the menu.
  • Enjoy building new structures in the game.


Is Global City suitable for all android phones?

Yes, this mod version is designed for all android devices and the graphics are vibrant and lively. You can enjoy this game anywhere on your phone.

Do I need to pay for the download?

No, you do not have to pay for the download, or any other purchase you make in the game. This version is completely free.


Global City Mod APK is an exciting game that tests your creativity. When you begin playing, you can earn from the projects you complete and as you grow, the revenue collection keeps you ahead of other players. Enjoy the unique features of the game in this version only. Furthermore, you can also download Megapolis MOD APK.

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