Goat Simulator MOD APK 2.14.2 – (All Maps Unlocked & No Ads) 2023

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Full Name Goat Simulator MOD APK
Publisher Coffee Stain Publishing
Genre Simulation
Size 501 MB
Latest Version 2.14.2
Mod Features Unlimited Everything
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Here’s a game for those who want to stay carefree and might even want to experience how animals can have all the fun without any pressure. Goat Simulator MOD APK is such a game that it allows players to feel free to do all that they want! This game is different from all the racing and fighting games, but it is nothing like the regular fantasy or puzzle games either.

Many players say this game has no point, but it is still one of the most popular games because it is silly. The goat is the main character and there are various things that it can do and you have the controls in your hand. Let’s see what the specifications say.

Goat Simulator


The story of this game is that a goat is on the loose, and it can go around and do anything! Whether you are looking for a day out in the park, or the goat is running off in the city, you will feel the chaos and that is the purpose.

There is no other aim of the game but to allow players to break, kick, bang, and shatter everything and anything that comes in the goat’s way. The scenarios will be different but you will have just this task at hand! The crazy goats are going to go all over town and create chaos. This game‘s story may seem funny but it aims to declutter your mind from all kinds of thoughts and really use your free time to unwind from the daily stresses and mundane thoughts.

Just like Gas Station Simulator MOD APK, players will love the simple storyline because it is going to be their selection of place and they will get to roam around it, doing whatever they think the goat would enjoy! From now on your free time will be your refreshing time and you will spend it with a free mind like goats.

Goat Simulator APK


Goat Simulator Mod APK is one of the simplest games that you can download on an android phone. This game uses the four navigation keys, and the menu is loaded with all kinds of options to make the game more entertaining. You can make use of the coins and rewards, and you also get lives to spend the way you want. These goats that you see in the game can also be made to look different.

The gameplay is fun, and players do not need any time to get used to them. Easy control and hundreds of actions can help you become the wildest goat on the block! If you think this game is too simple for you, try it out because you will be surprised at how much pleasure this easy game can give you.

There are no challenges and no fights, and there is no timed tournament that you have to win, but even so, each round will be entertaining and you can add to all of it by using the fantastic features that the mod version has to offer. Also, enjoy Bus Simulator Ultimate MOD APK.

Goat Simulator Game


Goat Simulator hacked version is full of features that make the game more exciting. Check out all that you can do in the game, and you will be surprised at how riveting it can be!

1. Goat Simulator Maps Download

Players can download maps without having to spend any money. Every game version except this one offers downloads of maps in the game when you make in-game purchases using real money. However, this game does not need any real payments, and you get to explore all the new places where goats can wreak havoc.

2. Unlimited Money

The unlimited money stash that all players get at the beginning of the game is a super feature! This money will help you make so many changes. The funny goats can look different, and the color schemes and appearance of other characters, cars, and places can be changed with the use of this money.

3. Goats Are Strong Creatures

Even if the goat gets hit by a car, it does not die. The next minute, it respawns and begins to create the same chaos as it was doing before the hit.

Goat Simulator MOD

4. Customizations

The customization of characters and places makes players get more interested in the game because they can make it look the way they want.

All these features add to the game’s charm and it becomes a true unwinding game to get you away from overthinking and stressful routines.


The players have amazing experiences with this game and the review of features and story will remain incomplete if we do not mention the feedback of current players. Goat Simulator players say that it is fun, aimless, and so exciting because you get the goat to do whatever it likes. Even if there is a football match and the goats get into the stadium, they can do some really funny things to take over the interesting match. You will be laughing and smiling throughout the game just like all other players. Moreover, read our review of Wonder Zoo MOD APK.


You can download this fun game within minutes. Follow the steps below and enjoy.

  • Click on Download Here,
  • Allow the game to use phone memory and sound,
  • Change settings to allow the game to install,
  • You do not need to download any additional files,
  • When the game is installed, allow the icon to be on the home screen.


Will it be hard to make the goat move from one place to the other?

No, this game has easy controls and each command will get you to enjoy a different action. The menu options for using new moves make it easy and more fun.

Is this game free?

Yes, the mod version that you can download here is free and does not require any in-game purchases.


Goat Simulator Mod APK is a fun game that helps players to de-stress as they indulge in an exciting round of simulating goats that go around a place and strike, beat, hit, chew and break everything that comes their way. While this game seems too simple as there are no challenges, it has an easy impact on players too! Try it and you will like it as much as all players do. Also, check out the amazing simulation game Hempire MOD APK.

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