God Of War 3 APK Download For Android – (Latest Version) 2022

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Full Name God Of War 3 APK
Publisher PlayStation Mobile Inc.
Genre Action
Size 30 MB
Latest Version 1.0
Features Everything Free
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Download God Of War 3 APK if you want some godly adventure from the land of mythology. This game series has millions of downloads all over the world. Moreover, the sequences and fights are all so enticing and thrilling that players will have a great time while they are in the game. If you want to know more about this game, you came to the right page.

There are many simulations and first-person shooter games available on consoles. However, this game’s mod version is for android phones, and you will never tire of them! Game series are usually popular only for some time, but this one has been able to produce sequels over sequels and each of them has a separate fan base! Get to know all about this game, and you will be wanting to download it within no time.

What’s The God Of War 3 APK About

God of War is set in the land of Sparta. Kratos is a fallen hero, but he is determined to get back up. Kratos is the son of Zeus and he wants to get revenge against all the gods. Zeus’s fortune is that he would be killed by one of his sons. Kratos’s brother Dimos has a birthmark, which is red and Ares and Athena kidnap Dimos and plan to kill him. Kratos tries to stop Ares and the latter kicks him away. Now that Kratos has a scar, and gets more scars to remind him of Dimos. Now Kratos wages war against Zeus and fights all the gods because he was wronged.

Just like Gods Of Olympus MOD APK, this story is sentimental and can make players give every battle their best shot. The player can use different weapons, and they can also fight against the mightiest of enemies. Every time the fun is more because all the rounds that you win give you more rewards to make the most of all the upgrades, and customizations! It is fun to play against powerful enemies and you will enjoy this game so much that it will become a daily fix for you!

God Of War 3

The God Of War 3 Gameplay

God of War 3 for android free download comes with such exciting gameplay that you would want to keep playing! First of all the controls are so simple, and they also keep players engrossed in the game since there is no learning time or even adjustment time needed!

The second aspect is the graphics and sound. The clear-cut picture and detailed characters add to the thrill, and the sound effects are too good! The game moves forward as you win a round and it results in more coins and money. The gold that you win will help you improve the weapons, get more strength, and increase the power of your character.

The best part about this game is that there are menu options that help achieve a higher ground in the game. The more money you have, the more you can use these options, and the better the results!

Features Of God Of War 3 APK For Android

There are many regular features that make this sequel of the series more fun. Check each of them here:

1. Creative Battles For Strength

The battles will require you to use various powers and godly strength to win. The players will have to use strategy and planning to win, and that adds to the thrill and excitement factor.

2. Good Graphics And Sound

As we mentioned earlier, the game has excellent graphics quality and sound. These things make everyone indulge in the game and enjoy every scene.

God Of War 3 APK Game

3. Winning Money And Upgrading

The money you win will be in the form of coins and these coins help improve the weapons, and the characters and add more gods to your team. The enemies will begin to look smaller as you keep winning and keep adding strength and weapons.

4. Get All The Characters

Every character and weapon is going to be unlocked! Usually, in FPS games, the weapons are locked until you reach a specific round or level. However, in this game version, all of it is available from the start.

5. No Ads To Bore You

Players find ads to be the biggest turning point away from the game. Imagine a pop-up disrupts your free time while you only wanted to play but have to forcibly watch it. This game version is ad-free and only gameplay. Also, check Tekken 7 APK which is also an ads-free game.

Download God Of War 3 APK

Download God of War APK 3rd game in easy ways by uninstalling any previous version on the phone. Then click on Download now, and let the installation start. This will take only a minute, but you must allow the phone to install from obscure sources. Now that you would have the game on your phone, download the God of War android APK file to enjoy the premium unlocked features. You can play this game wherever and whenever you want.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this game have any Marvel superheroes?

No, this game is based on Greek mythology and the only character that is mentioned in any of the Marvel movies or games is Zeus, who is also in this game.

Is this game free?

Yes, this game is free to download and all the things that you do in the game are also free! So just sit back, keep winning and keep enjoying.


God of War 3 APK is a thriller with a Greek mythology storyline. Players love this series and you will get to enjoy more in this version. So don’t wait anymore and begin playing to make Kratos take his revenge but for that, he needs to put up a good fight!

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